Chapter 02

 Into the Dark.


Gray’Owl, looks deeply within his mind and from the silence of self, begins to speak softly saying;

I am always watching . . .

I have been searching for you, for a very, very long time . . . within this darkest night.

Ahhh . . . there you are !

I was rather beginning to think that you didn’t want, to be found.

Now that I have found you, shall I lift you up and carry you upon this web of Love I weave,

to the One solitary pathway of Eternal Love,

To show the way to the Love that pours out of Creators Heart, Into our hearts and thus we all live.

To change the way everything has always been done, in the dark ages of man.
I usher in the, new Era ! Upon my wings of time, comes the dawn of Enlightenment. /*………

I am here as your guide, to clearly show you the way.
Do you, can you see ?

I am the Wanderer . . . I see you clearly now,

The Eyes of Truth are always upon you . . . Watching and Waiting.

I am the Wanderer . . . Listen to my voice upon the winds of time,

From across the great divides,

Voices trapped in yearning,

Memories trapped in time.

The night is my companion, I see in perfect clarity as A solitary guide . . .

Should I spend forever here within these darkened nights, And still not be satisfied?

NO !!! I shall bring the Light . . .

And I shall be the one . . . To safely set you down within the brightest Light.

To Kiss you so very gently, It will take your breath away,
And after, I will wipe away your tears, Just close your eyes my dear.

Through this world I have stumbled, So many, many times . . . betrayed,
Trying to find an honest word, All it nearly seems I find; is truth,O’ so Denied.

O’ you speak to me in riddles, You speak to me in rhymes,
My body aches to breathe your breath, Your words alone keep me alive.

And I will be the one, To set you down so tenderly, within Creators Light of Love.

Yet, Kiss you sweetly upon the lips, As to take your breath away,
And after, I will wipe away the tears, Just close your eyes and put away your fears,

Into this night I wander all alone, It is the light of morning that I do most dread,

Another day knowing of the Living Dead,

This dark path I do not fear to tread.

O’ upon the sea of waking dreams, I stand bare naked without pride,
Nothing can stand between us here within my Light, And I will not be denied.

And I will be the one, To set you down so gently, The Holy Light.

Too Kiss you so very hard . . . And take your breath away.
After, I will wipe away your tears, Just close your tired eyes my dear . . .

As I will also, take away your Dark Fears.

I am the wanderer . . . that soars upon the winds of time,

I wonder what next I’ll find.

To be kissed, and have my tears dried, who will return to me,
The love I give to you, that flows upon the winds of all time . . .

I’ll spin the power of the light . . . and cast it into your darkest night.

To capture within it, these things that cause you to tremble in your darkened fright.

With silent swiftness I do fly out of this darkened sky,

taking with me all your dread,

because I know that you are not quite yet dead.

I give back to you the essence of your Light. The Love you have denied.

Silently I fly upon these winds of time that carries your voiceless call. . .

that fills my heart an keeps me warm, with your kind compassion . . .that touches everyone.

This is the Owl that carries your love . . . right back to you,from whence you laid it down.

As I love to come and find you, lost within the darkness of your Life.

Now, Dear brothers and sisters, lets soar upon these winds of time,

Come, follow me, my Love,

Lets take flight back out into Creators Lovely light.

Peace be with you always.

Just a few words from an old wise man, A wanderer . . .

the keeper of the winds of time . . .

Within lies the ultimate Golden Prize . . . our HEART.

The people of our planet for ever it seems to me, have always searched out and mined for,

GOLD and Precious Gems.

obtained through personal greed in order to control others with the power of wealth,

and rule over others with the grip of fear and tyranny those they feel are of lesser value.

So “they” say ~ Or ~ So they think.

For what purpose, other than self centered GREED, I ask?

Why do certain people love to see and even cause all others to suffer such awful

 Heartache and Sorrows ?

A person seeking the light may find every truth within their own being, if they but dig deep into the mine of self, to reach the depths of one’s own soul; to understand that they are the maker of the worlds Destiny. If you would but alter your thoughts, tracking them to their end result, their effects upon self and all you come into contact with, the circumstances, linking cause and effect by patient observance, practice, investigation through patience every experience, no matter how trivial, each and every days occurrence, as a means of obtaining the knowledge of self which is understanding,

Knowledge applied =Wisdom = True Power.

This is the absoluteness of the Law of One, Those that seek, find;

and to those whom knock upon the door of knowing it will open to you.

For only through patience, practice, and ceaseless importunity may one enter the door into the,

temple of Creators treasure vault, His Heart of Hearts, to understand,

GOD’S UN-Conditional LOVE;

and with this knowledge, re-create your life with His Infinite Wisdom,

and learn to walk the pathway of your life in Beauty.

Thus One may then fully understand how to set free their love, endlessly.

From my Lakota Nation brother.

“seek lonely places and be still…

listening, hearing the songs and cries of the winged ones…
the sounds of the four-leggeds…
and the cries of the insect people…
feeling the breath and touch of the earth… of leaves… of bark
for all have messages for you from the Above One…
let your prayers rise like smoke rises from our fires…
freed from all selfish desires…”
by Sees-Beyond-The-Lightning.

An inspiring piece of mystical poetry

God made the mountains

Kiss the clouds

That we may look up beyond our own small world seeing the grandeur

of Gods plan for the garden he created for us,

Mother Earth

In the hopes to inspire humanity to understand His wisdom and

Strive to reach the grandest heights of self realization

He made the ocean wide and mighty to remind us of the greatness of

His Love and the Limitless Power of His Creations

He frosts the earth with diamonds in the winter

To reveal the riches of the treasures that awaits us in heaven

He awakens the earth in the spring with a profusion of

Angelic white lilies Beautiful roses

Flowers made of the rainbow bursting into life

To show us that we’ve been given the gift of eternal life

He has created masterpieces, every one of them are part of the

Circle of life

To understand how we are to serve some greater purpose

From the mountains through the forests across the valleys

To the oceans of life and even to the most distant twinkling star

and the early morning mist that creeps over the hills

God has blessed the earth with his talented hand.

So do you think that God could have erred when he made you?

Of course he didn’t.

You’re perfect!

The beautiful child of Gods Creation

Awaken now and become exactly what God intended you to be

As the earth is reborn this spring, remember that you’re one of

God’s great masterpieces,

A testament to his infinite wisdom and perfection

Of course i already know this.

i simply wished to tell you

How deeply i care.

All my love forever

Tony Gray’Owl

Click this link to step out of the DARK and into the LIGHT Chapter 3


3 responses

  1. Tsimi James

    When I was 19 years of age, I worked on a ranch in Montana…the man I worked for was a special gift from Creator…taught me much & showed me how to find gold. Telling me I would never be without all life has to offer! I took only enough gold from the large amount I was shown…only to leave it sit on his window sill when leaving to parts unknown…I ask God…I would like to be a gold miner and find this metal of yellow…if you allow me to find this gold, for each speck I’m allowed to find…it shall be a soul saved for YOU!!! God said you got a deal my son…sense that time forward…Iv found so many specks of fine gold…unknown just how many…but each speck I found filled me with Joy because I knew God had allowed me to bring another blessed soul into the Light that I am<3
    It wasn't for the money…I never took more then was needed to live a simple life…enjoying the beauty & wonder of Creators handy work everywhere I wandered on this Mother earth…it was the gleaning of wisdom found each & everytime He lead me to another seeking His wonderful Peace<3<3<3
    Thank you my brother for enlightening this humble soul as he walks his life into this known…yet unknown bliss…Thank you it is an honor to walk this path with a brother of like mind, Mitakuye oyasin wado ♥ Tsimi Brother in Spirit ^..^

    January 20, 2012 at 3:55 pm

  2. Phil Shearer

    Thank-you for this Tony it is inspiring and true full and reaches deep with in.

    May 9, 2012 at 1:20 am

  3. Arminda Beijinho Ferreira

    You are the light , dear brother Tony ❤
    Love this statement …
    As I love to come and find you, lost within the darkness of your Life.

    Now, Dear brothers and sisters, lets soar upon these winds of time,

    Come, follow me, my Love, my brother of the light ❤ 🙂

    Lets take flight back out into Creators Lovely light

    October 22, 2012 at 3:39 pm

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