Chapter 08

Ancient Voices from the Past

I had the most incredible Dream this morning – a living Vision. I was walking along the most wondrous path I had ever seen. Far in the distance I could see a faintly glowing light and heard what seemed to be a voice speaking ever so softly; a whisper would overpower it. As I approached the end of this trail, my curiosity was overwhelming. I came to a doorway, like a cosmic portal; at this point, all I could see was this Glorious light. As I looked through, I saw the most beautiful awe-inspiring sight of my life. The air was so pristine you could see the stars in the daylight and everything was the picture of perfection; colors so vibrant they literally filled me with Joy.

It looked something like this picture.

As I stepped through this doorway ~ Gateway, Portal ~ whichever way you choose to see it, It was as if I was lifted up by an unseen force and carried instantly into this most incredibly wonderful, brilliant, yet so softly glowing light.

Suddenly I was aware that I was at the very Heart of the Light, this place where the Light literally comes from ~ where it is born.

A firm strong, yet soft and gentle voice began to speak to me. The amount of Knowledge and Wisdom I was gifted to remember is, well, to say the least, vast. I will attempt to write it down for you, to guide you to the . . .


What is the one true Path?

It is the path of infinite wisdom.

The One True Path I discovered through understanding LOVE combined with an unquenchable thirst for Knowledge, a limitless desire for WISDOM.

All Human Beings are learning the hard way and the soft way, but learn we must as this is how we grow in love/knowledge/wisdom.

My Life’s Mission Statement in this Light and Love is to integrate our Enemies. My mission of Life is to have compassion to be one with myself and all things, equally. Following the Call of our Heart, is what should be guiding you now. Be Yourself and the Path Becomes You. Follow your Instincts. Go forth bravely onto your Path of life for this Path is your Destiny as only,


If you remain focused and steadfast on your Path you shall achieve your goal ~ which is to grow spiritually! You have to unchain the self-imposed bonds of forgetfulness and set your Soul free. Set your Heart free. Open your Mind! Set your Love free!

Remember who you truly are. Failure is Impossible. The Ego will shield you from the Destiny. When there is no trust, there can be no spiritual growth accomplished. Encompass everything within your sight because everyone/everything has something to teach you. No one “Nor” anything should be left out of this process. Everyone is Invaluable. Your skills and abilities are in great demand now. Channeling the wisdom of love and light is a skill naturally embedded in every creature. It is a higher way of Knowing; it is the Ancient way of communicating by thought. You have a glorious Destiny – all you need do is realize it.

Many Light Workers chose to come too Earth along with other Light Workers, these Fellow Light Workers are here to help. As you must remember, we are here to serve the light. It has always been this way and it will always be that way. Helping each other becomes your way of life as the Light gathers Power to you and the Darkness dissipates, as darkness wields no power within . . .

The Light of TRUTH

Much is at stake here, Light must gather in these times. Tremendous tidal waves of change are washing over the Earth. There is a divine plan in action and it will change the face of the Earth Forever.

This is ~ Mass Enlightenment

Now set in motion by Forces much higher than anyone could possibly comprehend, much less, understands. A Far Higher Power than any of us ~ all of us ~ can ever even imagine is on the move. Everything about and what is thought to be ~ reality, will be altered dramatically.

Sacred knowledge is Reawakening

The High Counsel of Knowledge Keepers are awakening and gathering the Hearts of the individual tribes, the Souls of the Tribes, as well as the individual Light Workers of Earth, who are carrying out our instructions from the Great Spirit.

Time is of greatest Essence right now. Everyone needs to focus on the Path. Everything depends on the Awakening of your mind. To awaken the larger portion of Light Workers who, potentially, have forgotten their mission.

The Great Spirit spoke to me once again.

I am gave a Command for me to carry out. The Great Spirit instructed me to SHOUT it OUT, WITH GREAT AUTHORITY, WITH THE VERY HIGHEST OF FOCUSED INTENT. HERE IS THAT COMMAND.




We are the Children of the Light of GOD and His Name is TRUTH

I will explain in more detail how one may move forward on their Pathway of enlightenment and about our Ascension as well. Make this statement to yourself that you desire to be eternally grateful and to understand these Lessons of Life. As you learn these lessons, gracefully accept them into your Heart and Mind. Apply them to your daily life and in so doing you grow in your wisdom.

It is the way of the Universal Consciousness.

Your mind is but a tool, it is . . . The connection ~ In-between eternal Spirit and living Soul.

As Only, the “Heart” Really ~ Truly ~ Matters.

Our Heart is the Portal to the Great Spirit, God’s heart. Whenever confusion overcomes you, one needs to simply enter and sit quietly in the Silence of Self and ask the Creator to elaborate on these feelings from deep within one’s own HEART.

Sit quietly in the sacred Silence of Self and listen!

Let your Heart speak to you, listen, and see clearly, as your mind attempts to clouds these issues. Think with your Heart, Learn to Feel with your Mind. Sort out these feelings from within your Heart. Meditate on the answers you get within your mind.

Everything else should be discarded as thoughts of the Ego. Whatever the Heart tells you has a unique Aura of Truth about it. You will know the instant that the thought manifests itself within your Mind through the Higher Dimensions of thought.

Whatever makes you feel good. Whatever feels right and is in total Harmony with Mother Earth, yourself and every other living Soul in the Universe. That will be the Correct Answer and that is the way, a Light Worker truly works. Seize the day and come forth into the light of truth!

Realize ~ you are never alone. The Great Spirit/God is always with you. You are all continually being taken care of. Simply follow your Heart and you will be successful. Indulge in your happiness and find what you are truly looking for “Joy”. The heart needs Joy to function correctly. There is Joy in everything. You just have to see it. Be at one with the Universe for it is screaming to help you.

Listen to your Higher Self, as learning is the way to be at one with the Creator. Learning is Life Itself. Be at one in silence. Listen to the quiet sounds of self . . . Make it your intention to let your Spirit Soar!

The Path lies gloriously in front of your eyes, one-step at a time and as you ascend the mountain you do not need a horse or a mule to pull you along. You just need to go alone. If you stray a bit, do not worry, for you will come back to this path. We live within a “free will” zone. Free will either can trigger a decision/result for good or for bad, of which is neither right nor wrong.

The Path has many strange ways twists and turns, stumbling blocks and slippery spots. The Path can feel razor-sharp at times, due to the attractions and/or enticing/exciting possibilities offered, by this world of illusion causing you to stumble and lose your balance, slipping away momentarily from the pathway to the light of God’s Love.

Do not worry over this, as . . . Your main intention is to learn to trust your own decisions. The Light within you will be your guide. When you make choices, you create other realities and the world of possibilities open up to you. These realities either advance you on your Path or merely slow you down.

Either way you will go all the way. All experiences are real. What we choose to label them is up to each individual, in regards to their own personal various realities/illusions.

Realities are swiftly changing now for a bit of time.

Time is relative too many factors yet,

Time ~ actually does not matter.

Time; is nothing more than a place or a specific point in space. It is finite yet it contains countless hidden secrets. Ancient teachings of nearly lost knowledge and Wisdoms. All you must do is “Seek” them out! The way of the Ancients was paved with the natural elements of a Life, lived in the light of love. Light is Love, Light is Wisdom, far more than you can imagine. Seek the secret meanings of God’s love; apply them to your life joyfully.

Confidence and/or self-confidence depend solely in and upon your ability to Love yourself. Recall to your memory, the beauty of Life. It is the simplest of things that count the most in a human beings life. Here upon this little blue star that is spinning around in circles in the middle of nowhere, seemingly lost and all alone in the universe.

Simplicity ~ is living as ONE within nature

All things provided when, and as, they are needed, nothing more. Take gratefully what you need and take care of the rest, assuring the equal abundance in everyone’s future lives.

Tremendous changes are awaiting the inhabitants of Earth.

The Universe is bestowing many gifts and returning many bad things done. It is the Universal Law of Action and Reaction, Karma, if you please. It all boils down to this one particular period of time, in this one particular Universe, on this one particular planet. The little blue star called Mother Earth.

You are all Eternal Beings. Simply become who you truly are, not what you seem to be. When you came to this three-dimensional plane of Existence, you had to pass through the veil of amnesia in order to forget where you came from and who you truly are, in order to experience Life and the aspects of . . .


The reason I say that is this; where we came from, the ethereal world of spirit, there is only unconditional love. Therefore, one of our main goals here is to experience the polar opposite of unconditional love, which is the state of “Conditional love” we experience here in the physical world. Where people give you their love, yet they take it away. These personal events causes’ great mental difficulties and incredible heart felt pain.

When we return to the spirit world, we take with us these experiences and then we may see with greatest of clarity this great lesson of love and understand fully the incredible beauty of Great Spirit/God’s unconditional Love. Do you see my meaning here?

Nevertheless, when one awakens here in the physical plane, your memories will all come back to you at the appropriate moment. One does not need to awaken fully in order to remember why we are here, “to help others.” Conscious recall of forgotten memories does not constitute a condition for wonderful accomplishments in this work.

Experiencing this Spiritual Awakening will infuse you with the Sacred Knowledge at the proper moment in your life. There is much Light hidden within the masses. The Light is just waiting to sparkle and flash like lightning from one human being to another. Many people interact with each other in many various ways and on many different levels of this awakened state of enlightenment.

The feelings of Separation stems from the fact that you do not Love yourself enough, thus you cannot Love others equally. Once you have learned to love self unconditionally you will feel this incredibly loving connection with all other human beings and all of God’s creatures and most importantly, the Great Spirit/God.

These other Loving people, who are awakening now, are here to help you. They are not against you. These Loving Beings are receiving an abundance of information, which they wish to share freely with you.

If! You will listen to their wisdom with your Heart. Your mind will then understand and respond in kind. Other beings of the light that are ‘jailed’ in this three-dimensional Earth plane are also receiving this information, but they are transparent to the energy. It passes right through them unnoticed, as they have completely forgotten who they are and why they came here.

Advanced Beings are those who are progressing along the path of enlightenment and are awakening. They are more ‘solid’ to these energies. The energies become relative to them, the vibrational state of their being becomes raised to a higher rate of frequency and the spiritual body becomes denser. Therefore, these energies become accessible within the receptive consciousness of an awakening soul.

As you awaken these energies affect you more profoundly, and then the effects become far clearer to you. In order not to feel weighed down by the extreme heaviness in your heart, this feeling I call “Sorrow”. By consciously focusing your attention on these light energies will help tremendously to bring happiness and Joy into your Life. These energies will help you deal with the sadness of living a life as an incarnate soul. My heart aches for you.

World peace meditations are of an advanced importance now in order to raise the planets vibration. I suggest that you actively participate in these meditations because the individual essence of every single being counts immensely. This is how the collective consciousness works.

The energies projected for the highest good of Mankind will indeed be vast, as long as many people are participating.

It will have a tremendous impact on everyone/everything!

United we shall succeed.

The process of the Purification of the Soul is highly essential in the awakening process. The more you advance along the Path of Remembering, Enlightenment and Ascension. For Soul Purification focuses and maintains ones attention on the Love for the Great Spirit/God, the more pure your Soul becomes, the more impurities will become discarded and/or assimilated. As in having learned each lesson life offers and then to have released the experience of it. This is how you balance your Karma.

The more you grow you will find that every open doorway, each threshold you cross into a specific event was important only in regards to that specific portion of your growth. One of the problems an evolving soul has to face is the difficulty in trusting the Heart. I call it confusion.

One of my Master teachers taught me that within the Law of One are many Laws. One of them being,

the “Law of Confusion”

Not everything you see is what you think it is. Understanding the Law of Confusion reveals many truths. This is one of them, the truth is always right there, right in front of you to see, yet so many cannot see it. As they have confused the spiritual facts with physically misleading fiction. This understanding is called a “Distortion.” We have all found ourselves in this state of confusion many times in our life. I know I have.

These states of confusion so many of us live in are created by the matters of the Physical Heart, which are the worldly feelings learned through experiences yet mostly taught to you by parents/teachers as one lives Life as a human being. The attachments we create to material things, such as money, cars, clothes, a home, a pet, a man or a woman, etc. These things confuse the mind as the heart hangs onto them, what I also call desires of the physical heart things that feed the egotistic ways of greed.

This is the single most important thing that matters most the divine WILL of the Great Spirit. To evolve in knowledge, understanding and wisdom and to understand the effects that the Love you pour out into others lives and the whole of the Universe has on everything. The higher you realize the value of self the more you respect your fellow human beings.

Ascension does “NOT” imply that you will end your contact altogether abandoning Mother Earth. It is just a change of the state of your living essence, your vibrational rate of being, although becoming a highly advanced enhanced state of being “You” will not be effected in any other way.

Regardless of your fears, one simply needs to understand that it is possible to ascend with or without a three-dimensional body; this “has been done” before many times. This simply means that if you need your physical body to complete an unfinished task then you will keep the physical form.

However, it will NOT, be of the essence it compromises now. As you must come to understand that, our three-dimensional bodies are undergoing a change from the carbon base of our current manifestation into the higher state of a silica based manifestation, in order to accommodate the higher Light frequencies needed to sustain a physical type of body in a fourth/fifth dimensional state of being.

This three dimensional body is merely a physical vehicle. Do not depend on it. This is another conscious limitation. Instead, remind yourself every morning when you wake up and every night when you go to sleep that your body is a sacred temple for the flame of the Creator, our Soul.

The singular drop of your consciousness is nothing compared to the vast Oceans of the Universal consciousness. Understanding this allows you to cause the Universal energies to follow your focused intentions manifesting your thoughts into this our physical reality and thus create whatever experience you choose to have at the moment.

The pattern called ‘death’ is an intrinsic part of Life, a beginning and an end, death is simply another beginning. Your soul or your body is nothing compared to the limitless essence of the Great Spirits unimaginable vastness. By surrendering to the Law of One, you can also manipulate it. Listening with your heart is the ideal/direct connection through your mind with the collective mind of the Great Spirit/God. You may also actively connect to the Universal consciousness itself when you have become advanced enough spiritually.

The physical body requires food/fuel in order to exist upon this planet; understanding that one thing must die in order for another to continue to exist. One thing draws the energy of life into it and must then die and be consumed in order that a higher level being to absorb the energy and thus may continue to exist. This is the essence of death “and” life. The ultimate “self-sacrifice”.

This action, your sciences call a chain of events. What science also has termed evolution. One thing grows out of the death of another thing. This by far, is not where it all begins; it is an understandable example of what you may be able to grasp at this particular moment in your lifetime.

It all goes unexplainable with the use of the modern English language beyond this example. Thus, I have to start somewhere, within your ability to comprehend. Therefore, I will begin where your science is at, now. Using understandable words, you can perhaps/hopefully/ possibly comprehend the meaning there of. Here goes.

Subatomic particles feed/fuel atomic things, Atomic things feed/fuel molecules, molecules feed/fuel microscopic things, microscopic things feed/fuel cells, cells then using this energy of creation manifest/create organisms, and organisms then using the same powers of creation feed/fuel more highly complex multiple organisms. Until with human eyes one may see with physical eyes the results in this three dimensional world their existence, and observe the events of evolution that are taking place. Are you following me so far? Behind this, single open door there lays a quadrillion more ways to understand life.

Behind the un-opened doors of wisdom lies, time. Everything that has not yet existed is waiting to do so. However, you can be sure it is coming, soon. Time will ravish you, if you do not understand the essence of life. Does it take your Children to at last make you understand that you must stop exploiting the land? Where is your love? If you lived in a desert, it would cause you much pain. Why not simply move to where there is an abundance of rain?

As the flower needs the rain, we need the Great Spirit to guide us to the fertile green land, as the winter needs the spring to begin once again a new life. As the summer grows and we enter the fall and harvest what we have sown, the efforts of our life gone unseen, yet now so obvious to us all if we but see what has taken place. As it all freezes over and creates another new beginning. Therefore, in your heart, you wish for it all to begin again, we had seen better days. However, only if you had lived your life based in Great Spirits wisdom, God’s love. This brings us, to the knowledge of which we truly are a being of the light of God’s love.

The ethereal (Light) body needs massive amounts of energy to perform what we came here to do. So what do you think is the reason we are here? In addition, where does this energy used, come from? That everyone in what is called the physical world is seeking so desperately. Shall I attempt to explain to you, the energy source which everyone seeks so desperately sought by our sciences? The people that have no clue to the limitless, endless source of what is called energy, this thing called electricity is alive, there is no end to it. As when fully understood, it may recreate itself constantly. Endlessly.

I suppose I should just say that life is not the most curious of things, like electricity, perhaps you will see there is a place to go where no one has ever gone before and leave it all behind. Energy, Is a dream come true, if you live out your life given to you seeking understanding. Energy is untold. What happens when its story has been told?

I was lost O’ Great Spirit, until you gave to me the answers to everything I asked. Then I began to know, to see everything so clearly, to cry out have mercy on me, who may understand this as I share my dreams and ask the world to listen to me? As God only knows, what I know. Gold is the color of crystals, which glows as the color of my eyes as I see, and understand what He has taught me to understand within the immeasurable depths of my mind.

The mind needs information to process. Too, feel Alive! Books/movies/the Internet/conversation these are foods for the mind when understood and used as tools not diversions. Not that diversion is a bad thing; we all need to take a break every now and then. Yet my mind delves deep into the swirling currents of my thoughts of what “IF”. Here is where it gets deep. I have a theory, a mental picture beyond epic proportions.

Capture this question with in your mind.

What is an atom?

An “Atom” is thought to be a basic unit of matter that consists of a dense, central nucleus surrounded by a cloud of negatively chargedelectrons.

The atomic nucleus contains a mix of positively charged protons and electrically neutral neutrons.

(except in the case of hydrogen-1, which is the only stable nuclide with no neutrons).

The electrons of an atom are bound to the nucleus by an electromagnetic force.

Likewise, a group of atoms can remain bound to each other, forming a molecule.

An atom containing an equal number of protons and electrons is electrically neutral, otherwise it has a positive charge if there are less electrons (electron deficiency) or negative charge if there are more electrons (electron excess).

A positively or negatively charged atom is also known as an “Ion”.

An atom is classified according to the number of protons and neutrons in its nucleus: the number of protons determines the chemical element, and the number of neutrons determines the isotope of the element.

What is an element? The things that physical reality is made of. There are 94 elements that occur naturally with 118 known.

Now capture the picture of an atom in your mind. Do you have it? Can you see it clearly, the makeup of it? Here is a cool look at one, not really an atom but I like it. My beautiful sister of life Donna Jean Dye’ created it for me.

Ok, so everything we see in our reality is made up of these atomic particles, Right? So then, what is reality? That which you can see with the naked eye, but we cannot see an atom with the naked eye. We can only see what countless numbers of them combined create. This is our reality. Yet there is no denying that the atoms exist, correct?

So here is my theory, think of the center of the atom as our sun the subatomic nucleus, the power source. Now think of our planet and the other planets as the electrons revolving around it. An entire solar system in and of itself completely invisible to us, yet we as human beings feeling so infinitesimally small in our own solar system needs the use of a machine to magnify into sight these tiny galaxies, combining together to create what we call our own reality.

Yet the tiny little people living on one of those electrons cannot see the entire picture of what they in turn make up in total of our reality, they can only see the other neutrons and electrons. A very small piece of the overall total picture of our reality. Are you with me? Do you see what I am saying here?

OK, so our solar system is one of these singular atoms, and we can see some of the other atoms (solar systems) that make up the larger picture of a far larger reality than our infinitesimally small subatomic world in which we live.

We cannot back up far enough to see the grand picture of what we and all of the universes combined creates, but we can look into the tiny little things that make up us. The larger picture of what they these atoms, these solar systems these tiny little galaxies combine and create our reality to be.

Go outside, lie down in the grass, take your hands, pull back the grass, and peer into a tiny little world of intense activity taking place. Right underneath of your feet every moment of every day. Now listen to this.

I ask myself, with tears streaming down my face, my heart wrenching in my chest, how may I tread so lightly upon this my Mother Earth, that I may not annihilate an entire colony of living beings? With each step, I take upon my path of life. This is our true reality.

So I ask you. Why do people draw a gun, or push a button and blow up other people? Isn’t there enough death-taking place here upon this planet already that we as civilized people do “Not” have to kill each other? What is the purpose, what does killing another human being serve to create? People, step back as far as you can and take a strong look at the larger picture of what we combined create.

This picture I have painted is what we think of as God. We collectively are God. We live within a single cell, within an atom, an infinitesimally small particle that combines with all other seeable particles, to create another ever-larger reality, which then may magnify us into their reality unseen, until now. We hold the key of understanding in our tiny little hands. Do you see?

Meditation is the foundation for the mind. Meditate upon what I have just exposed your mind too. Think about it. Read it all again, get a grip on the concept of it all. Moreover, you shall see as you have never seen before, Creation. I will perhaps say it to you this way.

A philosophy professor stood before his class with some items in front of him. When class began, he wordlessly picked up a large empty jar and proceeded to fill it with rocks about two inches in diameter. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.

The professor then picked up a box of pebbles, poured them into the jar and lightly shook it. The pebbles, of course, rolled into the open areas between the rocks. The students laughed. He asked his students again if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.

The professor then picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else. “Now,” said the professor, “I want you to recognize that this is your life.

The rocks are the important things—your family, your partner, your health, your children—anything that is so important to you that if it were lost, you would be nearly destroyed. The pebbles are the other things in life that matter, but on a smaller scale. The pebbles represent things like your job, your house, your car.

The sand is everything else—the small stuff. “If you put the sand or the pebbles into the jar first, there is no room for the rocks. The same goes for your life. If you spend all your energy and time on the small stuff, material things, you will never have room for the things that are truly most important.

Pay attention to the things that are critical in your life. Play with your children. Take your partner out dancing. There will always be time to go to work, clean the house, give a dinner party and fix the disposal.

” Wise words”

In your own life, be sure to take care of the rocks first—the things that really matter. Remember, the rest is only pebbles and sand. The small stuff everything else is made of.

Herbs/minerals/trace elements and crystals are healing to the heart. Our heart is the center of our being. The foundation this reality is built upon.

Love is the foundation of the Heart.

Balance between them is the key to proper growth.

There is a higher Realization of Self-found in becoming centered in the Silence of Self as it keeps the little voice out of the Mind’s focus.

Without proper spiritual growth, you get used to life. It gets mundane and you get bored. Decisive focused steps of purest intent are extremely important; they lead you to the success of your spiritual ascension.

Inspired connections come swiftly when achieved as your focused intent. It is up to you to make up your mind. It is your Ego that is holding you back, because Egos are afraid of change. It is the way of the Ego to block

Spiritual Advancement

Spiritual advancement has to stem from the inner Light.

The keyword is TRUST. Trust your instincts and Love yourself unconditionally. Trust is a feeling that comes naturally when you feel safe and secure; this comes from loving who you are and everything else in the universal consciousness. You feel safe when you trust, as trust is a direct effect of Love.

Learn to trust your Intuition, as trust is something we are born with and cherished as something divine. It is OK to have doubts; question everything. There will be a time when you will learn to question only the things that are worth questioning. Discernment is the valor of the higher answer benefit by applying higher judgment. You must learn to let go and become your Higher Self. Believe without doubt that you are the Light and let it shine in all your brilliance and glory.

Fear is nothing more than the thoughts of the unknown. Rise above your fears and see the whole picture. What matters are your Intentions . . . the thoughts you remain focused upon.

Your very highest focused thought, the highest thought into the Realization of Self. The focused Intent is to Love Unconditionally. Your Higher Self essentially is Your ~ Self!

Communicate ~ Share ~ Learn Work for the good the grand betterment of all Humanity along with all other Life forms and Mother Earth, as she is alive as well.

An Angel’s Aura Spirit Quartz Crystal to help cleanse, intensify and magnify your Light Being Energy Field.

From within my Heart of Hearts ~ to your Hearts I express my deepest Love for you. Today I pray that somehow I have helped to make your life a little better.

Mitakuye oyasin

Tony Gray’Owl

Cherokee Shaman Keeper of the Hidden knowledge of the Ancients freely shared with you. Are you seeking, things unknown? Alternative answers to questions that haunt you. Within me lives the Wisdom of the Ancients… the first living souls that inhabited this small speck of dust amongst all the worlds beyond normal excepted human comprehension.

Although the Ancient ones are gone, now extinct… they still live on as they and the wisdom they mastered still lives in my heart and mind. As I am not so much their descendant, I am not the last of the ancients… what I am, is the voice of this entire nation of remarkable people, who are crying out from the wilderness to all that will listen.

I keep alive their living essence, the words handed down through time taught orally only in secret by the great ones before me. I am here to pass down… to pass on this vast database of forgotten/lost, knowledge and wisdom.

Far beyond the reach or even the grasp of modern science, yes even the religions of this world cannot teach you what you will find here written down so clearly in the BOOK of LIFE.

If you wish to learn how to live a life of inner peace and outer Joy. That can only truly be found, in the shamanistic way of life. You must first become as the student, I understand many of you are teachers, yet often the teacher must become the student once again, one more time in their life to become the very best teacher that one can be, I am always the eager student, always.

I am merely a man, a man of simple means, a man of simple needs, yet I am also a man of deep understanding possessing great wisdom I am willing to be your guide, to these things, heavenly earth bound treasures so to say, that you can discover nowhere else on earth. All I ask in return is your respect, for the lifetime, I have devoted which brought these teachings here to this point in time.

My mind has traveled far beyond the reaches of most people as I have studied under many MASTERS Teachers of life and spirituality. From nearly all cultures and beliefs as taught throughout our written history to arrive here today as a Master of life’s lessons myself, yet I am also the always listening, always watchful, ever eager, ever seeking Master student.

The pupil . . . is not only the Master Teacher they are forever the pupil as there is always another new lesson to study, in learning the inner depths of true wisdom and applying this knowledge to one’s own life. Thus, becoming a living example. A Master Teacher.

Thus teaches the wisdom as is extracted and applied from each lesson of life through this living example. I have found hidden lessons inside of lessons, taught by others that the teacher of the lesson had never discovered within the lesson they are attempting to teach, no matter how many times they looked at the lesson and then taught it as they saw it to be, they never found the lesson woven into the lesson.

Yes there are lessons to be found, inside of lessons, that are inside the LESSON being revealed to you… it all depends on how far you can see… not beyond the horizon, you must be able to see within the within of everything . . .

To the very CENTER of Center

To realize that unlike our scientists of old and now today… who attempt to figure things out through applied mathematics and/or logic, yes these things holds clues to other things but they are not the answer that you seek… they merely show another direction of focused thought, a theory.

Let me write down the most “COMPLEX” mathematical equation conceivable to the human mind the most complex/equation/simplified to infinity.

This is the mathematical equation of life . . . I = U.

If you cannot yet understand this most basic principle of mathematical understanding of the higher self which stands for ( I equals You period ) come back to this one page when you have reached the understanding this lesson woven into my lessons. Take the first step upon this path, I am leading you to and we shall take the first step out upon the pathway of your new life, together and thus will begin the epic adventure of your life lived beyond all other things ever thought possible.

To live one’s life based upon complete and total realization of the very highest understanding of SELF.

I will give to you the clue to the understanding of this mathematical wonder. I will calculate it for you; once again, to simplicity itself explained… here is the answer… 1

What is the question?

That brings you here to this ultimate answer of complex/simplicity, the deepest and the ultimately highest understanding of wisdom.

You will not find these things written in your holy books. It is only to be found within one’s own Heart, look within read the words that God wrote upon the stone tablet of your heart and then one cannot help but to realize the highest thoughts of self never thought.

Adonai, Master Teacher Tony Gray’Owl March

I began by listening to the first of thousands of lessons from within my own heart/life and those things inspired to me of The Great Spirit. I am sharing with you these lessons seen and understood so clearly within my mind held fast within my heart, they will bring you to your center, to become perfectly in BALANCE… equal in all things, we, the Great Grand Father God and I will walk with you to the center of creation.

Once we have arrived at the very centre of center itself, you will find the peace I live with such ultimate Joy, a calm quiet stillness will come over you. You will see everything, as you have never been able to see before.

After we have become still where all your thoughts of everyday life have been hushed, you will be able to hear that quiet little voice from within and from without, when it comes to me, I hear it inside of my mind it seems my voice and yet it is not mine.

At the same time I hear the most wonderful, soft, caring compassionate voice with my ears as well, it seems to come from everywhere, yet from no-where. You feel safer than at any moment in your whole life, like a small child in the arms of its mother. You will become skilled in knowledge of how all things work and their purposes understood clearly. You will become wise in the use of this knowledge, as we shall show you how to use this knowledge to produce wisdom.

The very first thing we wish for you to practice daily is this… Become still in your thoughts; quietly in the serenity of self-silence think of all things and the beauty of all as ONE. See it as a picture in your mind not as words or spoken thoughts inside your head. Thoughts are much clearer easier to understand when you can “SEE” them within your mind.

Remember this forever . . .

The past is but a memory of life gone by, mental pictures of the lessons of life so to say, to be able to see and learn the truths of these tid bits of knowledge extracting them and then to apply them into your daily life re-creates them from knowledge into wisdom.

The future is merely the thoughts and dreams of the moment of now, and how you wish your life to become, now. All there is, all we have is this singular moment. In true reality, time is of no essence what so ever, time literally stands still, as there is only . . . NOW.

This one and only moment that you are alive in. Become alive in this moment, as the past is but a memory of what the Now was just a moment ago. Become alive in this moment as the future is nonexistent, it does not exist yet and never will as there is only the present moment, become alive in this moment as you think and manifest the future that you wish to become right now.

Past is a memory of now gone by…Future is a thought of how you wish now to become…

There is only … NOW. Become alive in… NOW

Do you see the wisdom of what we have just explained and exposed to you? When you have become firmly established in understanding this concept and in this moment, knowing that this moment is all there is. All that you have, you will then begin to become ONE with all things and see the beauty all around you everywhere you go. You will create this beauty for everyone else around you by allowing him or her to see it in you.

Become as a small child they are all around you look into their eyes and see the innocent beauty there and remember when you were that child. Take delight in the discoveries that you find right” NOW” in this moment or else . . . it is gone, the opportunity slipped by. Once you have become stead fast in NOW, all things will begin to become so perfectly clear to you. Then you will begin to see beauty where once violence and hate lived. So with this said… Simply become the MOMENT.

Right NOW

We, the Great Grand Father GOD and myself give all our LOVE to you, our beautiful Brothers and Sisters of this our life, you have such a kind compassionate soul within you, please awaken and remember who you truly are.

shhhhh….. Listen. Be ALIVE!

Enjoy yourself, in this singular moment that is so very precious, as it is all you truly have here in this lifetime

This is treasuring your life.


2 responses

  1. Tsimi James

    Smiles;” as he remembers;”
    This lesson has refreshed my memory to the extent of knowing as a student sitting on the edge of his seat waiting each moment for the next of Now!
    Thank you my brother…guide…teacher of knowledge…I feel humbled by knowing I have such a teacher as you to show and teach of understanding and giving me back what it was i thought lost!!!
    Mitakuye oyasin wado ♥ Tsimi Your Brother in Spirit ^..^

    January 31, 2012 at 2:21 pm

  2. Tony Gray'Owl

    I am so happy brother, I am smiling with you. Wado for inspiring me to continue writing and sharing the BOOK of LIFE.

    February 1, 2012 at 2:35 am

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