Chapter 06

I greet you in the light and the eternal Love

Of, for, from

Our One Infinite Creator, the Great Spirit

The Eights Steps to Success

To follow these footsteps are to realize, that these footprints are your own.

These are the Eight Steps to Success in your Daily Life Gray’Owl speaks . . . Once again so very softly with these words of great wisdom. I would wish for each of you to study this lesson once per day for at least, One week. Whenever is quiet and convenient for you in doing so.

I ask this for one reason /* to imbed these steps of action into your mind permanently. This practice is like a yoga meditation session. It is to focus your thoughts training your mind so that in the future,

Nothing Can Sway You from Your Desired Intentions.

The main intent of your heart is to give your love away,

Our Work, Our Message of LOVE, To the WORLD.

If you decide that, you are going to do, this. You must dedicate yourselves to doing what Creator is asking you to do. For everything asked has a much higher purpose than what seems at first to be the obvious. With this said I give you these, Eight Steps to Compassionate Success in all you will ever attempt to accomplish in your life simply Remember . . . who you are awaken fully now. Listen to me, I am, you are, you’re source of. . .

Intuition . . . . . . . . . . .

Intuition……………….. Intuition


Remember . . . this at all times, the beauty that is alive within you. The Great Spirit created you in His Image.

You are the beautiful child of the Great Spirit/God,

The Great Spirits shining light of Love, Manifest.

His undying Love /* your passion


Out of your loving compassion for them and touch their hearts with your love and for them to remember who they truly are. I take you now to the discovery of SELF/* MASTERY. I AM very carefully preparing these pages and sending them out into the world. I am doing this out of my compassion in order to teach/learn “Myself”, in order to continue my personal studies of LIFE, and there by having lived and seen these things with my own eyes. Thus, I am Learning/Teaching the highest source of knowledge and wisdom. Which can only be gained, through a personal life’s experiences lived. With this understood I say to you, these are the Steps; One “MUST” Take to achieve these Heights. The very Summit of Enlightenment,

the true Realization of SELF


When someone upsets you . . . /* seek within and go to your personal place of Solitude. The center of your heart.

Quietly locate your Center of calm, and sit down right there. Now become balanced in this one moment as in the above picture, feel your connection with the,


Now make the connection with the elements of your being,


The four elements of all Creation

Now, Calm down by Visualizing

That you are Unconditional LOVE


Unconditional Forgiveness

Picture in your mind this loving forgiveness flowing from your Heart out into the World. Like liquid Tears of Solace forming a gentle river that leads to and feeds the Oceans of Life where . . . Hope floats ~ Eternal.

Become still ~ Enter the Silence of self, Quiet Your Thoughts, listen to me, I am your Intuition, To begin, take a deep breath, hold it and think of your troubles/illnesses. Now slowly breathe out and allow these feelings to flow out into the ethereal winds . . .
Creators breath of life.
Hand these worrisome things over into His powerful hands, and forget about them, let Creator take care of them for you, release them from your heart and mind.
Now simply clear your mind, turn off that little voice inside your head, breathe deeply and smoothly, the only thing to concentrate upon is hearing the air inside your head coming in and going out. Listen to your breath until the little voice goes quiet; now listen to all the sounds around you. Do not focus on any-thing, just breath and listen silently.
This will make the connection between you and Creator, spiritually. Sit there as long as it takes your anxiety to return to normal, now knowing that your spiritual connection has returned. Listen for the answers you requested, in all humility and give your gratitude freely to the Great Spirit for answering your prayers.

Now take . . .


Write down all/everything you think/feel the other person was trying to tell you. No matter how or what was said or done. Let go of any/all emotions of anger or frustration. No matter how large or how small, simply make note of it.


Once you have deeply contemplated these things and have discovered the lesson/s contained and understand them in loving kindness. Return and thank (him / her) for having the courage and taking the time to point out these areas for you to improve in your life making you a more loving person.

This step is very, very difficult as you must first overcome your                                   {FEAR}


Show them your list of Ideas they suggested. Ask them if this is what they meant to tell you. They will be happy to point out where your list is correct and where it needs to be revised. Thank them again for their suggestions. In addition, tell them you will be working on these areas of your life and wish for them to keep an eye on you.

To let you know when you need more help.


Return to your quiet place and Divide the list into three piles. Put the most difficult of these lessons on your mental shelf so you can work on them when you are enlightened enough personally to address, those suggestions.

Make a second almost able to do pile also making mental note that this is your next task to accomplish on this journey.

Now, start by working on the Easiest lessons to learn and accomplish pile of notes. Tackle them one at a time until you have mastered the lessons each of them teach you completely. Here is the fun part!


Watch carefully, this other person’s reactions to your efforts to remove the faults they brought to your attention using their suggestions. Notice how they gradually will begin treating you with more respect. You may have essentially turned them and their negative aggressions into a positive learn/teaching experience and now also perhaps found a true friend.

Now that was not so hard. Was it?




Keep your eyes open and pay attention to the signs.

As you have just met one.


Anytime someone/anyone upsets you, mentally repeat these eight steps. You will eventually reach the point where you will be seeking out people who can upset you. They will become harder and harder to find as you grow in the knowledge of life applying these learned lessons into your daily activities. This causes you to grow in your own personal wisdom, now understood with such clarity the incredible realizations of self you have achieved. Having now learned these eight steps to the success of life, I will illustrate/illuminate a few other deep insights to smooth out the pathway of life for you.


Your thoughts are like magnets they will attract others with similar thoughts to you. The two individual like thoughts coming in contact will accelerate your thoughts and will either balance them or continue to throw out of balance and even completely blow out of proportion the effects these thoughts create. The result of this experience will be as pleasant or unpleasant for you as the original thought was when you created it. The understanding of this insight is what you shall come to understand as a personal system of “Absolute Justice.”

Thus, by your own choices made you are also your own Judge, I would simply suggest to not be too hard on one’s own self, as others will do a very good job of this for you!!!

MILE MARKERS upon the JOURNEY of self

Self-Realization ~ do you really truly know who you are?

Self-centered ~ focused only upon your own best interests

Self-serving ~ advancing your own ideals over all others

Self-willed ~ tenacious adherence to your own beliefs

Self-doubt ~ questioning your steps upon the pathway

Self-judgment ~ evaluating your direction or choices made

Self-pity ~ only seeing your own concerns over all others

Self-evaluation ~ determining the value of your worth

Self-mastery ~ removing Ego from all aspects of your life

Self-less ~ the primary concern is your efforts to be a positive influence upon others and freely give your Love out into the world of humanity.

Self ~ Global ~ Universal Mind ~ Christ Consciousness

All of us will eventually reach this last,

~ SELF ~

Where we have a no need or desire to be famous. Yet! We also desire not to be altogether invisible to others. By allowing Creators love to express through us ever growing, we are consciously becoming a quiet silent Helper, a Teacher of true enlightenment.

Some call us Guardian ~ Angels, I call us Starseeds.

Those of us that plants the seeds of Creators love into others hearts and cultivate them out of our compassion helping these individuals to grow in Creators wisdom and the clear understanding of the purpose of what a fully awakened enlightened human beings existence truly is.

I plant this tiny seed now in the garden of your heart.

I dedicate my life too compassionately take care of it. You.


Use ‘i’ and ‘me’ with an apology extended in all sincerity.

Stating this with all humility as no one is greater/smaller than another. This is a most difficult task to accomplish.

As most people hold a very high opinion of self, over most others, We need to put aside these judgmental Qualities, replacing them with an understanding that we are all the same, equally one in all eyes is the way to peace, globally.

Use” You” with a compliment to everyone/anyone!

Refer to ‘self’ by your first name.

Respect is a thing that you need to realize must be earned not merely expected to be given, nor simply taken for granted. You need give your respect in order to receive it in like fashion.


Integrity has he/she . . .

Who has become what they believe others should be!


Assume this cup is our mind and can hold only,

Negative and positive thoughts!

If the cup is half-full of negative, thoughts begin then by removing these negative thoughts one by one and you will very likely end up with an empty cup (mind).

If however, we continually put positive thoughts “into” the half-full cup of negative thoughts. With the addition of each positive thought, they will eventually push all negative thoughts out of the cup,

We then without question wind up with a cup (mind) filled to overflowing with, Positive ++++++++++++++ Thoughts


Is understanding (Knowledge) is what you read or was taught, such as the stove is hot which is also a, (belief)

Knowing (Wisdom) is the *\ action’ /* of personal discovery. The touching of the hot stove provides the personal experience. The difference between Knowing and Understanding is, The Experience . . .

Each new Experience we encounter in our life creates more Compassion and less, Fear moving you closer to your ‘Ideal Life’


Is a mental or Moral guide line, /* a ~ compass

I am light going to meet Light and only goodness can be the result. Let there be more love in the world, let some flow, and shine through me so others may see the shining example I am learning to become. Make the statement I AM Love. I AM expressing my Love freely; I let my light shine for all to see that I am leading through my own loving living example.


Create your own Ideal Life

Refer to ~ THESE THINGS ~ frequently

Only make Wise Decisions that express this ‘Ideal Life’. One of my Ideals is that we all may live in peace together. Those things, such as segregation, hate, war, killing, famine, super rich and dirt poor, will only be read of in our enlightened history books as how those people used to live in utter blind ignorance. As such unenlightened people driven by greed and controlling others with false fears.


Criticism; is being reminded you are not following your ‘ideal’ and you are very unhappy you were reminded of it.

Suggestion; is being reminded you are not following your ‘ideal’ and thankful someone took the time to tell you.

Seek out people who can upset you.

Thank them for pointing out your faults

Refer frequently too

‘Discovering Everyone Is Your Friend’

As clearly stated in the beginning of this chapter.


Criticize Them!

A ‘True’ Teacher will never react feeling it was a criticism. They will know it was a suggestion. To them criticism and suggestion are the same word. There will be a pause as they analyze your input, using the eight-step program lay out above. Then they will thank you. This friend is a Role Model expressing true understanding of Love. Let your light shine.


You cannot forgive another, only yourself. Holding onto a feeling of anger, feeding this emotion, with thoughts of aggression and violent responses against another person hurts only you. Even more so if you take action upon these unkind thoughts. The memory of it will haunt you forever.

Forgiveness will happen when you are able to refocus these thoughts. Anger attracts and also enrages more anger, Calm attracts calm, realizing this gives you ‘closure’ and restores the true experience of peace in your heart.

‘Absolute Self Justice’ will establish true Balance.


“Be more aware of Creators presence”

“The Great Spirit is your voice of intuition”

“Creator will guide you when you listen”


Is the eternal creative presence within all people.

Our main purpose therefore is to allow this eternal presence of our Creator within each of us to express freely our/his love. By giving focused acknowledgment in Appreciation ~ Respect and Admiration to all people we encounter. Until it becomes so automatic, we are no longer are aware of doing it.

We have thus become a channel for the expression of love.

By giving what we wanted to receive.

We became that which we sought.

~ LOVE ~


The purpose of mental/physical exercises such as yoga and meditation is to become quiet. This is the basic concept also associated with the sacred circle, when you enter the sacred circle you will find your centre, sit down there. Assume a comfortable position. Focus on a positive mental image until you are aware of your body and mind but they no longer interfere as you quiet your thoughts, the little voice within your mind is silent.

Now fully, ENTER /* The Silence of self ~ Discovery

You are no longer aware of your mind and body. Your mind and your soul become one. Become absorbed by the ‘presence’. Your soul is one with the ‘presence’. Your focus is absolute without ‘time’ Your Heart, Mind, Soul and Spirit are now joined allowing the ‘presence of Creator’ to express through you, to enter your heart and speak to you.

Your entire Life then changes as you begin to achieve a higher understanding of your life’s purpose, becoming much easier to cope with your daily life. You become more fulfilled; you begin to feel very robust and Healthy.

You are no longer responsible for your actions. You are only responsible for remaining ‘Receptive’ this I call . . .


The Pathway to enlightenment begins by

Filling the ‘Empty VOID within’ with Creators Love

We each have an ‘Empty space’ within. We spend far too much of our time seeking to fill this emptiness. I call this being/feeling ‘Lonely ‘. Imagine we each have a ‘love bucket’ within us. (your heart) The degree of empty or lonely we feel is how much


We have in our Heart and Mind, Happy, Content, Sad, Worried, Depressed, angry all describe this Loneliness. We say there are ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ People. These words only describe how much love you possess now, or at any given moment.

Our purpose is to acquire more love and this happens each time we allow the purest of Creators Love to express through us. We are not here to change others. We are here to change ourselves. Others will notice this ‘Enlightened’ change and through Admiration of our efforts. They will seek to make similar changes in their lives. When they encounter Life’s difficulties, they will ask us; how we were able to overcome these situations.

You have now become the ‘TEACHER’ ,You have always sought.

When you have, problems rememberYou” are the problem. As “You” are the only thing, “You” can change. Others are here to ‘upset’ you by providing contrast. This contrast reveals that “You” need to make a change within your own personal life. We need to be thankful these other teachers took the time to help us.

By Listening to their Advice, we can grow. Others are at their own level of awareness. Moreover, they are trying to grow just as we are. Our purpose is simple ~ become friends to everyone in order to become a master student a silent teacher a quiet helper, an enlightened sentient being.

We are all ~ ONE


Falling sleep . . . waking up . . . we are calm and at ‘peace’

This is where the ‘Creator’s love’ exists.

Contrast’ is, good/bad, sad/happy, right/wrong, light/dark, the polar opposites in our world of polarities/contrast, reveals everything to us, if we see it.

These things cannot exist when we are in a state of ‘personal peace’. We need to become more aware of how pleasant we feel when we are fully awake, enlightened.

Here upon earth, we live in the house of ‘contrasting polarities’ this is where we easily experience becoming upset, angry, lonely or a deep sadness over whelms us. Once again, I call this the sorrow of life we all experience on occasion.

When fully awakened we remember the pleasant state of being at ‘peace’ with everything within our physical reality. Practice becoming fully awakened to allow anger, lonely and sad to simply “disappear”.

If we have, a contrary/contrasting thought while at ‘peace’ we immediately reawaken ourselves. Our goal is to remain at ‘peace’ at “all” times. This is how you create Joy in your life.

This is the ‘Spiritual’ state of higher realization . . . a healthy feeling without fearing our emotions or desires. When we become fully awakened from this forgetful state of existence, we become open and receptive to the voice of ‘intuition’. If we unknowingly upset another, an apology is automatic.

Our only concern should be living by example these higher understandings so we may encourage all others with our living example of Creators unconditional love applied to our lives daily/continually, showing the way to achieve global peace.

Through our own living example the heavenly way of kindness and compassion. The purpose of the state of ‘peace’ is to be at one with the ‘Creator’. To allow the ‘Creators Love’ to express through us; which is the state I call being completely in love with yourself, this in turn allows all others to love you in the same way. With Creators, ‘Un conditional Love’ something we are all constantly seeking without much success.

Because we cannot freely share our love with another if, you do not first learn how to love you. We can only allow love to happen through us. You have become so detached from your connection with the ‘Creator’ You have forgotten who you really truly are being at ‘peace’ returns us . . . HOME

To . . . The HIGHEST Realization of SELF

I Believe in . . .

I believe in you

May the Great Spirit always fill your love bucket to,

“Over ~~~~~~~~~~~ flowing”

Mitakuye oyasin

(We are all, related to everything that exists)

I Love every one of you in ways I hope you are now beginning to understand.

I offer to you the two things I possess that are mine to give. My friendship and My LOVE

I will never take them away from you.

Tony Gray’Owl March

The Seed of Wisdom

I discovered the Living Seed of Life’s Wisdom gently planted within Mother Earth’s womb.

Just as this tiny seed, is lying dormant within the deep darkness of the moist rich soil of the mother’s womb, our Earth. With the very essence of her own life, she cradles and feeds this seed, nourishing with her liquid solace she tenderly softens with her compassion, this cold hard shell that encompasses and grips our Hearts. With strong will, she cracks it open so that we may struggle this desperate task to reach out, breaking through and suddenly bursting into the . . . * LIGHT *

The ultimate wisdom is forever seeking the purpose of our life here upon Planet earth and understanding why we are here in the first place. Moreover, this is . . . To experience life, as a living physical individualized soul.

Separated and all alone, from the indescribable unconditional love and the all-knowing collective consciousness of Creator; in order to know who self is.

Just as this tiny seed of love falls to the ground. At that very moment, Creator whispers upon the wind rustling through the leaves speaking to the little squirrel frolicking in the trees, and says, quickly run and take that seed of Life. Plant it within the Mother Earth’s womb. You see even this small wild creature understands without question, God’s Wisdom. Daily this little creature follows their instruction and plants these seeds everywhere. You can sit on your front porch and watch it take place right in front of your eyes how can you possibly deny this truth?

As even this small creature knows contained within this tiny seed is God’s Instructions of Life – His gift to us the human beings, the living souls that inhabit this planet.

The Mother, our Earth, then, in her own Infinite Wisdom, takes into her moist fertile womb, this tiny little seed of Life with glee. She cares for it ever so tenderly. She shields and protects it. She nourishes it with her own Life’s Blood, tenderly, compassionately, with all she is. She gives to it completely and unselfishly everything it needs to succeed to live and grow.

So many things in our life seem so readily taken for granted, our Life, for instance, Creators ultimate gift, the very breath of LIFE itself, the one thing we cannot do without for more than mere moments. For our Life to continue, this single thing is our very essence, and without this single puff of Creators breath and our SOUL is gone, snuffed out like a candle’s flame in the darkness of night. All that is left is a mere wisp of smoke drifting off into the Unknown. This is the ultimate question.

Where do we, Go from here?

Into the Realm of the Unseen back to the unconditional love, we came from. Is where we can only imagine our soul goes? Just as this tiny little seed breaks open to reveal Life equally unknown, so easily misunderstood.

What is it?

You would do with your life if you truly could. On the other hand, would you even try to do what no one has done before? By the countless vast majorities of all humans ever born throughout all our history as human beings, here upon this planet called earth, would be what?

To simply Live and let Live.

Just as the tiny seed breaks open and the Tree of Life begins its journey it first breaks free from the darkness reaching out into the Light of life and grows into the very majestic tree, one of the trees of Life itself.

As contained within this tiny seed is great Wisdom, the instructions given By Creator to all things of creation.

When the Great spirit created these Trees of Life for us; our brothers our most precious of friends as you must understand this; they absorb the toxic essences we, as humans create merely by the act of breathing, much less the other awful things we do. The wise old tree absorbs and then recreates this negative energy and releases its own creation, purest oxygen, our atmosphere cleansed and purified by their living presence.

The old tree gives the very essence of its life, back into our world of humanity. The very breath of life itself, the oxygen we so desperately need to survive, as we all know that without this breath of Creators essence in mere moments, our living journey here on earth, is complete.

Snuffed out like a candle into the darkness of where we can only imagine our Soul thus begins a new adventure on another plane of existence. These trees, the Tree of Life, gives to us freely the gifts from God, the breath of life, the air we breathe without question, without reward. What Unconditional Love, our brothers, the trees, give to us our most precious friends they are, they offer life to our fellow human beings of this, our Mother Earth. They restore our breath, continually.

The following is a revelation I experienced in one of my many vision quests. Within my dream was a living vision. The Great Spirit spoke to me and said. What is it you most desperately want to know?

Open your Mind to me; reveal to me your Creator that which you truly seek. Open your Heart to me; express your deepest desire for your Creator to come in. Then to you, I will surely speak. My words of Knowledge on my breath of Life, I will whisper ever so quietly to you my truth.

Then in wisdom, you will understand the full meaning of your life. I will paint the picture of Eternity in your mind with the airbrush of my voice. I will etch my words of Eternal Truth upon the stone tablet of your heart. Your Soul will cry my tears of joy; your Heart will ache for me. Your spirit will soar as never before, as you have given your love back, To your Creator, the Great Spirit, God.

Life is the essence of our Great Spirits Love as seen through the eyes of a stranger Etched upon The stone tablet of my heart,

Art by Tony Gray’Owl.

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One response

  1. Tsimi James

    ‘Absolute Self Justice’ will establish true Balance.

    This quote really hit home…I knew somewhere along the line that I was going to find the teacher I was seeking…your wisdom has opened my eyes to see more clearly my brother…for this I am thankful…Namaste, In Lak’ech Ala K’in, your brother of the light, Tsimi ^..^

    January 28, 2012 at 1:15 pm

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