Chapter 13

I am Tony Gray’Owl

Your humble servant,

I am your guide so to say to these most profound of inspired words of enlightenment

What I am about to pen into,


May well be, the single most historical /* Prophetic writing I may ever do in my humble service to humanity.

From within, the words of Creators Truth now understood so Clearly,

I place my pen to paper.

December / 09 / 1991

The /* Epiphany of Tony Gray’Owl

I share this incredible vision of freedom and self-liberation of,

Body, soul, mind and spirit with you now.

April / 11 / 2011

As for Century upon century, Aeon’s past /* billions of years have gone slowly by and,

Not a soul, neither understanding nor hearing correctly these Incredible words of . . .

“The Great Spirits, Revelation”

Every one seemingly getting Ancient history mostly,


Because of this, “One” mistake made by all in,

Miss ~ understanding,

The multitudinous of things, written down throughout our unknown history lost,


****\ miss~ Trans~ illiterations /****

Of these Ancient writings of foreign dialects,

That have been written down all over the world!

If you can grasp that, you are doing very well,

I will attempt now to explain the secrets of the . . .

Xxxxx Xxxxxxx

No, I cannot yet write that part.

I was instructed to keep that secret until another day.

I will tell the story of an Epic vision, My vision.

I just awoke from, it seems only mere moments ago.

I was crying a profusion of tears in my sleep while feeling a great Joy in my vision and suddenly awoke in great surprise and near disbelief to what I had just witnessed with my own eyes and had been told is the truth. My face and pillow wet from my tears that fell from my eyes within this far off place. Little if anything do people know of the life of a prophet.

Yeshua Messiah (Jesus) said

Oh ye of little faith how long must I suffer for you?

You may answer, that was a very long time ago and I will say, no, I am alive right now and I am weeping,

as I write these words down I feel them with every heart stricken stroke of these keys the sorrow of this world,

Ohhh . . . the sorrow,

Such Sorrow I have never known until now.

Praying, one day someone will hear and understand as I pour my love out onto these pages.

To cause you to step out into the rain these precious drops of my tears falling as liquid love wetting my parchment

as I write these words hoping, praying, wishing for them to wash away this sorrow,

this heart ache of humanity, forever.

” There is a new Era Dawning”

In addition, there will be joy filled days for those that “Believe the words written here”

At 6 am, that morning I lay down exhausted completely spent after near 48 hours straight,

working no driven like a mad man.

To create these web pages in deep mind bending thought.

Life altering revelation and here I am at 7:30 am a mere one and a half hours later.

A life time experienced fingers flying to write down on this parchment lying here before me,

hoping beyond hope to find the one key that will turn the lock upon the chains that bind your hearts

and throw open the doors of Heaven so you may take a look inside in all truth I reveal . . .

it can “Only” be found,

In you!

The Heaven that you seek so desperately,

You cannot see it with your physical eyes,

No matter where you look, as it is within,

The very thing that gives you life it is your soul,

The living essence of the Great Spirits Love,

alive within your heart beating, pulsing through your veins is your soul

There is your Heaven!

It moves within you gently swaying with each beat of your heart opening,

closing, opening, closing, every second.

Every beat of your heart is a soft rhythmic movement of your living soul;

you can feel it like the sounds of our drums.

So very, rare to ever be found by a living being never realized,

even harder to be believed that there is the heaven you have so often sought to find.

To understand,

That your mind is the Key,

That unlocks the secret door of your heart that opens,

Inward” not “Outward”

Only this doorway Leads to the . . .

Depths of Heaven

This is the Deepest, of understanding I may teach;

you need not look anywhere for your Heaven,

it is right there where ever you are standing at this most precious moment.

Coursing through your veins,

Wrenching your heart to tears.

Every time you get near to understanding this truth,

that you are a living breathing Heaven upon earth the Ultimate Glory to God our Infinite Creator.

Is to know that He “is” you Living, breathing and experiencing everything through an in your life“through your eyes! As it is “the Great Spirit” who is looking out into “His” creation in this three dimensional illusion, what we call reality and this is how Creator knows everything you know. These “are” the lessons of life, as seen through the eyes of what seems to be a stranger.

Creator eternally seeks to Understand, Completely every conceivable possibility, and end result of every thought He has ever thought throughout all eternity. He does so through your eyes and hearts his precious children of His creation. He is you/* and *\ you are He, this is the true meaning of what every one of you call . . . being,

((((((( ~ ONE ~ )))))))

This is the Question, everyone has always asked,

Yet no one has ever realized the truth.

The Question

What is the true meaning of my Life?

The Answer,

For the Great Spirit/Creator to experience life and,

” YOU” are his vehicle of experience from the very center of

((((((( ~ ALL ~ )))))))


Creator is experiencing every possible, LIFE on Earth

Sob . . .

Soft crying,

Heart wrenching voice . . .

Reverberating from everywhere!

SOB . . .

Sob . . . SOB ………. sobbing . . . . . . SOB ………..

Soft weeping

Hello? . . . Did I do or say something wrong?

No, my beautiful son, these are my overwhelming tears of my utter JOY!

You Tony Gray’Owl, have broken the chains that bound your heart and thrown wide the doorway of your heart and have stepped through into a new era,

Of humility and self dedicated service to all of humanity.

I AM weeping,

For I have at last been heard and now understood are my Truth’s. You have found the Key of Sorrow and used it with great care and wisdom, you are now set free from the earthly darkness of a human being. In addition, the veil of forgetfulness has been lifted from your eyes you have loved “Me “my beloved son beyond the abilities of mankind too love.

Thus, I AM, now moved to call you,

Love / purest Love

My Love set free

You Gray’owl are now My Love set free upon the plains of earth bound souls. You are the light of Heaven itself standing upon the foundation the cornerstone of My Love as a Towering Beacon of Light Shining,


Into the depths of the shadowy darkness of life upon Earth, your light shines. You will blind the vast majority of humanity.

They will ridicule you, they will laugh at you, they will mock you, and they will try their utmost to cause you to stumble. They will do everything in their power to cause you to fall away from “MY TRUTH” you have written down here today.


I tell you, there will be those oh so few, one beautiful soul at a time that will see this light and understand the truth of these words and will rejoice! As they too, now hold the Key to Sorrow and can break their bondage of darkness to lift their veil forgetfulness and live their lives in great JOY

Because of your accomplishments my son.

You asked me Father . . . if I would be the one and I refused, telling you that I did not know how to do these things you are showing me within this great vision of signs and you asked me again and still I refused then you told me, do not fear my son, I will make the way.

I will make the way for you when the time is ready. I said yes Father I will be the one I will sacrifice my life for humankind. I will do as you ask I will lay down my love, my life so that they may become free from their bonds of darkness. This battle so to say I had with my spirit, was far more intense than this small telling but as you can see the Great Spirit/Creator won the day !!!

And, LOOK!

You Creator have made the way for me to reach them all.

Everyone, out of nothing as I possess nothing, I own nothing, I have no money, I wield no power over anyone, I have no fame and yet here I am speaking with great authority to the people of earth in your behalf and they are listening to your words.



OH, Great Spirit,

Great Grand Father,

My Infinite Creator.

I am weeping, with incredible Joy . . .

I sing to you your glory as I dance around the eternal fire of continuance I keep ever lit. To keep the flames of Your love alive here upon earth and place my prayers upon the smoke of the fire, so that it carries them to you I cannot express to you in mere mortal word what I feel in my heart at this moment. Everything I do I have done for you my Creator and I do it for all of humanity that they may now be free.

One little Cherokee man captive in his own home land talkin to the whole world in greatest of wisdom and they heard me they are listening to your wise words of


Great Grand Father, I LOVE YOU

At last, I have accomplished what I came here to do to set my people free!

Do you see ?

The absolute beauty of it all

You never need fear again that the God of religious teachings is going to punish you. Why would God punish Himself for doing as He wishes?

You never need fear if God loves you

How can God not ~ Love Himself?

” This is impossible “

The purpose of FREE WILL is to do whatever you wish

I would merely suggest that you LOVE all things as you love yourself and everything will be perfect!

So now, you to know how to become free and love without abandon. Forgive each other freely and take care of each other give freely to all whom need. And all your needs will always be met just like mine are daily without job income, owning nothing but the meager possessions I make with my own hands every day I have everything I need . . .

A comfortable place to sleep

Good food

Clean water

Clean clothes

And this old machine to talk to the world with about our Infinite Creator and his TRUTH

Mitakuye oyasin

(We are all related to everything that exists)

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

(Greatest honor and respect I can give to each of you)


Tony Gray’Owl

Truly, I have found Heaven on earth and it is


“The eternal living soul, reading these words right now”

The Great Spirit/Creator BLESS’S YOU,

As Creator knows who each of you are reading this.

Now you know it is true, when I say I love you,

In ways, you may never come to know.

For it is a long journey upon the path to where,

*\ I am standing in the light of Creators Truth /*


3 responses

  1. Tsimi James

    Blessed you are my brother Tony Gray Owl…Flowing the Light and Wisdom of Fathers Holy Spirit unto all the world!!!
    May Mother earth give unto you all your needs and fill your being with happiness and joy on your trail this day to have memories and stories to pass around the campfire Circle.
    Mitakuye oyasin A-ho, Wado ♥ Tsimi Your Brother in Spirit ^..^♫”♥♪˙··٠٠••●●♥

    February 17, 2012 at 4:07 pm

  2. Paul Chapman

    I too have found one of the greatest treasures unearthed… and it is you! May you always enjoy your very special relationship with your Creator. Thank you for sharing your words and thoughts and heart…in-joy!

    February 17, 2012 at 4:33 pm

  3. Paul Chapman

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom Mr. Gray owl

    February 17, 2012 at 4:40 pm

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