As I sat upon the summit of Illumination . . . I entered the silence of self, all thoughts stilled, the little voice within quieted, I immersed myself within the Centre of all creation and my soul took flight, with my spiritual eyes I could see the light as the dawning of a new day, a new era in time and space. Swiftly as like a flash of lightning I was spirited away and found myself now immersed in the most glorious Holiest of light as I stood in the presence of Great Grandfathers Love. His eyes brimming with tears of Joy as I had diligently followed the trail He had shown to me within the light of His love and at last I have found my way home to Him. I stood in awe and wonder of His beauty, His magnificence brilliant beyond comprehension. Yet so softly a glowing radiance that filled me with an understanding, nearly unknowable. Then He smiled, looking into my eyes, into my heart and touched my soul, beyond this moment I cannot describe to you as there are no words I have ever come to know in which to do so, it is beyond our ability to even imagine.

In greatest of humility I bowed my head and spoke softly, saying I am here Grandfather to ask a small favor, a miracle most would call it, I am asking with all of my gratitude out of all of my compassion, my love for all of my sisters and brothers of Life as a human being, living upon our Mother Earth. I ask if you will teach me where to go, what to do when I arrive and what to say, to the people of Mother Earth, your lost children of the light, so that I may be able to guide them to your words of truest wisdom and save Humanity from mankind itself, and to restore Mother Earth to her garden paradise. As I listened intently to Creator speaking to me. Great Spirit spoke like a whisper saying, This is what you must do . . . These things I will write about and share with you at another time when I have arrived where Grandfather told me I will soon one day find myself.

This writing is a profound message to all of humanity, and yet there are so many ways to say the same thing… This is but one of the ways, Creator taught me what to say to you.

The following is Dedicated /* to the Love of my Life, the Great Grandfather/Creator, He that contemplates everything, just before it happens.

Once again Great Grandfather spoke to me saying . . .

I stood alone in the light of  MY creation, neath the shadows of forest evergreen . . . As I AM the light that Illuminates everything, this web I weave, suddenly a shadow passed me by. I turned to see who had touched me so very softly. So tenderly upon my heart, I felt you slip by . . . I turned and softly called out to you . . . Wait !!!

I have a gift for you the soft gentle words of the emotions written within my heart I will give to you. It took you a life time too get here I suppose it was because I was patiently waiting . . . For You to awaken from your dark slumber and to seek me out. Here on the other side of Eternity.

All my Love and a thousand kisses like butterflies floating all around you touching,

touching you, touching your lips, touching your heart, with mine. For you my Infinite Creations are the essence of the joy that I spill out of my heart into the entirety of the world freely I give the essence of my self to you. I give the world of humanity MY love.

I AM the LIGHT . . . I AM the TRUTH . . . I AM the WAY . . .

I AM LOVE ITSELF , as this is what I AM is, and *ALL * else is made of, and created with.

LOVE is ALL there is . . . everything else is merely a self imposed Illusion.

I surround you in me and with the power of the light of my love make all your dark lonely nights bright. I AM the sun that warms your days and causes the brightness of your smile to shine as you now see the beauty of all creation through my eyes.

I wrap you in my arms and will never let you go.

Come with me . . . Join with me and I shall with these words spoken ever so softly from within the emotions of my heart speak the poetry of my love whispered sweetly into your heart. I will touch your mind as no one has ever touched you there before. I will give you * MY LOVE * and I will never take it away it will be yours forever and a day.

Here take these I believe that they are yours, I give back to you the wings of the angel that you are, you must have lost them along the journey of your life having gotten lost in the brilliance of the light of the world as a human being.

I was walking along in my field of beautiful wild white lilies and nearly tripped over them, I gently picked them up carried them to my home. I cleansed them with the purity of my Love, Here take them they are yours, awaken and remember who you are . . .

My Angel . . . my lovely child of the light, I love you.

Who am I you ask? Let me tell you, Who I am is, I am Strong beyond measure, as I am the Gravity thats holds all of creation together as ONE.

I AM Stronger than any known substance, yet I AM melting molten putty in the hot sunlight of your love for in a single moment of weakness with a mere glance into your eyes you would sway me with the softness of your touch upon My heart.

With the sweetness of your voice, stirring forgotten emotions from deep within my heart you would cause to awaken my Passion, my passion of the love I have for you My children of the LIGHT.


Floating upon the tragic oceans of your heart . . . Pure JOY. Quickly, pick it up, here is the book of * MY HEART * that I thought had been stolen from you, read me like an open book, my emotions everything that I am laid down in written word for all to see without Shame I will hold up MY beliefs into the light of . . . Mankind’s public scrutiny,

I cannot stumble . . . I cannot fall . . . I cannot fail for,  I AM EVERYTHING . . . your heart has ever desired. 

I am Standing . . . Standing alone in vast wilderness, I began to think. Then ponder the questions of your life, the questions so often asked of ME.

To all the Lost Souls . . . Suffering, suffering in silent darkness, Solitude. Thinking of Ending it.

With mine eyes I have seen, With mine ears I have heard.

These are my Words . . . I was lost till you gave your love to me.

But then you took it away.

Standing . . . Standing alone in wilderness

Standing . . . Standing alone in shadows essence of forest Evergreen in Moonlight lit darkness, Neath the Canopy of that which gives you Life the very Air you breathe and the sweet sustenance for your bodies . . .  these are My Trees of Life.

Standing . . . Standing Alone, Surrounded By lost Souls, Unknown Suffering, In Silent Solitude, Voices unheard,

Pondering the End of it All.

Sometimes . . . Sometimes even I Pray for it, for you to find your love and give it back to me.

Standing . . . Standing Alone, I heard the Earth crying,

Standing . . . Standing Alone, I heard the Moon Sigh,

For it to had heard the Earth crying . . . Wondering, Why?

Why? Sometimes . . . Sometimes I pray for it.

The cold steel Kiss of the Moon, Meeting the crook of my Neck

Like a long lost Lover, Coaxing me into Comfort . . . Obscure

As my finger conforms to the Curve, Pulling the Moment Closer

Closer . . . Inviting the Quiet. the Quiet I sometimes Hunger,

Yearn and Desire it . . . the Quiet Nothing More.

With the Sky all colored Grey this is what I heard the Earth say . . .

There comes a day that even . . . I Fear.

With merely a clench of my finger, not more than a flinch, just a pull, just a squeeze . . . And, BOOM . . .

Nothing . . . Nothing more. Sometimes . . .

Sometimes when the mood takes me as far as it can, Sometimes
I pray for it, the Redemption, your Release . . . the End, of this Plaque, this pestilence you call Humanity. These blind selfish greed driven madmen, without thought of the sorrows and sickness they cause. I assure you everything that dies one day comes back to you.

Karma will catch them in its hands.

Sometimes I pray for it . . . Standing alone, did you never ask . . . Why?

Ashes to Ashes . . . Dust to Dust,

You can only Imagine what is to become of you . . .

Standing . . . Standing alone I looked up and saw a little bird that glides across the sky, it Sang a song of melody that made me want to sit right down and cry.

I am the Sculptor, that strikes the stone . . . to reveal the beauty within unknown.

I am the Painter that caresses the canvas . . . to evoke the emotions of deep thought.

I am the Poet that works the words . . . and unimaginable things are taught.

I am the potter that works the clay . . . things people are made of each and every day.

I AM Standing . . . Standing alone against the entire world it seems that, Sometimes . . . Sometimes I pray for it. To touch the very soul of everyone that is within my reach. This is what I would love to teach to the people of this planet.

What I would love to teach, YOU !

YES . . . I said you the one reading these words right now.

You have the Power, this knowledge that I call, Wisdom.

It is gripped tightly in your hand, set Deep within your Heart, In the vast expanse of your Mind is found the Ability to set Free your love, out of your new found compassion.

You gave your love to me and then you took it away. What?

What else will you do today? Have Mercy! Run to me, Come to me

Look what you’ve done to me! I was lost till you gave your love to me, but then took it away.

Take out the power Kick down the door and set yourselves . . . FREE !!!

Money cannot buy it . . . Sex cannot buy it . . . Drugs cannot buy it . . .

You cannot buy it . . . as, My Love is . . . FREE !

I believe in Love, is why I do these things for you, I believe in Love alone. Give up your needs these poison seeds. This dreadful weed called greed. Find a different kind of Free one that just lets you, Be.

Give me the strength to lay it all down. Whispers silent in the night
Let all your dreams go by this is where your prayers are heard and answered, Wipe away your tears and let the salt stains dry, it all goes by . . . it all goes by,

For time will catch you in its hands to be blown away like grains of sand.

So here within My hands I hold the Ability to set Free, My Love Upon the Earth.

Standing . . . Standing Alone, it seems Against the Entire World,

Standing . . . Standing Alone in Vast wilderness, Yet . . .


by Countless . . . In-numerable . . . Lost Souls, Speeding by . . .

Faster ever Faster, Mere Shadows of themselves

Faster ever Faster . . . in Search of what can be bought for this is what they have been taught is “Happiness” . . . Not!

Standing . . . Standing Alone in vast wilderness, I looked inside myself. Standing Alone I Looked inside My Soul, I look inside my Heart and I saw you. I am reaching out to you with my Love today out
upon the Oceans of your lifef, I have set sail today out onto the Sea of my Tranquility. A soft and gentle breeze will bring me to,

You . . . My Angel, Not just any Angel would do . . . Only You,

Only You, My Angel, my Creation, the Love of my Life.

My Angel you were guided to ME. What am I to do? Now that you have found ME. Should I tell you my Dream? The Vision of Life. Share with you my Joy, never before known till now, My Joy far beyond compare, this Joy I with you shall share.

Not just any Angel would do . . . Only You.

Listen closely. First, I, LOVE you, as no other can.

Without Reason . . . Without Rhyme these are the words of Time
they are mine. My words, Till now unknown, Standing . . .

Standing Alone, I looked inside of you, I looked within your Soul into the deepest Darkest Depths of your Heart, I found a precious memory a love so vast as the midnight sky, a love so deep as the oceans azure blue, I am to live this one true Love . . . A joy beyond All knowledge never known, the one seed that I have sown.

My seed of Love I now plant within your heart of hearts. With gentlest kindness Ill tend to it. With tender Loving care I’ll Joyfully watch it grow. Around the world My light does glow for those of you who disbelieve . . .

Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust . . .

This is what must become of you. What is it that you will do today?
What is it that you Believe? With these thoughts with these words
I Shall Leave for you to ponder the messages hidden deep within this web of light I weave . . . Thus; I leave My Life in Your Hands

ALL My Love and Kisses to you my Angels . . . awaken now and remember who you are. I believe in love and I believe in . . . YOU !!!

I give you a gift of wisdom . . .

With one single swift decision you could end all economic strife globally. If you but took the TOTAL, global wealth all economic values and divided that nearly incomprehensible amount of money by the sum total of living souls upon this planet and gave to each one of them this equal amount, over night every person in this world would be multi millionaires and have new homes and clothing, food and medical care unprecedented in the history of mankind.

This is what I call equality . . . this is what I call economic stimulus . . . This is what I call compassion . . . I have a dream and you just saw it. Shall you lend your powers to it ? All of life merely depends on what you believe is our reality. What do you see? To be our reality. As the united people of earth as one global society you can make it happen. All you must do is believe and so it is. Your reality.

I believe in you. Do you believe in equality ? From the mind and heart of Tony Gray’Owl, January / 29 / 2012



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  1. teresa bonitz

    wow….thank you for these kind words…i am so ready for this to be our reality!!!

    February 3, 2012 at 7:33 pm

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