Chapter 12

The Conscious aspects of a fully Awakened Sentient Human Being

It is quite apparent to me . . . that for the most part.

People live their lives behind a mask of illusion . . .

not allowing others to see who they truly are on the inside . . .

as they attempt to conform to the taught accepted way of the society they live and function within . . .

We must break this way of life . . .

these things taught by the few in their never-ending search for control through


We must seek the truth and then live life fully.

As an Awakened living Soul a human being fully aware and in charge of one’s own destiny,

through the knowledge of our true purpose for being here upon this planet . . .

this beautiful blue/white star in the heavens of our, Galaxy called,

Mother Earth

I wish to offer the words of my own personal Gratitude and Acknowledgment for your service . . . in uplifting/awakening the human consciousness into the Collective Memory. Through the courageous steps taken in your every action as the aware/awakened and magnificent sentient beings, each of you is.

More and more People are becoming aware of their True Self an integral aspect of . . . the Infinite Divine Consciousness, The Great Sprit. Understood through the experience of a sentient living soul. We are pure energy / pure vibrations that are momentarily anchored here upon Earth and processing these OUR Emotions through the systems of the physical body.

This body is not who we are.

This physical body is merely our planet earth reality space suit,

It is required so to say,

It allows us to interact within the physical realm.

For Eons of lifetimes these patterns have been repeating as we have once again in-spirited another of life’s adventures in this dimension of existence. The” Goal” the achievement is to Remember and Awaken ourselves. Then to assist ALL others to also Awaken as well from the . . . Collective Amnesia,

Then step through the dark veil of Forgetfulness.

Into and becoming a fully Awakened, Spiritually conscious: Human being.

Each lifetime offers opportunities to acquire the emotional wisdom’s with which to balance, The Vibrational Frequencies of all Emotions experienced and available through our individual personal lives lived here upon Earth as an individual entity, not as a part of the collective consciousness but as a physical human being.

To . . . Experience these Emotional sense’s is to endure Despair and Incredible Sorrows to . . . Fathom the Vast encompassing Depths of Love and Passion to . . . Experience the Darkest Anger and the heights of Rage too Embrace the Purest Emotion of JOY ! To take Delight in the Sensations of our Physical Bodies abilities, to Suffer the Agony of Heartache ~ Guilt and Remorse, to Develop our ability for ALL Encompassing Compassion.

Through . . . the Knowledge and Wisdom Gained with Complete Understanding of Creators,

Unconditional Love and Unconditional Forgiveness

All Life experiences impart this knowledge scattered amongst these emotions mentioned along with a vast host of others.

The lessons of the emotional frequencies we experience are honing our skills as conscious light/love energy alchemists (I will explain the true purpose of Alchemy later on in the book). The evolution of our consciousness that is occurring at this time on our planet is stirring our remembrance of our Divine Authority to use Our Skill’s our Abilities to Transform all that is seemingly around us

We are not powerless!

Nor need we suffer! What is unfolding in our lives daily in this realm of the physical reality we can alter our life at any moment, learn to enjoy your life experience here on the physical plane of existence. We are beings truly powerful beyond measure in this dimension, if you but remember who you are.

Time has been locked into Dysfunctional patterns of helplessness becoming victims of others level’s of consciousness, that wish to control your thoughts and experiences. These things have been programmed into our minds taught and passed down through generations from parent to child teacher to student professor to our future teachers.

We’re taught to honor Authority.

Not to: Question it.

What we have been: told or taught is the truth.

I STONGLY suggest that now is the time to question

Everything “

Question what you believe to be true/false,

From within the deepest knowing of our heart and minds intelligence, look inside and you will know that the,

“Answer” you seek is – the proper “Question”.

Many of the human emotions,

Such as hatred, violence and prejudice that has been “Taught” to our children, Orchestrated by these collective self-empowerment groups our world leaders, in their search for power to feed their own selfish goals. They need the masses to be “Controlled” with “Fear/Greed” to accomplish their singular” SELF” centered goal of obscene wealth and physical possessions of what is thought to be luxuries.

We need no longer be their “victims” we can break free of that kind of manipulation through Self-realization that we can free ourselves from these taught ways and thus, they are now the “victims” of our “focused intent”

Once “We” the people are Awakened and recognize these poisonous weeds. These deadly seeds planted into our conscious mind from the time of our small childhood stemming throughout our educational system’s into adulthood and the things we strive to achieve. These teachings are as if bad seeds planted in our garden, our paradise (our hearts) which then grows these,

weeds that chokes out our Joy”

These teachings create despair and send messages of Doom.

That is what is being broadcast throughout humanity

Resist! ~, tell them . . .


You must “Realize” that planet earth is a place of,


It is always our free will to “choose” every moment what our future will bring to us created by us, as,

It is also a reality of opposites.

This realm and reality of polarities, Positive and Negative each create the extremes of emotional experience either good or bad end and begin with the experience. One must find their center of balance in-between each of these opposite aspects of a human’s experiences in order to live centered; in order to understand how to become fully grounded in the equality for all of humanity.

Understanding; that each individual life is a reflection of the of the light/love/truth of Creators wisdom, through the myriad of experiences encountered along the pathway of one’s life. We should realize also that each emotional frequency each emotional feeling or vibration sets off a chemical reaction within the physical body. In addition, each affect has its equal effect upon your emotional/chemical balance.

The physical body’s reaction to these emotions of fear, terror, worry, sorrow or stress creates a hormonally chemically activated response within each of us. When these chemicals created by, our hormones go rushing through our blood stream the pathway of our soul in this physical form. They have major effects upon our nervous systems. They are causing damage, disrupting our nerves, organs, muscles, damaging our bones.


What is most important for us to become aware of is that our body’s actions and reactions grow addicted to the rush of these hormonally created chemicals and the reaction to them. However harmful they may be when we are stressed or fearful, as in any addiction the body continues subconsciously to desire this reaction the high so to say, of the rush of emotions generated by the chemicals.

The causes can be as simple as the stress of not having the money to pay the monthly bills. The mental mind worries with great concerns causing sleepless nights and deeply troubling thoughts. There is an automatic chain of events that occur within our brain, which the rush of these chemicals create that causes the worrying thought processes to begin.

The self-realization and self-empowerment over these illusional experiences come to us when these unsupported patterns of dependency are discovered and we personally realize/recognize what our emotional addiction/s is and address them individually/mentally.

There are no judgment’s here no Right/Wrong.

Furthermore, the total awareness/realization that we can shift our emotional response at any time we choose. All we need do is simply think about these thoughts and then decide they no longer serve our best interests and set them aside. Then capture the very highest thoughts, the grandest thoughts of self you have ever thought and think about these thoughts constantly. Until you no longer need to think about them, you have intentionally become them, thus, altering your state of thought and the experience of your life: has become purposefully, mentally altered forever.

It is a partnership between, Our physical presence, Our spiritual self,

Our soul (who we are)

Thus, we are seeking our personal connection with the Infinite Creator, through self-realization of who we truly are as a sentient physical/spiritual human being. Once we realize that! Our emotions are ours alone totally/completely FREE of fear/greed these taught thoughts and emotions.

Whether these thoughts, instigated by another person’s attempt of manipulation or from an experience, something we are living in the moment. These thoughts then become ours to ultimately, uplift and transform.

Now all we need to become is self-motivated to step into our own personal power, and overcome these thoughts unjustly taught. To be who we truly are,

A Divine Conscious Sentient Human-being, A transformer, A Master of our Own Emotional Alchemy.

It is the attainment of this state of enlightened knowledge applied = (WISDOM)

That offers the ability to achieve this goal.

It is a personal choice of self-dedication, to serve the greater good of humanity that we came here to accomplish. I have spoken of this process many times before, however I am attempting to help you continue to remember who you are, to remember yourselves as masters of the light. Remember if you are feeling any discordant thoughts, it is Our Duty, Our Responsibility to raise them into a higher state of understanding.

We are highly empathic beings, which makes us sensitive to the vibrations/emotions of all other human beings emotional states of mind that are around us at any given moment. We are connected to the collective emotional frequencies offered collectively by all of humanity.

Individuals are becoming more aware of their growing ability to feel more and more the collective source of light energy.

This has been especially true for the Female aspect of our collective, (The Yin),

Yet now it is the Male aspect, (The Yang), which is being powerfully transmuted into full consciousness.

The awakening of our true nature as humans.

As this awakening and sensitivity occurs, it brings great distress for the males of our species. As Men have been taught to suppress their feelings and emotions because if they are empathic or sensitive one cannot be a warrior one cannot (kill or maim) another.

Yet men are even more sensitive and tender as women are,

They can teach you the very essence of caring and their compassion is all encompassing, as they will inherently let no one bring harm to you even if it costs them their very life! So that you may live yours freely. Men have not been allowed to express their feelings as women do so freely.

Men are expected to be manly, protective, providing. Yet they have the same feelings and needs that women do.

This is the part of ONE ~ ALL

That needs to be understood thoroughly/totally/completely without misconceptions. This difference of sexes is changing rapidly; Humanity is changing altering its conceptions of, ” True Reality “

It is our work as men and women collectively combined as never before thought possible which is bringing more love/light consciousness into this our third dimensional density.

We must unite our endeavors as never before!!!

Remember that both sexes are the transformers of these,

” Dysfunctional Emotions “

It is through the very highest of realizations and understanding that the intelligence of our innermost presence is held fast within our combined heart’s conscious efforts to set free our LOVE. This is what will work the Majiek and its beauty revealed. This is the task we have come here to accomplish it is to Transform, these misconceptions of a human’s life taught unjustly.

To alter the negative thoughts that do not support the well-being of the “ALL” who are involved in the expansion of “Global Consciousness”. This is about raising our consciousness from the dense slumber of forgetfulness that has permeated all generations of humans. I invite you to give these feelings of separation, discouragement, loss, fear, anger, greed a Voice,

Speak each of them aloud and let go of them.

Allow this act of release to become sacred.

One may begin here, with the act of “FORGIVENESS”, A beautiful healing process of unconditional love.
“I, Tony Gray’Owl speak aloud; hear my voice placed upon the winds of time. I Love you unconditionally, I forgive you unconditionally and I ask to be forgiven in like manner.

Creator asked me to teach the world the true meaning of forgiveness, to help all to understanding what forgiveness is and how to apply it. At first, I answered saying . . .

I cannot do this, I cannot, I will not. Why should I forgive those who have inflicted physical harm on me?

Who have tormented me and assaulted me, verbally and physically abused me, the list goes on forever it seems.

Why, Great Spirit/Creator, why should I do this? I did/do not deserve what they have done and still do to me, living with this continuous pain constantly reminding me of what was/is done. Tears pouring as I remember all these things, my heart wrenching in my chest. Why does it seem that you are punishing me and not them? Is it not, they who should suffer for their actions, not me, can you not see this O’ Great Spirit? Why is this even for me such a difficult concept? Tell me please, what can I do?

One may ask, “What is Forgiveness”? What does it mean?

This I must do not only for you Creator, but also for me. I begin my search for the true meaning of forgiveness as my Creator has asked of me. I gather many books, articles and stories of this topic, trying to understand its true meaning, yet I could not find any Miracle in mans words to heal these wounds within. Therefore, I entered my sanctuary; the inner circle entering the silence of self, finding my center and asked Great Spirit to teach me the meaning of unconditional forgiveness.
I am told . . .
Forgiveness does not mean “what you did is okay to me”, it simply means “I AM no longer willing to carry around pain in response to your actions” . . . when we hold UN-forgiveness in our hearts, we only punish ourselves, is this what you wish for?
I am told . . .
When you hold anger and resentment towards another, you are bound to that person or conditions by an emotional link that is stronger than steel, forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free . . . let go of anger and resentment, and feel yourself healed.

You do not need to forgive the action, just the person, so that you can be at peace.
I am told . . .
Forgiveness is not something you give to someone else. It is a gift you give yourself, forgiveness allows you to live in the present and leave the past behind. Forgiveness will bring you peace. Forgiveness resides not only in words but also in thought, feeling and action.
I am told . . .
It not only uplifts you “AND” that person in ways unseen/unknowable, but it brings that much more light to a world in need of our loving kindness, our compassion.

Forgiveness is not something we “MUST” do, yet when we step away from the consciousness of our human nature, and allow the divine of Creators grace to express through us, to forgive through us, we can at that point, feel the radiant and warm rays of the flow of divine love dissolving all hurt, all bitterness, all sense of injustice.

We become aware that we are free and we can project that love outward into our world.
What have I learned about “Forgiveness”?
Forgiveness has no time-frame . . . it is a process . . . each one of us will work through the process at our own pace. There is no wrong or right way of doing this, no particular method or wording that one could action to create an instant result, leaving the feeling of Peace and harmony within oneself. It is all a process with no time frame, we will heal from this, we will be set free, when we have healed ourselves having learned the true meaning of . . .

“Unconditional Forgiveness”

Now with those thoughts in mind let us continue from above in how to address all the other emotions, we are discussing. It does not matter if these emotions are all yours personally or a part of what the whole of the collective consciousness the fountain of knowledge is offering.

These emotions are ours to experience to transform them into the highest thought of an emotional experience personal/global” JOY “/ Peace/Abundance/Equality.

Ask Creator, for support when needed. See yourself surrounded by the love/light of our divine Infinite Creator. Feel His embrace as you shout, sing, weep, moan or even scream these feelings. Give these feelings an expression in a sacred and holy way.

Honor what you are feeling; yet be willing to allow the release. Experience the transformation this is the emotional healing performed through personal alchemy. Each time we release a deep-seated emotion of sadness, sorrow, grief or fear be sure that you call forth the exact opposite “Emotion”, invite the higher vibrational emotion to replace them.

Then find the balance between them. These Emotions you have released/cleared and received. Name them with great intent speak it out into creation with the power of your voice. If you have released fear, replace it with trust then with wisdom find the wonderful perfect center of balance between the two emotions.

Once you have released such as, stress, replace it with peace of mind, find the center and feel the joy fill your heart. Voice them out and call forth into your reality accept what you asked for into your heart and mind. Exercise the use and power of this incredible tool, your mind and your voice in the conscious shifting of these emotions or . . . (Thoughts).

Make it habitual make it a striving of your higher purpose. Soon you will become a master at transforming, altering these dysfunctional emotions and energies into higher states of realization.

Claim these newfound abilities and share freely with others how to use this powerful tool, create groups that do the same transforming work. Gather in groups and work together in unity for the collective betterment of all. When we offer a higher emotional vibration that carries more Light than Darkness. We are positively adding to the expansion of global consciousness, when we recognize our own emotional addictions bringing them into the light with understanding and forgiveness and releasing them.

We are then doing global service work on a personal level. Our sacred heart is the vehicle that holds the knowledge of all transformation/transmutation/alteration. When we individually/consciously embrace and face an experience such as fear and with the smallest shift of these emotions/thoughts, replacing them with trust, hope and love, Creator smiles.

We are wielding our powers of positive creation. Each time we consciously create a higher realization of self, we open the door too more light/love. We exercise more of our power, we perform a wonderful blessed service for our loved ones and the entire global family remember”You” are the transformer, the emotional alchemist of Creators love.

Step into your divine magnificence experience your ability to make a difference in every moment. Remember you are the” One” who carries this vision. You are the” One” who seeds our reality with the emotions of . . .

Joy / Love / Compassion and Forgiveness.

You offer the gifts of our highest knowing the Light of Truth. You are the guide into this new reality, the highest realizations of self. The Highest of personal Consciousness of this physical reality possible as a sentient human being incarnate upon earth.

It is held fast within my heart that this vision of love/light and the highest realizations of self will one day bring world peace. I offer my deepest gratitude for your work and service. I acknowledge that this reality has challenges/risks, which take great courage to experience and overcome.

The divine understanding of . . . Love/light ~ light/love, learn/teach ~ teach/learn.

Your higher self the Great Spirit, awaits your request for support. Then you may cognize with the Collective Consciousness and may enter freely asking the answers to all you seek. And join us upon our Journey of “True Enlightenment”, through the highest realization of self.

Know that you are seen and appreciated

Be at peace

Share freely with the entire world, you’re love/light and learn/teach, abilities, offer with the greatest of gratitude, to the Great Spirit, for what you are about to receive,

The answers to your prayers.

Freely I share My Abilities of, Love/Light ~ Learn/Teach

Held fast within my heart and mind is your Infinite Wisdom O’ Great Spirit/Creator So freely shared with me, now shared . . . with the world. I leave you now in the greatest of hands our One Infinite Creator

Remember . . .

I love you in ways you are just beginning to understand.

Tony Gray’Owl /* Master Alchemist

Grandfather ~ Great Spirit ~ Creator,

Once more, behold me here on earth.

Lean forward to hear my feeble voice crying out to you . . .

You lived first beyond all knowing.

You are older than all need . . . Older than all prayer’s . . .

All things belong to you the two-legged the four-legged the winged ones of the air,

all green things that live upon and below the earth and everything that swims within the oceans of life are yours.

Enlighten me to know ”Your” eternal vision of life as a human being.

I am your instrument use me as you wish. I am the clay of earth form me into whatever you wish me to become,

in order to accomplish the task you sent me here to accomplish.

In your Glory and Honor, I am the least of any and yet your most dedicated humble of servants.

Tony gray’owl march

I love you with all I am / everything I do, I do for you.

Visions, the Memories of a Broken Heart

A Poem by Tony Gray’Owl

I awoke in a vision late last night; it seemed my soul had taken flight

To somewhere far from my sight

I found myself amongst darkness light to where my soul had taken flight.

To reveal within me on this night there is a place where I could see “Your” words.

Written so long ago upon the stone tablet of my heart.

These flickering flames of my heart’s desire burn just out of sight . . .

To see the experience of loves heat as it molds my heart

These memories that glimmer in the dark

How do you save the words that fan the flames of a broken heart / Memories of the pain may never depart.

These memories that burn in me this loves fires flames attempting to consume me

Where do I start?

A sweet soft ghostly whisper, echoes from out of the dark,

Griping me in its icy fingers as the fiery fire of my memories still linger

It used to be my favorite place these memories that even time cannot erase

How do we replace?

These dusty dreams and broken past how long will it all last running, running from the past

It seems that everyone passes through yet no one seems to stick around always seeming so alone

Every moment it seems the end of the road is so far away.

Where is this shelter, from life’s loves storms?

So many people come and go yet even time can never change the you I came know

Forever and a day

Why do lovers drift apart when two pieces of a broken heart may mend again?

I will never say good-bye.

These memories of once upon a time

I know there will come a day for you also to believe again

How does Love fade away as I sit crying in the dark?

Do not fear what you will find

when you turn the light on

What keeps you from gathering up the pieces of a broken heart these tiny little pieces the circles of a life?

Come back to haunt you, to haunt you. Why do lovers lives drift apart these memories of a broken heart

My love, I gave it all to you now here from deep within the dark, I find myself crying, crying all alone

Living on the verge of tears so afraid of my fears trying not to love you, as I love you


In the darkness of this long night feeling so very lonely

How long do I have to be so sad and blue?

Let me love you like I love you picking up these pieces of our broken hearts let me love you…

It takes a little time sometimes, who is this in the mirror looking back at me tears rolling down

Well it may not be over in the morning

Just let me hold you in my arms

I can heal this day turn around

To find the safety of losing these memories in time give me a feeling I have never heard before now.

Cry a river, flood the sea, and cry a river over me,

here into the oceans of my life held within my hands “Hope” eternal may be found.

Maybe one day I could turn it all around if my love for you in this darkness could one day be found.

Have you ever wondered why we cry at night with blinded eyes so very far from the crystal light?

To feel our tears, to face our fears, from deep within this plight, too pick up the pieces and mend… A broken heart

Where do we start from somewhere near deep within, is to be found that place we laid it all down

Maybe one day we can wipe away these tears, throw away these fears and make a brand new start

Perhaps the largest of these fears to forget the memory of those tears and the pain of this broken Heart

We are all the same it seems behind the eyes,

broken promises and lost dreams

With desperate cry

I turn to face my fears and reach out from my tears to where hope can be found

Maybe one day I can turn it all around maybe one day I can turn the whole world around

It was as if a bolt of lightning struck me right out of a clear blue sky

This pain, this fear I cannot deny

For it is a sure thing that life

Yes I said life is a most curious thing every road that’s traveled… leads me back to you

It’s a dance

It’s a song or two

It’s all a part of letting go

Every road I travel… Teaches me something new

We never lose our love we simply let it go…

Maybe one day it will come back to me

After all, it is not that far too where loves hope can be found

So I’ll tell you one more time

I give all my love to you

All you have to do is look upon the ground

To the place where you laid it down

Pick up the pieces and mend your broken heart

This is where we START

All my Love and a thousand kisses like butterflies surrounding you, touching your lips touching your heart.

I reach out from my tears / Lay down all my fears maybe one day I can turn the whole world around.

Just a few words from an old wise man, from some cosmic space where this all takes place…

When all is said and done, you will see the seed of wisdom,

That you hold within your hand the power to create your dreams with the Creators gift of His LOVE to YOU.

What are you going to do? Me. I am simply going to Love You, as the Great Spirit loves you, unconditionally.


2 responses

  1. Tsimi James

    Great HUG coming your way brother…I will say WOW!!!

    What a beautiful message my friend & teacher of Love & Light .ི̓үྀ .¸¸.•☀ღ.¸’¸ི♥ྀ☼ ◕☼´¯`☀

    It was as if a bolt of lightning struck me right out of a clear blue sky….smiles;”

    Reading your words my brother, was like speaking to myself these same words of wisdom…
    so much of you is within me,all the understanding….

    Thank you . Tony Gray’Owl, Shaman keeper of the hidden wisdom of the Ancient Elders.

    Thank Great Spirit for allowing this humble soul to be shown such ♥ ℓσνє & вℓєѕѕιиgѕ♥

    Mitakuye oyasin wado ♥ Tsimi Your Brother in Spirit ^..^

    February 13, 2012 at 2:21 pm

  2. Vivienne Hunter

    You express what i have learned and and aim to live and yet have only just begun to fully express.. it is very odd and at the same time deeply peaceful, to read this, which may have been my own writings, if i had but had the words to express, as well as you have….

    April 8, 2012 at 2:50 am

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