Chapter 05


Great Spirit/Creator,

I have tenderly planted your seed of love within my heart and now, Deeply Rooted into the Living Book of Life is the living tree of knowledge. Containing the wisdom of Creation, the purpose of a Human Beings Life within the realm of physical reality.

From here, I let my LOVE/LIGHT SHINE to lift the . . .

{ Blanket of Darkness that enshrouds you }

I speak to you these words, as literally I have spoken aloud every word you are about to read setting the power of them and my focused intent into motion. This is how through self/realization, the power of manifestation is wielded and what becomes one’s reality is created, written down within these pages for all of Humanity to see and clearly understand.

As we, the global societies of humanity here upon our Mother Earth have all been given the truth contained within the Living Tree of Knowledge, as it is deeply rooted in the book of your Heart and branches out into all aspects of life. These truths have been written down throughout all time such as in the book you call the Bible, is one of the stories told of our creation, there are a great many other stories of creation from throughout our history; I shall share several of them with you.

This one; from within the Bible is perhaps the most well-known of them, it basically says; Eve the mother of humanity was seduced into eating the fruit from the forbidden tree of knowledge. She then convinces Adam to do so as well. Thus, I ask this question, have you ever thought about what was or is the knowledge they gained when they ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge?

We can rediscover this wisdom if we will just take the time to clearly understand the true purpose of one’s Life. This is the purpose for my life, my mission, my destiny. Within this BOOK of LIFE, I write down for eternity the knowledge I have carefully sought out from throughout our recorded history and now I combine all of it with delicate precision and greatest of clarity the incredible wisdom of life into the clearest/deepest understanding of a sentient physical human being and how to live, a Spiritual life, instead of living according to the crude fundamentals of Religions misguided teachings of greed and fear. My focused intent is to set you and your love “FREE”.

I am transliterating and adapting this most phenomenal amount of global historical writings from many ancient foreign languages into perfect modern English so that everyone may understand the purpose of one’s life. It has taken my entire lifetime, to gather it all together, to have read it all and extracted only the beautiful truths for you and I begin now to write it all down here and share it with you out of my compassion for you and all of humanity.

At times I fear, as the singular man I am, that I cannot write down all that I have been inspired to share with you. There is so much knowledge, so much wisdom, so much Love and light to be learned and understood, to be applied to one’s life in childlike innocence, to experience the Joy of it all.

Great Grand Father, I am the clay of the Mother Earth, form me into your vessel, take my small hands into yours and write for us your truth, explain to us your love, show us the way, to paradise. When I sleep I dream of you, in my deepest sleep I run to you, when I am losing touch I reach for you, when I am all alone I talk with you, I talk with “YOU”. You said to me, I am the flesh and You are my blood, You are the rain and I am your flood, when the days get rough I simply remember that I cannot lose your love.

Take me by the hand and hold onto me, when I hear your song I dance with you, now I sing my praise to you. With deepest of gratitude far in advance I thank you Great Grand Father, for what we are about to receive, I am your humble servant, I let my light shine and set free my love, so all may see this pathway to your heart clearly and find their way home to you our Creator.

The Mysterious Great Spirit/God.

There are thirteen volumes thus far, this is but, book one.

Let us begin by capturing within our minds the ultimate, the very highest essence of one’s-self. The very highest thought one has ever had or ever attained about self. See the beauty of one’s life, as “one’s very fabric, the elements that make up everything we can see or even conceive from within the knowing as a living being here on Mother Earth to the most distant star and everything in-between, are all made up of these basic elements. Thus, all/everything the fabric of physical reality is without question . . .


And the same no matter what the form of that which then takes place. Reality is then seen, clearly. Literally.

To experience the light, of Ra. Our star, the Sun, you need not even open your eyes, as it pierces and shines through eyes held tightly shut and illuminates the darkness of a humans life.

As the sun sets, darkness shows the way to galactic visions into countless stars lives, how can we be alone, in the cosmos,

A question?

Or; a Statement . . . of fact.

For you to know everything

Look deep within the ~ vastest ~ reaches of your “Mind”

Envision yourself; standing right here.

Upon the very summit of enlightenment, Seeking.

I stand here as well ~ side by side with you, upon the highest foundation of Wisdom; Forever ~ always eternally /*

I am the Master/Student!

Seeking the purest Living word of . . .

GOD’S LIGHT of TRUTH, which is simply too, “LOVE”

To set literal the living essence of LOVE, free.

These books are simply the basic concept of a human’s life and how to create and live one’s life with Joy, as opposed to suffering the Sorrows of the many things that are untrue in your life, the misleadingly twisted things of greed taught to you as the way of one’s life and how you should live it in fear.

Understand this one thing; we all have been/are . . .


Of what one has been taught to believe is the truth.

Let us take a step forward upon this trail and look back into our ancient history and see how this story unfolds. Just a moment in time, frozen now into your memory, understood. Is the following statement, Made.

The Apostles asked the Lord, Yeshua Messiah

(Our teacher of, Love ~ Jesus)

‘Where do we hear and see our dreams and visions, lord ?

Is it with our Soul or with our Spirit that we see these things?’

The Lord Yeshua, answered them, saying, ‘It is with neither of these two things; you see and know neither your visions nor a dream, in this way it is done. You hear and see these things within your

~ @ ~ *\~ { MIND } ~/* ~ @ ~

Which is (in-between) the Soul and the Spirit

That is your connection with the Infinite Creator!

So with this now understood within your mind. Listen closely, please, as I attempt to direct you to the way or how to make this connection. Between ~ you’re Spirit and your Soul through your mind. This is the most important step, as it is the first step upon this pathway of enlightenment. Thus, I ask . . .

What is the difference of the Past . . . and the Future.

Once seen?

This is the full Circle of Life. Balanced. When understood.

Through, The Inner Meanings of the Medicine Wheel of life I am sharing with you.

Now openly I expose to you My Inner Life.

Here, where I live at the Centre of center, the place where life makes sense to me, at the INNER CIRCLE of LIFE, we may develop the ability to not only “See” but to, “Understand” our desire to explore our world and to “Understand” not only where we came from but to understand “All things”, then to illustrate too others, the wisdom of this infinite well of knowledge that is contained within one’s own heart and the pages of this book. To share with everyone freely that has found their way to these words or has been directed here to these words.

There is something however, a little more involved, one must take a strong look at one’s self, one’s life and what one believes is the truth, of a humans life, lived, and what it all Means ????

One must understand the gravity that holds everything securely together, united as one in all things. Do you see?

From within the vast darkness of life I now let my light shine,

I wish to remind you of the beauty of the circle of life our, the . . .

Medicine Wheel ~ the INNER Circle ~ the Sacred Hoop of life.

To begin; the Medicine Wheel has many forms and symbols and are expressed in many ways. This is but one of them representing our connection to all there is. These are our, birth “Animal Totems” according to our ancient spiritual teachings, our personal connection to Mother Earth.

In our Native American language, we speak these two words of great importance. They are “Mitakuye oyasin” this means, “We are all related to everything that exists.”

Everything is clearly a circle or cycle of life. The wind which is the breathe of life itself circles the Earth, the Moon is a circle that circles the Earth, The Earth, which is our circle, circles the Sun, and like our sun/star the Stars circle the galaxies. Our Drum represents the sacred circle, creating the beat of Mother Earth’s heart to which we also dance in the sacred circle around the fires of creation. Lessons are hidden everywhere in creation; these are called signs, look for these signs and the lessons will then guide you.

Everything has a living Spirit within it and has a specific purpose. Everything/being possesses his or her own voice and energy, and anyone can learn to communicate with everything, as all of creation is alive. As one being, Me/You/We, are “One” and the same.

The Medicine Wheel is also known as the Sacred Hoop. It is a powerful and ancient representative symbol of the Mother Earth and the Universe. Medicine Wheels are built in places where the Earth remembers ceremonies, you will find them scattered all around the globe, such as at Stonehenge. The Wheel is a physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual tool that enables all participants to attune themselves to our Mother Earth’s Spirit influences and energies, teaching us that we are without question related to all of creation, intrinsically connected within the one universal family.

The Medicine Wheel is a silent teacher guiding us through a circle of lessons that we all must pass through in order to complete our Path of Life.

It teaches that we have four aspects within us that need to be developed and balanced equally.

The Wheel is a sacred place where one can gain personal knowledge, where addictions, abuse, obsessions and compulsive activities are obvious to us. Then we may study them as part of a human beings life experiences. Thus, we can understand and learn their lessons. The medicine wheel can help us to see things within us. That we have not yet realized consciously and how we could be if we discovered these natural gifts and developed them.

The sacred circle helps us see or understand things clearly and it can show our strengths and weaknesses. The main factor is the participant’s willingness to seek within and touch the Universal Truths written upon our hearts.

People differ in many ways and will see varying aspects from within the Wheel, which will speak to them personally and everyone who looks into the Medicine Wheel will see a different personal reflection. There are many ways to look at these highly individual reflected truths. One must learn to contemplate deeply on what is, revealed once you have entered the sacred circle.

You may feel drawn towards one direction or another due to the connection of given gifts with/from that direction, etc. However, do not categorize yourself as a person of that direction alone as your birthplace upon the Wheel, because we constantly turn from one direction to another. One must reside in the center and face out to all directions in order to become a whole person. It is accomplished in this way. As you sit or stand in the center of your circle, you turn your back to the direction you wish to understand, and such, you are looking out from there into Life contemplating the lessons this direction offers to be learned.

Some teachings speak of the North-South path being the Red Road of Life, with the East-West direction being the Blue Road of Spirit. Those who have finished their Earth Walk are said to drop their robe and travel along from North to East along the Trail of the Ancestor Spirits to enter the Golden Door (at the East), which is the entry point to all other levels of awareness.

I offer you a look at three individual Indian Nations’ examples of the Spirit Totems according to these three tribes they are, known as,

“The Spirit Keepers”

LAKOTA: East; Eagle, South; Mouse, West; Bear, North; Buffalo

OJIBWE: East; Turtle, South; Eagle, West; Thunder Spirit, North; Bear

PLAINS CREE: East; Eagle, South; Deer, West; Bear North; Buffalo

A simplified version of a Medicine Wheel has the outer rim representing the council fires, the Chiefs, clan mothers and Elders. Inside the circle are the families and clans living in peace. The beads at the cross in the center represent the four directions and the good things that come from them. The three feathers hanging remind us of what is within us all: body, mind and Spirit.

I personally use four feathers as I include my Soul. Thus, my example is Body/Soul and Mind/Spirit – I simply feel the four feathers are a higher realization, expressed.

A larger version of the Medicine Wheel contains 36 stones, according to the Cherokee teachings. The 36 stones represent different sacred symbols with different meanings. Different nations will obviously use different colors and animals, etc.

The center represents The One True Source, the Creator, Great Spirit/God etc., the Center of All Life. A stone can represent it, or it can be left empty as a reminder of the Great Void that is the source of everything.

Often a buffalo skull will be used, as it is one of the creatures that gave everything that was needed for survival.

The seven stones around the center represent the Universe — life, matter, time, energy, motion, dimension and Spirit. They also represent the Earth Mother, Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, the Turtle Clan (earth), Frog Clan (water), Thunderbird Clan (fire), and Butterfly Clan (air).

The four paths going to the center are Spirit paths that represent the qualities of daily life that lead us into the sacred space of The One True Source.

The Eastern stones represent, Clarity, Wisdom, and Illumination, and forming the Path of Enlightenment.

The Southern three stones represent, Trust, Growth, and Love, and forming the Path of Life and Growth.

The Western three stones represent Experience, Introspection, and Inner Strength, forming the Path of Introspection and Transformation.

The Northern three stones are Cleansing, Renewal, and Purity, and they form the Path of Wisdom and Know-ledge.

The four directional stones represent the Spirit Keepers who watch over the four seasons, the power of the four directions, the four sacred elements, and the four sacred medicines.

The outer ring of stones that runs between the directional stones represents the different full moons of the year.

Between the North and East, they are January, February, and March.

From East to South they are April, May and June.

From South to West they are July, August, and September.

From West to North they are October, November, and December.

There are many names for these moons. Depending on which nation you refer to, or you come from. The Cree call the moons (beginning with January to December): Frost Exploding Trees Moon, Eagle Moon, Goose Moon, Frog Moon, Egg-Laying Moon, Hatching Moon, Molting Moon, Flying Moon, Mating Moon, Freezing Moon, Foggy Moon, Drifting Moon.

The Ojibwa call the moons: Spirit Moon, Bear Moon, Snow Crust Moon, Broken Snowshoe Moon, Maple Sugar Moon, Sucker Moon, Blooming Moon, Berry Moon, Wild Rice Moon, Leaves Turning Moon, Falling Leaves Moon, Freezing Moon and Little Spirit Moon (the 13th moon).

The Cherokee call the moons: Earth-Renewal Moon, Rest and Cleansing Moon, Big Winds Moon, Budding Trees Moon, Frogs Return Moon, Corn-planting Moon, Strong Sun Moon, Ripe Berries Moon, Harvest Moon, Ducks Fly Moon, Freeze-Up Moon and Long Snows Moon.


The new day starts here the birth of all new beginnings. It is the place of birth and childhood. The place of beginnings where all journeys into life start. It is spring, elements of air and earth, and of male energy (Yang). The animals associated with the East are the eagle, mouse and snake. The color here is Yellow.

The East is where we learn of warmth of Spirit, purity, trust, hope, and acceptance of others for who they are.

It teaches of a love that does not question others and does not know itself. It teaches us to trust in our own vision and the capacity to believe in the unseen.

It teaches renewal, innocence, joy, spontaneity, and of a child’s love. The East shares the gift of beautiful and clear speech, of guidance and leadership, courage, truthfulness and patience. It teaches of healing and transmuting poison, energy exchange, healing, and vulnerability.

It helps us to understand and gain enlightenment of Spiritual nature, prayer and illumination through birth and rebirth. It teaches creativity, communication, and strength of will. It gives us the understanding needed to see clearly through complex situations.

It gives the capacity to focus our attention on the here and now, to be fully in the moment, and to merge fully with the task that is at hand. Yet it also helps us to look at the overall picture to ensure happiness and well-being.

It brings the capacity to watch over and guard the well-being of all others by understanding the situation, with wishing to help, with knowing what to do.

It teaches devotion to the service of others and of having hope for the people. It teaches that greatness of Spirit and humility are opposite sides of the same reality. It tells you how to let go of old habits no longer needed.


The South is the place of the heart and generosity. It heralds a time of growth and preparation for fall and winter, the time of aging, and the future in general. It is the place where great tests of the physical body are undertaken. It is the place of summer. The color associated here is Red.

The animals connected with the South are the cougar, mouse, coyote, and porcupine. It relates to the elements of fire or air. The South speaks of fullness, youth, and physical strength and vigor.

It teaches about control of appetites, purification and balanced development of the physical body. It teaches of sensitivity to the feelings of others, the love of one person for another, and of having a passionate involvement with the world.

It speaks of emotional idealism, compassion and kindness, and having refined, controlled, and developed feelings. It teaches of having an open expression of feelings without hurting others, and of having an emotional attraction to good and repulsion to bad, such as repulsion at senseless violence and anger at injustice.

It teaches of having strong feeling and emotions, and the ability to set aside strong feelings in order to serve others. It speaks of needing a balance of humor and sadness, and of having trust in order to destroy the illusion of which we are to others and to be ourselves.

It brings the gifts of music, gracefulness of movement, and an appreciation for the arts. It teaches training the senses of hearing, taste and sight to incorporate the powers of discrimination. It teaches determination, goal setting and of awakening of the inner child energy of playfulness.

It helps with overcoming obstacles, self-sufficiency, inter-action, loyalty, and noble passions.


The West is the place of testing through perseverance, and of maturity. It is where the thunder and lightning comes from the Thunder Beings. It is where the darkness comes from, which is the feminine aspect (Yin). The color associated here is Black.

This is where “I” Gray’Owl entered this current incarnation upon the Medicine Wheel centered between the West and the North. I speak to you with both, the powers of introspection and contemplation of the West and with the powers of the knowledge and great wisdoms of the North, Both equally combined.

The West is the place of the unknown and of going within one’s Spirit to the source of power and strength from deep within. It is a place of sacrifice (something given for something taken) and of harvest time.

It carries the female energy of the black bear and turtle, as well as cleansing rain and the refreshing water. The West teaches of awareness of Spirituality, dreams, prayer, ceremonies and meditation, of vision quests and journeys for inner Spiritual renewal and growth.

It gives the courage to go within and face what is in the dark cave of the heart through reflection, contemplation, and entering the Silence of Self.

By journeying to the Centre of your being, it is possible to experience directly the connection between the Human Soul and the Spirit of the Infinite Creator. It is best to greet the Creator alone upon rising and before sleeping. It brings gifts of fasting, ceremony, clear self-knowledge and inner vision, with deep inner thoughts.

The west teaches of consolidating and managing personal power. It speaks of commitment to the path of personal development, to accept ourselves, as we really are (physically and spiritually), Universal life values, highest of moral code, helping others develop spiritually. It speaks of the symbolic power to heal, protect and defend, to see and realize fully the meaning of life and to help to elevate others to this higher level of Wisdom.

The west teaches of having respect for elders, the Spiritual struggles of others, and for others’ beliefs. It teaches the total humility of having Unconditional Love for each other and especially the Creator. It teaches the physical aspects of nature as well as the Spiritual and our connectedness to everything. It opens our imagination to the higher goals of Self-Realization and the abilities to teach and impart this knowledge to others.


The North is the place of winter where the knowledge of elders and the Old Ones exists in the place of true Wisdom. Its symbols include the Great Mountain, sacred lake, crystals, moose, snowy owl, and white buffalo. Its color is White.

This is also, where I entered the Medicine Wheel as I am born into this life at the center between the West and the North; this is where I speak to you from within my birthplace upon the wheel from within this great Wisdom also. In addition, its elements are earth and fire.

The gifts of the North include the capacity to think, speculate, predict, discriminate, imagine, synthesize, solve problems, analyze, understand, calculate, organize, criticize, remember, listen, and interpret hidden meanings; it is the time of deep contemplation/reflection. All may possess these skills, although achieved through varying degrees of enlightenment and methods for each person.

It brings an integration of intellectual abilities and mental natures, with freedom of thought through Knowledge and Wisdom.

It teaches the lesson of things that end through completion and fulfillment, and speaks of the freedom of new beg-innings to come from hate, jealousy, desire, anger and fear. It teaches of a complete letting go of all things by stepping outside its shadow to see in a different light, enabling one to learn to stand within the center with balance of all the gifts in all directions.

It teaches about the justice to see to the very heart of all things, the true nature of the Wisdom and how everything blends and fits together in perfect balance.

The North brings insight and empathic intuition made conscious with prayers and of drawing forth one’s own inner treasures. It speaks of moderation, strength and endurance, gratitude, teaching, guidance, abundance, and gentleness. It is often hard to endure these lessons.

It is like climbing a mountain /*

The higher you go,

The harder it becomes,

Yet we grow and become stronger,

Wiser for the experience it gives.

Once again in my Cherokee language,

Mitakuye oyasin,

From within comprehending the knowledge

And fully understanding the Wisdom of the Circle of Life

We can only conclude that we are truly all One.


I asked a Wise Shaman

The difference between love and friendship.

He told me this truth . . .

Love is more sensitive ~ Friendship far safer

Love is the wings of Heaven

Friendship stands upon the ground

In love, there is more affection,

In friendship, deeper understanding

Love is planted, lovingly cultivated, in the exchange of joy and sorrow.

Friendship is kisses upon the cheeks and the exchange of joy and sorrow.

Both combined becomes a great and beloved companion.

When love is complete ~ the friendship is concrete.

It is then full of love and affection

When we have a friend and a passion

both feelings coexist, mingling within our hearts.

I found, held fast within these inspiring truths, Hope.

I thought, I saw in this life, a true friend and a lover.

All words, letters, music and images of life now seen,

Yours and mine ~ made me learn the Meaning of my Life

All forms, simply that the heart can express unbound.

My deepest desires exposed to you ~ as I will always love you.

And recognize your name ~ insignificant or of great fame.

Is it real? On the other hand, is it fantasy? ~ No matter!

What matters here is that

While we are sharing our lives here . . . I feel,


I will always wish . . .

To spend with you ~ just one more day

In Heaven as One with you


Eternity shall be complete.


An Introduction to the Light of Pure Truth From within the teachings of Tony Gray’Owl comes LIFE ~ ETERNAL

As Life is a most curious of things ~ one must pay very close attention to everything that goes on around them. Life is exposed to all, whom shall listen ~ to all who seek . . . The Eternal Truth,

Inspired from lifetimes of seeking the One Creator’s Infinite Wisdom

Out of my Compassion ~ the Love I have for you and All of Creation, I, Gray’Owl, tell you these things because I believe in the power of creation. This is why I do these things for you.

I believe in LOVE.I believe in Love ~ alone.

Together, united, we can change the way in which everything in this world has always been undone.

One must learn how to become . . . The Master Student

In order to become . . . The Master Teacher

We must begin first by thoroughly understanding these methods. An ever-present circle of life, which is to

Learn/teach ~ Teach/learn

The inner meaning of this statement is thus; as you begin your journey, you are the student/seeking/learning. As you learn, you then may share/teach your new wisdom. As you teach you continue to learn/* not only from source, but also from your own life’s experiences as you make this journey of true purest enlightenment and the circle of life; learn/teach begins again.


the first lesson; may then be learned and ends as a new beginning with the next step upon your pathway around the Circle of Life. Each new lesson thus ends/begins with each step you take forward. A never-ending circle/cycle of Learn/Teaching ~ Teach/Learning.

When the Student is Ready /* The Teacher Appears /* I AM Gray’Owl. I shall be your Teacher/Learning

I am Master Teacher/Student. I teach the power of the Light/Love, Love/Light,

I teach the principles of Learn/Teach Teach/Learn

Listen to my softly spoken words of Revelation. I shall show you the way of a true Star-seed incarnation. I will walk beside you upon this epic journey into Self-discovery and to the clear understanding of your powers as a Star-seed sentient Being.

I shall help you to remember the choice you made when you decided to come to planet Earth, to cause you to recall back into your conscious memory in perfect clarity, what you came here to accomplish, and how to accomplish it.

This is . . . A journey of Faith As all one really needs to do, is believe without doubt.

And so it is. Let me explain . . .

How to Become a More Loving Person, through the

Discovery That Everyone Is Your Friend



All Perfectly = EQUAL

Telling another we Love them becomes unnecessary.

When we have only purest of intentions, which is . . .

Unconditional Love in our Hearts and Minds

Then we may teach without words as,

Our beautiful presence becomes our message

The beauty of it simply . . . RADIATES . . .

Our love and understanding, our wisdom.

You May Ask How DO We Achieve This Goal.

In the lessons to come, you shall be exposed to higher learning in how to realize the highest /* grandest thoughts of your Self ever to be thought as an incarnate human being.

In doing so, you shall become the


Of the Tomorrow . . . and from here, within these words of Wisdom written down for you to follow, you shall then

Teach/learn with great authority

And your students then shall become the

Master Teachers

To the children of Mother Earth; our future generations.

After all lessons have been learned, you will have become


For humanity’s survival and ascension into the changes that are coming our way into today’s modern global civilization.

Remember this truth; I Love you and the Great Spirit Loves you, in ways you are about to comprehend.

Learn to call upon your true connection of Spirit and Soul

I will gently guide you along this journey into our future

As stated in my Cherokee language

Mitakuye oyasin

We are all related to everything that exists

We Are Now One!

One body ~ of Knowledge

One mind ~ of Wisdom

One Soul ~ of Love

One Spirit ~ of Light


Loving each other, forgiving each other, unconditionally, is all there is worth doing in this life . . . that makes any kind of sense to me.

Out of my compassion for you, I tell you these things, in the hopes that you will listen and together we can change the way everything has always been undone.




EAST ~ NEW BEGINNINGS from an ending

Just as the sun sets upon the western horizon an ending and rises upon the eastern horizon, a new day is born, another new beginning.


Paying attention; fully focused upon what we have started. And gently caring for it out of our compassion.


Learning the rich deep lesson of what has transpired.


Contemplation, fully understanding the wisdom of these things written down here that was previously unknown to you.

Beginning ~ growth ~ harvest ~ end result









From our American Indian heritage, from within our ancient Shamanistic teachings, these things are referred to as . . .


The very thing religion is and has always sought for ~ signs!

This is the power of the four Cardinal directions

The four seasons each will teach you a grand lesson of

How to live if you will pay attention to the signs.

The signs of Spring; a new beginning.

The signs of Summer; personal growth.

The signs of Fall; maturity into wisdom.

The signs of Winter; perfection of understanding closure.

The complete Circle of Life

A beginning and ending/ a beginning /* Once again.

These signs are very, very subtle.

If you do not watch and pay close attention to the signs Mother Nature gives you, you will not know what is in store for you just around the corner. The next step to take in your . . . LIFE

Do you see; the signs?

I will tell you a Cherokee story to illustrate

The Creator gathered together all of Creation except for the human beings and stated, “I want to hide something from the humans until they are ready for it. It is the realization that they create their own reality.

The eagle said, “Give it to me, I will take it to the moon.”

The Creator said, “No. One day they will go there and find it.”

The …salmon said, “I will bury it on the bottom of the ocean.”

“No. They will go there too.”

The buffalo said, “I will bury it on the Great Plains.”

The Creator said, “They will cut into the skin of the Mother Earth and find it even there.”

Grandmother Mole, who lives in the breast of Mother Earth, and who has no physical eyes but sees with Spiritual eyes, said,

“Put it inside of them.

The Creator said, “It is done.”

I leave you now in the most capable of hands those of the


I say this to each of you out of my compassion.

“In Lak’ech Ala K’in”

According to ancient Mayan teaching, this is the very highest honor ever conceived by Humanity.

I honor you today, my brothers and sisters of Life.

My friends /* My family /*

Our ancestors

The Divine Eagle, one of my many Master Teachers,

I love the name Eagle.

The Eagle means much to an American Indian…

“The eagle knows the freedom! The eagle knows the flight!

The eagle lives where there are only the wind, the sun, mountains, fathomless precipices,

and — the freedom…!

“The eagle is born free and dies free! It is born to fly, to live its life soaring over mountains! Uniting the wings with the wind, the eagle gains the power, which allows soaring!

“And when death comes — the eagle knows beforehand the time of its coming. The eagle rises high to the sky, for the last time, — and casts off the flesh unneeded from that moment on. The eagle continues living in the spirit, soaring above the tops of mountains illuminated by the rising sun!

“I love the name Eagle. The Warrior of Spirit can be likened to an eagle! The Warrior of Spirit is born to live free and to die free! The Warrior of Spirit unites the Wings of Spirit with the Power of the Creator — and learns to soar over the world of matter, being guided and supported by this Power.

The Warrior of Spirit soars through the current of Eternity, and the Power of God manifests Itself through Warrior’s body. The Warrior of Spirit glides in the Infinity and Eternity of life, bound by nothing but Love, and united with the Power by this Love!

“The Warrior of Spirit knows the time of the death of the body and casts off the flesh, needed no longer, a moment before the body would die due to other reasons.

“But one can achieve even more: by uniting the Power with the physical body and igniting the Fire from within, the Warrior of Spirit can turn the matter of the body into Spirit!

“Divine Eagle, teach us please the language which could appeal not to ‘romantic women’ but to souls who are ready to receive great initiations!”

“Mountains speak the language of silence. Through their greatness, they express their essence! “With the flight of freedom speaks the wind to those who have spread their wings!

“With souls ready for Higher Initiations, God can communicate without words. It speaks to them with His Touches! Moreover, when such a Soul partakes of the Unity, it begins to aspire to the permanent Mergence.

“The words are needed not more than the murmuring of streams, than the whisper of the surf or rustle of the wind through the leaves.

“When God speaks to a Soul walking the Path, He speaks the language whose words are but a reflection of the Great Love between the Soul and God!

“One can submerge a mature Soul into the Abode of the Creator with the help of your methods in one month or a little more…

“But to smelt, to remake, and to grow Souls who are young, to teach them to be one with Me, shedding the clothes of egocentrism, overcoming the human form — this requires years of arduous efforts. It can be likened to carving a sculpture out of a block of marble: one has to chop off everything unnecessary — and then there remains only the clear Atomic Essence — the Higher Self.”

“Divine Eagle, tell us please how did You perceive Yourself when You were incarnated among American Indians.”

“My body was filled with the Power. To Me, there were no insuperable obstacles. I regarded all obstacles just as something to overcome!

“In My incarnations, I was never absorbed in the problems of earthly life. I never ‘reduced’ Myself, as many people do by getting bogged down completely, i.e. with the whole consciousness, in a situation of an earthly problem and thus ‘jailing’ themselves in this situation.

“The expanse was My ‘home’ — from the state of expanse and totality I performed My deeds.

“I never fell into the trap of illusion that the earthly plane was the only world where I lived. For Me, this world existed only on the surface of the boundless Ocean of Beingness. The Life of the Ocean was My true Life. From there I acted.”

“But how do You manage to live in a body and to retain, at that, the awareness of Divinity?”

“I never reduced Myself from being the Ocean — to the earthly life alone, never deluded Myself by making various earthly situations My only ‘space of existence’.

“You switch your awareness from Me to the earthly life when a particular situation or problem becomes to you more important than life in Me. Then this situation seizes your attention, and you get drawn into it with the consciousness.

“If you want to take the consciousness off the problem, just direct the look of the consciousness from your anahata backward — to My Infinity — and submerge into It.

“Interacting with the material plane, do not regard yourself the person you were formerly: a small man involved in the earthly affairs! Strive to retain the awareness of My Beingness! I gave to you the expanses of nature not to make you feel small amidst it but to help you feel how large you are!

“When I perform My deeds on the Earth, they reflect My Unlimitedness rather than ‘floundering’ in the sea of worries.

“Every anahata developed to the Divine level is a hole leading into the Depths of Me, i.e. to the ‘bottom’ of the depth of the multidimensional space. In principle, through every such a ‘hole’, one can enter My Depths and cognize Me. It is also important to know how to expand, having passed through such ‘holes’. This is the basis of everything, as every one of you knows.

“Also understand: I am not dependent on any outer conditions, whatever they are. Everything lives and develops inside Me!

“Behold My controlling Hand in every event and accept My Will, without leaving the state of Mergence with Me! This is the way to cognizing the Oneness of everything existing in the universe.*

“And one more thing: you have to create new ‘nests’ where My nestlings can grow and then become Eagles! This is your task!”

* * *

An early morning in autumn can be wonderfully calm and transparent! The morning freshness and purity around us is filled with tender light of the sun and gold leaves of autumn birches and aspens. We are going to visit Eagle on one of His favorite working sites in the forest…

I enter it and… fall into infinite Light! There are no boundaries: Infinity! Expanse! Freedom! I do not perceive myself as a body anymore! I am a pure consciousness consisting of Light-Love! Immediately I get the feeling of wings — it is Eagle taking me into His giant strong Hands and helping me to spread my arms-wings. He supports me while I am trying to start to fly.

I alternate flying in the infinite Light — with dissolving myself in Him…

“Tell me, Eagle, why is this sensation of flying so familiar to me? In childhood, I flew in my dreams, but then — as if my body was fettered: I could not rise, could not fly! But now You give me this blissful joy again!”

“In the depth of every correctly developing soul, there is a memory about the Freedom. Moreover, the Freedom can be likened to flight — flight to the unknown. It depends on how deep this memory is and on the strength of soul’s aspiration to the Light. After all, in order to rise, to take off the ground, the look of the Soul has to be directed to the sky!

“Do you know from where the wings of birds grow? They grow from anahatas! To rise, to soar high, one has to have wings, and to have wings one has to have an anahata! The wings are an instrument by means of which one can rise and glide over the world of matter, but the carrying power is the power of love!

“One must also learn to merge with all the infinite Light of the Creator, abandoning one’s separateness and becoming Him — the Living Consciousness of God! And this can be done only with a consciousness consisting of Love.”

I merge with Eagle, submerge into Him completely and dissolve:

there is no me, there is only Him!

Or I can fly with the help of the arms-wings of the consciousness! Love and power,

united together, spread the wings! Infinite Bliss!

Divine Eagle begins His next lesson…

Behind my back, there are large wings made of subtlest light.

Eagle teaches:

“Feel yourself one with these wings! Unite with them! Feel their strength!

“When your wings strengthen and you are not afraid of winds, your flight will be the flight of Power and Freedom.

“This is My gift to you — the wings of Light. Become aware of them, accept them, and fly!*

“You do not have to be afraid of anything: all the Infinity is Me!

“You cannot fall anywhere because all space is filled with Me!

“Become aware of My omnipresence! Submerge into Me!

“The only sacrifice that you have to make is your limitedness. Erase the boundaries of the individual ‘I’ and realize all the greatness and power of My Freedom and Love!”

“Eagle, will You please tell about Your past?

How did You grow from an ordinary human to Divinity?”

“I attained Divinity not on the planet Earth. I came to the Earth being already an Avatar — a Son of God. As other Sons of God, I came to the Earth in order to serve the Evolution on this planet, young at that time. My territory is North America; I incarnated there several times among Indians.”

“Eagle, how did You teach Indians cognition of God?

I always respected Indians, considered them strong and noble.” “Among them there are very different souls… But the quality which all Indians develop from childhood is living in accordance with the laws of nature.

“Indians are an ancient civilization, and their worldview in those old times was quite different from the modern one. I taught them to perceive the world as One Whole Organism. I taught people to respect every life, taught them to live and to act on the Earth impeccably, without disturbing the harmony, balance, and beauty of the environment. From childhood, an Indian learned to listen and understand the world around — the sun, the stars, the wind, the forest, the rivers, the lakes, the animals… Indians learned to follow the laws of nature in their life; they understood that by violating these laws one causes unnecessary pain to the living.

“Teaching Indians was easy! They, in contrast to the modern Europeans, did not ‘imprison’ themselves in stone houses, were not ‘shackled’ by dogmas about the structure of the world. Indians felt themselves an integral part of nature; their home was the boundless forest, Rocky Mountains, blue lakes, waterfalls. The state of mergence with nature was very natural for them!

“Crossing a river on a pirogue, walking forest trails, Indians felt themselves one with the wind, water, mountains, birds… Since their young age, they knew that the body is but a small fragment in the world of matter, that it is not more important than pines swaying in the wind, than clouds floating in the sky, than squirrels frolicking in trees or fishes swimming in waters.

“How did I teach them? In the way the same as I teach you. I taught them to fly! Also I taught them not to follow only one’s own power, but first of all — Love and Wisdom.

“Gradually, as disciples matured, I showed them that the world of matter is not everything that exists, that the picture of One Whole World is much richer. And if there were those who walked steadfastly the Path of Love and learned to create beauty and harmony with every act, I took them with Me into the flight to the World of Spirit — by taking them out of their bodies.

“And they began to see that everything around is pervaded with Light; they learned feeling themselves one with this Light. It took years to master this; for some disciples — lives.

“Not everyone but only the brave ones who were ready to go further to the Unknown could come to the next step — ‘a jump into the abyss’. I did not have to seek places of power for this: I could create such a place by My power of the Consciousness.

“And at a certain moment, I opened wide the ground in front of those brave — and rose from the Fiery abyss as a shining Fiery Divine Eagle. In this way, I opened with Myself an entrance into the Abode of the Highest Spirit, into the world of the Divine Fire!

“Only those with a pure heart, who were not afraid of the Fire of the Creator, jumped There.

“And they who jumped never came back as they were before; they returned from this Fire renewed — returned to gather their strength — and to jump again.

“And some day, impeccable disciples made their last jump and became consumed completely by the Fiery Consciousness of the Creator. Thus, from age to age, new Sons of God were born in the Indian land.

“… I came to the Earth many times — because otherwise people would lose the Path to the Freedom, the Path to Me! I dressed My Spirit with a material body and came here. I explained by this that I am real, that I am cognizable!

“All the Infinite Power that I can manifest with Myself — is God! When you lose your confidence in Me, you lose the connectedness with this Power; but My Power is always ready to be merged with you!

“You must submit yourself fully to the Will of God and have absolute confidence in His Power, which is present in you as well. If you do not believe in My Power, which can be manifested through you, you cannot perform anything great, you cannot help seriously anyone!”

“Divine Eagle, I would like very much to give people something from You!”

“Give them the sun! Give them the rising of the sun over the earth! “Give them also the Fire! “There is the fire of a home hearth; there is a campfire; their flame warms bodies…“But you should give them the Fire brought by God to the Earth — the Fire of God’s Love, the Fire of the Heart! “Give them the sky and Heaven! Give them the boundless blue of the sky and the clouds illuminated by the rising sun, resembling a trace of My Wings! “Give them My Depths! “Give them the Mountains! The Mountains whose tops reach for the sky and whose bases rest in the Depths of the universal Divine Ocean!

“Give them the Freedom! Give them, at least, the knowledge that there is the Freedom, that it is possible!

“Give them the Wings and the aspiration to fly with Me, to Me!

“Give them My Love!

“I can teach you an unbending will and unswerving intent of the Warrior of Spirit whose main goal is to attain the highest Freedom: the Freedom to cognize God, the Freedom to stretch the wings of Love, the Freedom to dissolve oneself in the Ocean of My Beingness! “I offer My help to you every day and every hour of your lives! Call Me when outer difficulties become too hard — and I will come to you with all the infinite power of My Love!

“Be aware of the Flight of Freedom! If you have become a Heart soaring in the Ocean of God, growing and living in interaction with Me — then the Path of growing into Me becomes open for you! “… By the way, White Eagle* is not a myth. It was God Who once again came to the Earth in order to bring the Fire of the Heart to people and to open for them the way to Heaven — the Way of Freedom! This is a Gift of the Heavenly Father to people!

“Everyone can accept this Great Gift! Everyone can possess it! — but… only if one gives it to others!

“The Freedom is near! I open the Shining Path to it — the Path of impeccable Love!

I will rise over the earth together with the sun… Come to Me! I appoint the meeting at the dawn. I will teach you the kindling of the Heavenly Fire — the Fire of Love! I will rise with the sun as many times as necessary; I will do this always!

“I will wait for you on the way to Home!

“I will walk nearby showing you the Path!

“And when you arrive There where there is only I, the ‘Son of God’ will obtain one more ray.

“Then You, too, will be able to rise together with the sun

You will become a Young Divine Chief, and I will add another feather to My headdress… “I am waiting for you!…”

Throughout the entire history of human existence on our planet, among people, there were incarnate Divine Teachers, Representatives of the Creator, Holy Spirits (Taken all together, They are called the Holy Spirit), They brought to people the knowledge about the meaning of life on the Earth and about its realization. Yet,One point is that people differ greatly by the psycho-genetic age (the age of the soul) and also by the ethical qualities, which they developed in themselves during past incarnations. Around such Divine Messengers religious associations were formed.

Some adherents of these associations were psycho genetically incarnates mature enough for growing themselves as souls (consciousnesses) purified from ethical vices quantitatively with the help of meditative methods in order to attain the Divinity and become Divine Teachers, Who know the Creator and the Path to Him, Who cognized Mergence with Him and became His integral Parts.

Other people younger psycho genetically incarnates were able only to prepare themselves to this by helping the Messengers of the Creator and to develop themselves thus. Also there were/are ethically and intellectually vicious incarnate souls, capable of seeking only self-profit even in religious activity; they would/do violate ethical norms, subjugate other people by brute force, and with the help of majiek and other mean tricks make others worship them. It is because of the latter that the Divine Teachings were perverted, falsified, transformed with time into myths, ( every race has their version of this ) they turned the Master Teachings into the opposite of what Creator’s Messengers taught…

Thus, it turned out that the Creator wants not our efforts on self-development, NOT… religious rituals which allegedly can “save” one from hell, protect one from the wiles of the devil, “cleanse us from sins. It is the purity of the personal spiritual aspirations into cognition and mergence with the Creator. That Creator desires from us as people. In the secular misconstrued teachings, it turned out that sanctity can be transmitted by “laying on of hands”, that people can enter into conjugal relations only with the permission of the hierarchy of particular sect, that “to sin” is not only acceptable, but necessary (otherwise you may become pride of yourself!), that “sins” then can be “prayed away” (by whom? — of course, by us — your “ordained” “pastors”, your “holy fathers”)…

This happened always and we can observe this happening now…

By the way! Jesus taught: “…And do not call anyone on the Earth ‘father’, for you have one Father Who is in Heaven ” (Matt 23:9). There is a profound meaning in this statement! One can draw many valuable conclusions from it! One of such conclusions is that the Creator wants everyone to aspire only to Him, to direct one’s thoughts and love to Him, to feel personal responsibility for one’s deeds in front of Him, without intermediaries.

Yet God still, sends His Messengers to people again and again, ( such as myself ) to remind them about the true knowledge. They/we, teach/use the Higher Wisdom while they are incarnate among people. After departure, they do not die at all! They continue living and helping us! In addition, we can continue learning from them! However, to become capable of perceiving them, not confusing them with non-Divine spirits, distinguishing Their serious instructions from the insidiousness of mortal man, one has to traverse a significant part of the Path.

From the insidiousness of mortal man, one has to traverse a significant part of the Path that leads to the highest realization of self to fully understand this. That is what I am attempting to share here in this book with everyone in a far greater, higher understanding of the purpose of your life in the light of this, “Creators” truth. The Law of One.

The stories and lessons in my books represent adaptations and transliterations of ancient texts as well as contemporary teachings masterfully blended with the teachings based upon the Native American Indians deep spiritual teaching from our history and from the Divine Representatives of the Creator. These Great Teachers speak through Creators successful disciples about themselves and of the history of humanity. Teaching; of Evolution, the Universal Consciousness, the true meaning of a human life and the ways of self-realization that leads us to Cognize with our Creator.

I attempt to teach in the form of our spiritual and physical relationships combined in a greater understanding of the relationship’s we have with other people and between our self personally with our Creator. As well to achieve the complete removal of religions death grip over your life, to free you from their insidious control through these religious teachings born of personal greed and fear.

I will clearly explain exactly what the Great Spirit/Creator wants from us, which is to set aside the bloody history of religion and what you need individually to realize spiritually, which is the true meaning, who you are and of how your life must be lived based upon the Law of One, His Unconditional love and forgiveness, according to The Great Spirit/Creator/God.

I wish to add this statement to clarify one word.

In Algebra, the term (Centre), means the absolute mathematical calculation of the dead center of a circle. Thus I use this term as the absolute Centre of, the INNER CIRCLE of LIFE, Centre of Higher understanding into the realization of self.

Which is my teaching and healing (Centre), you may follow my teachings upon Facebook,

click on this link; Tony Gray’Owl

As this is how we the American Indians have always understood life through the highest of understanding through the realization of the Divine Creators Master plan. And a deep respect for all of the Great Spirits creations. We are One.


I awoke in a vision late last Night,

it seemed my soul had taken Flight,

to somewhere far ~ from my ~ Earthly sight

I found myself amongst darkness Light,

to where my soul had taken Flight,

Revealed too me in this night,

was a place ~ where I could see ~ my words

these flickering flames ~ of my desire burned ~ just out of sight

To see the experience of loves heat as it molds my heart,

these memories that glimmer in the dark

How do you save the words that fan the flames of a broken heart,

memories of the pain never depart

These memories that burn in me,

this fires flames attempting to consume my heart

Where do I start

A sweet soft ghostly whisper ~ griped me in its Firery fingers

as the fiery fire of my memories still do linger

It used to be my favorite place ~ these memories that even time cannot erase

how do we replace

These dusty dreams and broken past ~ how long will it all last

Running, running ~ from the past

It seems that everyone simply passes through ~ yet no one seems to stick around

Always seeming so Alone

Every moment it seems the end of the road is so far

where is this shelter from life’s loves storms

So many people come and go ~ yet even time can never change the you

I’ve come too know

Forever and A Day

I ~ will Always Love ~ You

Why do lovers drift apart ?

when two pieces of a broken heart may mend again

I will never say good bye

These memories of once upon a time

I know there will come a day for you to also believe again

How does Love fade away

as your crying in the dark

So cold and all alone

do not fear what you will find when you turn the light on

What keeps you from gathering up the pieces of a broken life ?

these tiny little pieces the circles of a life

Come back to haunt you, to haunt you

Why do lovers lives drift apart, these memories of a heart

My love

I gave it all to you

now here from deep within the dark

I find myself crying, crying all alone

Living on the verge of tears, so afraid of my fears, trying not to love you,

like I love you,


In the darkness of this night so very long feeling so lonely

how long do we have to be so sad and blue

Let me love you, like I love you,

picking up these pieces of our broken hearts

let me love you…

It takes a little time sometimes,

who’s this in the mirror looking back at me

tears rolling down

Well it may not be over in the morning

just let me hold you in my arms, I can heal this day turn around

To find the safety of losing these memories in time,

give me a feeling I’ve never heard before now

Cry a river

flood the sea

cry a river over me

here into the oceans of my life held within my hands

Maybe one day I could turn it all around

If my love for you in this darkness could one day be found

Have you ever wondered why we cry at night

with blinded eyes so very far from the crystal light

To feel our tears, to face our fears

from deep within this plight,

to pick up the pieces and mend…

A broken heart

Where do we start

from somewhere near

deep within is to be found that place we laid it down

Maybe one day we can wipe away these tears

throw away these fears and make a brand new start

Perhaps the largest of these fears to forget the memory

of those tears and the pain of this broken…


We are all the same it seems behind the eyes

broken promises and lost dreams

so many many fears

With desperate cry I turn to face my fears

and reach out from my tears to where hope can be found

Maybe one day I can turn it all around

maybe one day I can turn the whole world around

It was as if a bolt of lightening struck me right out of a clear blue sky

This pain, this fear I cannot deny

For it is a sure thing

that life, yes I said life,

is a most curious thing,

every road that’s traveled…

leads me back to you

its a dance, its a song or two, its all a part of letting go

every road I travel…

Teaches me something new

We never lose our love, we simply let it go…

Maybe one day, it will come back to you

After all its not that far to where loves hope can be found

So I will tell you one more time

I give all my love to you

All you have to do is look upon the ground

To the place where you laid it down

pick up the pieces and mend your broken heart

This is where we


All my Love and a thousand kisses

like butterflies surrounding touching your lips touching your heart

Touching your heart with mine

I reach out from my tears

Lay down all my fears

may be one day

I can turn the whole world around

To find my Love lying here upon the ground

Right where I laid it down

Just a few words from an old wise man

from some cosmic space, where this all takes place…

Poetry composed and written  by

Tony Gray Owl Jan. 27- 2010

Click this link to turn the page to, Chapter 6.


2 responses

  1. Tsimi James

    One more finished, another to begin…oh to fly as an eagle again!
    My brother you have inspired me once again with profound words of wisdom flowing from the ocean of Light~;~
    I know & understand much of what Iv read here…yet being the student I am…I glean so much as your words flow past my screen of vision, opening my eyes to view myself Fly again and see through the eyes of the Eagle~;~
    Mitakuye oyasin wado ♥ Tsimi Your Brother in Spirit ^..^

    High sight is my gole.
    High flight is my Soul.
    Oh I have slipped the
    surly bonds of Earth and
    Danced the Skys on laughter
    silvered wings. Sunward Iv climbed,
    and joined the mirth of Sun-Split clouds
    and done a hundred things you
    have not dreamed of–wicked
    and soared and swung high
    in the sunlit silence, hovering
    there. Iv chased the shouting
    wind along, and flung my
    eager craft through footless
    halls of air. Up, Up the long dilirious,
    burning blue I topped the wind
    swept heigths with easy grace,
    where never lark or ever eagle flew,
    and while with silence lifting mind
    Iv trod the untraspassed somtilty
    of space. Put out my hand and
    touched the face of God!!!

    January 26, 2012 at 3:12 pm

    • wow……so so beautiful from your hearts…….may the times of tears be gone.
      So be it.
      May you soar… high……free in your flight …..
      sky of day
      sky of night
      fly free…….lovers in Light…….brothers in flight…..for you are Sacred Love…..
      sometimes, our lives are touched with a kiss
      a word whisperered…
      a soft caress……
      then……it is no longer there……
      for these times… is like we are lain bare……exposed……raw to hurt
      but inside of you are flames so bright…..they burn and dance
      even in the darkest of night
      nothing, and I mean nothing…….can take you away from this flame of love
      it is deep within…….
      and you are living with love… a world created in love…..
      to tips of trees reaching up and out
      and ocean depth
      no where…..can you go…….where Love does not flow……
      so……wipe the tear……
      weep no more
      compassion to your self…….and love,
      ever more

      December 19, 2012 at 6:06 pm

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