Chapter 15



We must learn to follow our light . . .


For I am like the Spider ~ I have patiently awaited

Your arrival ~ to land within my web I weave, I have captured your attention.

You now have my full focused attention

I will be your Guide to the very highest Realization of ~~~~ SELF ~~~~


This is the beginning of a true life lived

The INNER CIRCLE of LIFE FOUNDATION, for the Highest Realization of SELF

Who knows why your heart cries when you give your love away,

who knows only time can tell this story of one man’s life.

This is my story


A world where all are united as ONE

The circle may be symbolized in many ways and in many forms

A symbol of our connection with everything there is,

such is our saying, Mitakuye oyasin = we are all related to everything that exists.

The first step into and upon the circle

Is to understand our eternal connection to all there is based solely in the law of ONE


Tony Gray’Owl is a Native American, Cherokee and a highly skilled Shaman. Keeper of the Hidden knowledge and Wisdom’s of time. I would wish to explain the concepts of the


It begins with a beautiful story it is a song it is a dance

It is a way of life

This story will be ever evolving ever changing as we are Living this story as I write it, till the day I pass on to be ONE in spirit with the Great Creator.

I will be editing and rewriting the deeper understandings of life as I live it each day ever growing ever asking the eternal question

What is the purpose of my life?

This is a true story that reveals

The highest realization of self

It is told in Truth and Honesty

Steeped Deeply with Knowledge and Wisdom

I have set the story in a fantasy movie like telling

Shall we begin?

Sit back . . . Relax and take a deep breath

Now clear your mind of all other thoughts

Center yourself in your heart and allow me to take you on

An epic journey into the mind and heart of man

I shall paint within your mind a cinematic motion picture,

an epic adventure into life with the airbrush of my voice the breath of my life

I will explain each living soul’s entrance into and upon the Circle of Life as understood

And as taught by my Ancestor’s and inspired into my heart and mind through the

Holy Spirit of GOD

According to the Shamanistic way of life theMedicine Wheel

Which is the symbol of the circle of life as taught to me by my first Shamanic teacher.

The secret knowledge handed down through time was told or taught orally .

from the old Shaman to the young apprentice, from one generation handed down to the next and so on

I was once that young apprentice, seeking my initiation.

The Wisdom of the Ancients has been taught and handed down to me for safe keeping handing down to the next generation in this story. I will begin teaching these secret things and perhaps I shall find that young apprentice I once was. To hand down to all the knowledge I carry in my mind and have recorded as it is far too much to keep it all remembered clearly in ones single mind so needless to say I have many journals to pass on so that this knowledge gets carried

Into the future generations to come

I will now introduce you to the complete

Circle of Life

And expose to you the exact place where you entered into this life upon the Medicine Wheel. This is the first step upon the circle to become a human being incarnated into this Earthly life form.

I have carefully, very meticulously and with the greatest of focused intent and with greatest respect and only after a life time of studying these lessons, and perfecting their practices while also listening to my heart of hearts have created this writing.

A total comprehensive complete combination of the perfection of truths found written down and recorded throughout history in addition to the knowledge within my Ancestors beliefs carefully combining the traditional teachings of

Spirituality, Religion, Buddha, Allah, Jehovah,

The I-Ching trigrams,The Yin and Yang, the Rune Stones, Ancient Biblical Scroll’s,

Stone Text’s from before the accepted age of man, along with a global diversity of all other knowledge and truths I could find and or discover from nearly every walk of life, every ethnicity, race creed and color of origin. I have sought out from recorded known writings and perhaps unknown historical things of rarity like a master archeologist of lost Wisdom (Found) I have studied Ancient scrolls and books little known rediscovered and incorporated only the truths of them here in what I call the Wisdom of the Ancients.  These people that lived here on this circle of life, Our planet the Mother Earth from long before recorded time began.

I will Begin with the phases of the MOON

Which glides silently around the outer circle of life in an ever increasing orbital revolution that is slowly deteriorating from our Earth. Which is the center of our life the outer circle of life the cycles of the moon are your association with your astrological lunar sign. The central source of life that our earth silently spins an orbital revolution around is the Sun. Which is your association with your astrological sun sign which is the secondary source of our Mother Earths life force.

The main source of all our energy comes from another central galactic source I will explain later in our story

I have told you these things

So as to be better able to recognize . . . Yourself at the precise point where you began your life

upon the inner circle of life here on earth as I have come to deeply understand it.

So with this said I give you

The INNER CIRCLE of life

According to . . .

___Tony Gray’ Owl___

I shall begin our adventure by introducing myself

And the others born at this time and point of entry or incarnation into life upon the circle of life.

I am


The MOON SIGN of the OWL

This BIRTH place upon the wheel of life is known as the


Which is known also as the


The earthly influence here is the direction of the


This is the direction I face when I am seeking through introspection these deepest of insights into life.

Seeking answers to questions yet asked and the deep meanings and understandings of them.

The Time frame according to the calendar of our year

I was born December/ 9 / 1953 @ 1:53 pm

The span of days here are

November 23 ~ December 21

A short glimpse into who I am

Sagittarius to man / Owl to spirit

Sagittarius, who stands at the very center of our galaxy as the guide to all things human and spirit.

The key words for those born during this time are

Introspection, contemplation, understanding, deliberation and messages

Held within our hands are the KEYS too

Penetrating Vision:

Elevation of Thought:

Understanding Everything:

Imparting of Knowledge:

Clarification of all things great and small:

Speaking the manifestation of the wisdom of spirit into reality: Standing as the Guide to the doorway of the central power source of our galaxy, The Cosmic portal of my Heart

This cosmic portal literally exists it is the BLACK HOLE

The cosmic center of our universe the heart of Sagittarius

This black hole in our galaxy which modern science has just discovered and proven what the Ancient’s already had knowledge of long, long ago that this cosmic portal is in fact the very heart of the constellation Sagittarius

Once you have spiritually stepped through this cosmic portal My Heart. You will return with full understanding of the term so often misunderstood which is the


Possessing deepest understanding of the Spiritual self and the self of a human Soul through the


Which is the connection in-between the two

~~ Spirit ~ Mind ~ Soul ~~

For all things are seen and understood through the mind the World has been placed into our hands to adorn it with our Inspiration

To Enlighten it with our knowledge

To Illuminate it with our wisdom,

To Elevate life itself by being a living example

With the purity of our Unconditional LOVE

Out of our own compassion for all things as


Each of us are born into this world with a set of predetermined worldly or earthly artifacts, powerful tools that we may use to make the connections in harmonious balance between spirit ~ mind ~ soul and our undeniable connection to Mother Earth

According to GOD’S Wisdom

These things were manifested here long before us as human being’s ever came to be a living soul here upon the circle of a human life the earth.

These connections

These elements of Earth are referred to as our


Our physical connection to the


These things are our way of becoming connected in an earthly, physical way with our inner powers of spirituality. That we use outer worldly of the physical realm of our human reality.

These totems are the symbols of our power.

As with symbols we speak the language of the subconscious mind and thus raise these deep hidden wisdom’s up into our conscious mind and then with the language of man can then teach them to others.

These totems are the things that keep our energies focused

Allowing our energy to flow smoothly, calmly yet with great clarity of strength and power, un-interrupted from the ethereal world of spirit into and out of the world of our physical plain of reality. We must seek them out, to discover them so to say and place a small piece of each of these items into our medicine bag.

As this is how we keep them close to our heart

A Beautiful Medicine Bag

This is the true purpose of our medicine bag

Hung around our necks the medicine bag safely keeps our totems our symbols of power hovering just above and close to our HEART. The center of our being this is where the true balance that you have been seeking begins.

Here within the inner wisdom of the intimate knowing of

The outer self and of the entire outer world as was

Understood taught and practiced by the Ancients and

Handed down orally throughout the history of mankind

The secret world of the Native American Shaman, As the keepers of the hidden knowledge

I am writing it down as it was handed down and taught to me, as seen or lived if I may in my dreams and visions exposed and revealed by the hand and voice of God the Great Mysterious knowinger of all things possible. I will explain what these totems are and their purposeful connection with us is all about in great detail. The telling of this story is one of the things the Great Spirit as many called him and also known as the Great Mystery, Has commanded me to accomplish in my lifetime.


The Beautiful Grizzly Bear Clan

The Foundation Totem of the West, Is the grizzly bear which represents the power to survive in and of its own strength, Emphasis is on self-reliance and the power of self from deep within the mind and soul of true spirituality.

The influence of the grizzly upon those born in the


Is to seek out the highest of all potentials and the


Talents that enable us to adapt to any environment or situation of circumstance presented with or we find ourselves in. The emphasis is not so much of gathering or learning nor even absorbing the knowledge

It focuses on the abilities to teach and the imparting of the hidden meanings of the knowledge, the way or the pathway to the application of these wisdom’s exposed and explained in fullest complexity of simplicity focused intent directed and placed into others minds and hearts thus literally into their lives.

Therefore you see I am not here so much to gather together this knowledge and record it I am here to impart it to the world as simply and truthfully as I humanly can.

BIRTH and Animal TOTEM


The Wise Owl

This is in the Hawk Clan the element of FIRE

That holds the main function of changing things

The Majestic Hawk Clan

Which brings to mind the passage quoting

Our Lord Jesus, Yeshua Messiah

And he answered saying unto them do not get me wrong

I am not come baptizing with water as John did

I come baptizing in

~~~~ FIRE ~~~~

Consuming and Changing Everything

We who are born in the long night’s time are thoughtful people (deep thinkers)

With an inherent ability to seek out from within the minds and hearts of others as well as from within ourselves the hidden things of knowledge most keep secretly safely tucked away seemingly to afraid to bring them up and out into the light of public scrutiny

We the Sagittarius people however see clearly in all directions of life and understand that in order to grow,

one must understand the deeper more Complex / yet Simplistic Higher insights into one’s life

We are also highly resistant to falling prey to the influences of greed, indifference and cruelty unlike a vast majority of the worlds people are under the influence of today.

We are kind, caring, compassionate people, we are prepared to share our abundance of knowledge and insight that stimulates hope and encourages foresight with penetrating vision into whatever we set our sights on, never taking our eyes off of the intended target with focused direction

We methodically yet very swiftly strike directly to the heart of any matter at hand.

This time of the Long Snows Moon, brings with it a time of quiet solace and an inner most, deepest of contemplation is into things unknown.

Taking the time to open one’s mind fully to see far beyond the ordinary, to make the journey to other worlds or levels of conscientiousness to seek the connection with the Divine where the messages of greatest importance awaits us to discover with a new found inner peace that comes from entering into the silence of self realization.

The Owl with deep and careful thinking plans out every move forward

and goes about it at a slow steady pace that assures total completion of every focused intent.

It seems as if we make an Art out of life and everything we do by living in the present moment understanding that this is actually all we have, is the moment and if not lived to the fullest it slips silently by into history as an opportunity missed.

The Owl has been associated all throughout history in many cultures around the world as a symbol of wisdom that was hidden from the vision of most others. The Owl is also associated with the Light that shines in the darkness, like the Moon, seeing perfectly clearly even in the darkest of times.

We the Owl people often find that we are fully aware in some way of the reality of almost any situation long before the effects become obvious to others; this is a form of illumination that precedes the Awakening that follows.

So in accordance to our being among the Hawk clan

We may with highly focused intent Command the Powers of

(The element of Fire)

Which as I stated is all consuming

We are self-motivated by an inner fire that burns extremely hot and bright. This fire drives us to Joyfully accept the new challenges we face. To be the pioneers blazing new trails into understanding and to be the Guides to these incredible discoveries of the beauty from within these newly uncovered insights into the understanding of self new knowledge brings. Yet we need the warmth and firm friendships and relationships with those closest to our hearts.

I could go on in greater detail and extreme expanse and depth of vision and understanding but this I think paints a picture of which I am that you can associate with



Our mineral totem represents our basic elemental connection with the creation, balancing and grounding powers of the earth Mother

Obsidian a black semi-translucent glass like Crystal, which is formed deep within the earth as white hot lava cools so quickly that it does not have time to form the crystallized prismatic look of all other crystals

This is a very rare piece I found on line.

Thus, obsidian as well as we Sagittarians stands alone in the world of humanity and crystals, so very similar yet with a wealth of differences and diversities. The Obsidian also known as Apache tears as illustrated in this picture, they appear to be solid black yet when polished they are quite translucent, as you can see through them and they take on a smoky clear grayish appearance.

There is a long told story of great distress in our native history about these stones and an event that took place of tremendous grief. It goes like this.

(Note to self Continue from here with the story and other totems)

You may find the rest of my writings along these lines on this web site.



2 responses

  1. Tsimi James

    aaahhh Brother…you are most wise and a true teacher for all mankind to learn and grow from in understanding one’s self as we should be known.
    I sit on the edge of my seat reading your words which fill me with wonder and joy…I feel such a great love flowing from your heart…giving me the feeling of finding a new start…to overcome what the past has to offer…letting go and going forward with a song of praise flowing from my lips.
    Each chapter I read of this Book of Life…extends the reach within, to yet a deeper concept of understanding in spiritual doings…which flows onto others in great bounds of love…so many have accepted these teachings through the words that you write, bringing back memories and taking us into flight…high above the storms of this world…showing with clear eyes how to keep out of the swirl’s of strife within the bounds of this life.
    Thank you once again my Shamon Brother Tony Gray’Owl for allowing this humble soul to feel the tender embrace of your kind and caring heart.
    Mitakuye oyasin wado ♥ Tsimi Your Brother in Spirit ^..^

    March 2, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    • Tony Gray'Owl

      My dearest brother, Tsimi. How deeply you have touched my heart to my very soul I feel your words of such incredible kindness. You have inspired me beyond inspiration. I feel now with the power of your words that I must in all honesty get this book published somehow. I have patiently been waiting for Creator to provide me the way, to open the financial doorway to accomplish this most important task in the manner in which it deserves. I cannot express in mere mortal words, how I feel at this very moment. Wado = thank you beyond words. Mitakuye oyasin we are indeed One in all things. Your Brother of the light and love for and of our One Infinite Creator. Your humble servant, Tony Gray’Owl.

      March 2, 2012 at 6:04 pm

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