Crow and Creation

I am Gray’Owl, safe keeper of the wisdom of life, shall I tell you one of these stories?

It is an Ancient story taught by the Elders; the lesson of the Crow and Creation

Gray’Owl enters the sacred circle and sits down beside the fire at the center. Closing his eyes he looks deep into his memory of when he was a young boy and Elder sat by the fire and told this story and taught the lesson to the children of tomorrow. Gray’Owl begins to hum and then chants Hi Ya, Hi ya, ha ya hy ya ha ya . . . then softly begins to speak saying I open now the doorway to my heart so that you may see with your own eyes these mysteries revealed. So where should I begin ? At the very beginning ? No I think not, that would blow your mind ! First, I must become the Crow.

So as to tell the story in the wisdom of that voice, we shall begin here when the Infinite Creator,

Commanded his Holy spirit /* the Ultimate Power,

He then commanded his word and created, Earth and Water yet , only through fire and air can life take place. He saw the water flowing over Earth and there were only thoughts of what, may. . . be ~ come.

So the Creator breathed out his breath of life sending forth the fire upon the Air.

Causing all things to come to life and so it was. He saw all things, before anything . . . was manifested. He saw the Earth covered with Water flowing ~ moving ~ living in and of itself.

The living waters of life ~ ~ ~ Containing the essence of everything.

He first thought and then spoke . . . Commanding that the earth create barriers of land separating the water into the oceans and sea’s these stormy waters cresting and crashing in and upon themselves . . . constantly.

The water could now gently sweep in and out from the sandy shores of the land, Creating . . . a peaceful calm and he saw that the Earth was beautiful also not just the blue oceans these clear translucent and flowing waters, but also the beauty of the land. So different, yet peacefully co-existing individually and yet as one. So again he thought and thus commanded that the earth also create as the oceans had . . . life, in all forms.

Islands, Continents of great land masses with rolling hills, beautiful valleys, lakes and rivers of flowing living water stretching for miles and miles connecting everything and mountains to separate them all within the heights of the sky reaching for the stars of Heaven. He then thought . . . how wonderful a place I have created

A shining crystal clear blue star, so very bright amongst all my stars.

Yes !

Here is where I will experience . . . EVERYTHING !!! I have ever dreamed and thus he began to contemplate every thought that could be thought every thing that could take place he saw in his Infinite mind, long before it ever happened in his dreams and visions of the life that will be created on this planet he called Mother Earth.

Great Grandfather saw your life and mine, he saw the entirety of Eternity taking place. He sat back and began to think of eternity, the Alpha and the Omega and thus once again he began, to create only this time not just earth, water, air and fire He created ” LIFE ” upon the planet Earth. He said , let there be life within the living waters and all the fishes and things that are within the oceans of life came to be. He said and upon the earth let there be life as well animals and every creeping thing that crawls in and upon the Earth and so it came to be. He then said and upon the drifting winds of the air let there also be the winged creatures flying to and fro singing my praises to all my creation and so it was the winged creatures began to sing to GOD his Glory. He created so many winged creatures that no one could name them all, so as to sing to him his glory. Yet he created one very special winged creature with the most beautiful majeikal voice of them all . . . the dark one ~ the Raven . . .

the Crow . . .

The dark Crow had been given the most beautiful of voices ever created so as to sing the glory of the creator back to him in the evening as he rested upon the earth after his creating.


The crow upon realizing just how wonderful, so beautiful her voice was, began to become full of herself, her beauty amongst all others and soon sat amongst the tallest trees on top of the tallest mountains and began to sing songs of self. Self beauty. Self outstandingly beautiful singing with a voice extraordinaire, singing songs that harmed the feelings of all the other wonderful beautiful birds and their songs that glorified Creator.

The Crow made up new songs of self making fun of all the other birds of lesser voices and after a great amount of time had gone by all the other birds became very indignant to the crows who had such incredible voices. Yet only now sung songs of self and hurt everyone Else’s feelings and was NOT singing praises to Creators glory.

So all the other birds got together one day and they went to the creator and said, Great Spirit, Creator of all things we understand that you most assuredly deserve that we sing your glory.  Yet the Crow whom has the greatest of voices is not singing your glory, but is singing her glory and causing us great harm as she thinks we cannot sing glory to you Our Creator and she is singing songs that glorifies herself over all other things . . . even you !

Causing us great difficulty in our abilities to sing glory to you. So the Creator thought about these things and decided he would come down to earth and speak with the crow and so he did. Looking around he called out to the crow . . . come speak to me and sing with your beautiful voice my glory to me.

But !

The crow all full of her beautiful singing abilities did not respond, she instead flew up and stood atop the tallest tree upon the tallest mountain and sang a song of . . . self. So once again Creator called out to the crow and again the crow refused to come down and continued to sing this beautiful song of SELF, putting down all other birds singing of her most beautiful voice and the lack that all other birds had in comparison to her wonderful sweet angelic voice.

At this the Creator became very angry with the Crow, he said i have given you out of all the winged creatures the most wonderful voice to sing my glory and here you sing of self bringing harm to all others, without thought of their feelings and you are not singing glory to ME your Creator.

So the Creator reached out . . . and snatched away the crows voice and hid it where no one would ever be able to find it. Since this day the crows have spanned the globe in search of their voice to no avail and have now spent eternity going . . .


Every where they go in search of their beautiful voice, so what is the moral of this story my dear friend?

When you find the crow such as I have it hangs around my neck a most beautiful hand made necklace with a turquoise crow, and I have my beautiful voice now. The crow can show YOU, where YOUR voice is . . . as the crow has been every where looking, seeking for her beautiful voice and has found the hiding place of all others voices. 

but !

will never find their own!

yet !!!

Because of this Crow in her vast incredible never ending search has discovered and knows where everyone Else’s voice is hidden and can show you where yours is . . . thus, returning to you your beautiful voice to sing your praises to Creator with.

and once the crow has shown you where your voice is hidden and given you now this your beautiful voice, when ever you speak in glory to the Creator from now and forever he will hear this most beautiful sound and remember you, his creation of love.

and so it is.

thus . . . .

I have heard your voices . . . singing, glory to God

so says the Crow !


remember . . . SING !!!

And the Creator will hear you, sing his praises to him.

Sing his glory to him . . .

Sing your prayers to him . . .

Just . . . sing and he will remember you, because you made him smile

By touching his heart with your beautiful voice.

So there you have it a small piece of Cherokee history, part of the story of creation shared with you.

I leave you now in the Love and the Light of our Infinite Creator.

As I sing this song to you, and our marvelous Great Grandfather of His Glory.

♫Music is Life ♪♫~♥~♫♪♪♫~so you may remember~♥~♫♪♪♫~♥~♫♪♪♫~♥~

♫♪♪♫~♥~to sing~♫♪♪♫~♥~~♫♪♪♫~Creators Glory~♥~♫♪♪♫~♥~♫♪


Tony Gray’Owl


3 responses

  1. Phil Shearer

    I too look for my song,one given by the creator also I have a woodlands flute F# yet I cannot find the note to sustain the tune,what does it mean do i need to let go more or get deeper with in.Thank-you for helping arrange contact with Linda.Her cards are one of the most beautiful around.

    May 11, 2012 at 4:51 am

  2. Seth Gravely

    Who is the model portraying the character in the picture

    August 17, 2016 at 2:53 am

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