Chapter 11

The day * before * Creation . . .

I had a dream… was it, just late last night?

In a strange and rather visionary state of mind, I recalled a memory.

Like a precious little angel, I bowed before you and gazed into the pools of your eyes.

I felt . . . like a small child, I felt as if I had drowned in the beauty, the azure of the twilight’s days gone by, within the vastness of your mind, I saw the light. I was lost in your thoughts, until you gave me Life, There! On the very edge, I saw myself swimming in that one single monumental tear. I felt so dear to you.

Yet this single lonely tear welled and slipped from the edge and fell from the brim of your eye, in a crystal glass like vial, not unlike a single raindrop right out of a clear blue heavenly-lit sky.

You reached out to catch me but I stumbled, I slipped and I fell through your fingers of time. As I fell faster ever faster until I thought… that, I could fly.

Streaking across the galaxies like a blazing comet lighting the way to everything like a burning star so bright right there in front of me and yet it seemed so far away.

As I gazed upon this mysterious bright blue Star, my thoughts my memories fled my mind and blindly I fell straight down to earth where I crashed with a tremendous crack beyond the sound of roaring thunder upon the ground and shattered into little pieces, the fragile thoughts of I . . . am going to die. . .

I saw every second of our lives gone by.

It made me smile and laugh but then I began to cry.

I wanted you to come to me . . .

I wanted you to run to me . . .

I wanted you to see what had become of me!

Lying here in the dust, so battered, bruised and broken, lost without a breath, was my very life to be found, I felt so… “ALL” alone: so . . . completely undone. Out of nowhere, from out of everywhere . . . you appeared to me, so sweet that smile upon your lips and that glimmer in your eye. Reaching out with just a finger . . . to stir this single tear the essence of my life and mixed it with the dust of the earth and I felt my essence rise up into me.

Then you stood me up and breathed a sigh and my breath, it came back to me my thoughts sprang forth like a flash of lightning and I screamed out loud…


In a single breath, a voice it seemed unheard… without word. You spoke to me of things never heard. Here is the wisdom, which is, too be sown in the garden and to be grown, tenderly tended with your compassion and care, and then you will see with which these deadly weeds those poison seeds…

Are lain barren, forever overcome by your Love.

I glanced into my hand and there…

One . . . tiny . . . little,


I looked around and all I saw beneath this gigantic dome of clear blue sky… a vast never-ending field of weeds all sorts of poison seeds that spanned in all directions to the limits of my sight. I ran, I ran, and I ran some more…

I searched, near and far till I thought I had seen everything until I had been to everywhere from the tallest mountain peaks to the plains to beside the sea, a place… one small place to plant this one seed… this place I thought, by me could not be found.

From north to south and back again… to Far East and then the west I had been. I began to feel as if I must rest,

Trembling . . . exhausted from my search, I stumbled forwards trying not to fall down and found myself neath a giant Adler tree, crumbling to the ground and leaning back to rest upon his strong shoulder, deep within the cool shadow from my vast journey… Spent.

Wondering, questioning, I fell at last into a deep slumber.

At that moment, I awoke within another dream… somewhere far, Far . . . away.

As if in a cloud… amidst a dense yet softly lit fog, a voice came to me, whispering silent words of wisdom into the depths of my mind and touched my heart. I felt as if Smokey glass like scales fell from my eyes and I could… SEE! It is… it is “Me”, within my heart . . . my heart is the garden that my Father grows this tiny seed of His love, this Eden soon to be sown. As now, I knew. I understood.

This is where that tiny little seed goes this small space at the very centre of me is the only place where this seed may live and grow, Tended and cared for with the utmost of compassion and care; here is where the light of love and understanding is born.

This our heart is from where love grows and the light is born, softly glowing out into a human’s life clearly showing the path back to Creators heart, where the very first Love conceived was, born. The place where all things conceivable and beyond our knowing of creation originally was realized as the highest of understanding of self and thus, we the human beings incarnate here upon earth created out of the Great Spirits compassion for the condition of our, Hearts, came to be born into life.

Within my heart, Creators love will grow out into the world it will then spread to overcome these other poisonous weeds of greed and fear that grow in the hearts of men and to choke them out of existence forever.

For now upon this earth, I realized we are bound this is where our life is found only here upon this little bright blue Star. Take out the power to set yourselves free

FORGET ABOUT THE KEY!!! kick down the door, step through into the light and break these chains that constrain your heart, let us be free of these rusty stains, these heartfelt pains by our own hands… we see the things of deepest minds here in word Placed merely with the stroke of these keys lying here in front of me.

The whole world to see the evidence of thought the power of creation wielded in your very own hands, be careful I caution… how you wield this power as you influence the children and they do not even know it has happened to them, but you can see it in their eyes.

Today is just another average, ordinary miracle I am… “Alive”, standing in the shadows of forest evergreen sunlight lit darkness, underneath leaf… of that which extends our life… Trees, the tree of “Life” creating for us as Creator planned the very breath of our life, oxygen.

We need simply, Live and let live.

Please understand this most important wisdom,

Humankind must “Quit” killing the trees!

They are our closest and most precious of earth bound friends. They attract the rain and create for us the most wonderful living soils to grow our foodstuffs. They live and give their lives for us and us alone. Without question, without reason or rhyme the very essence of the breath of life they form for us. Not to mention all the wondrous things they provide for all the other small creatures of Mother Earth. Even the fruits of our life they give the sweet nectar of their love to us eternally, freely. Without expectation, other than to be allowed to live just as freely.

By Joyce Kilmer (1886-1918)

I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.
A tree whose hungry mouth is pressed
Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast;
A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;
A tree that may in Summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;
Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.
Poems: are made by people like me,
But only God can make a tree.

Furthermore most importantly, these beautiful trees absorb our deadly toxins and create with them our breath of life = “Oxygen”, the one thing we cannot live without for merely moments and we are gone. Our “Souls” escaped out into the unknown. Our bodies laid to rest in shadowed darkness beneath the leaf of that which gives us life…


I am Wondering.

Wondering . . . Why.

Why would anyone kill a living tree the co-creators of our breath of life, in blind greed slaughtered without thought? Why, when there are two or more dead trees haven given their life and died in our service lying right there on the ground.

Right beside that living tree you are about to cut down in its prime, merely pick up the dead ones, lying there upon the ground offering even their dead bodies to be used in their service to us their brothers and sisters the living human beings. Such love and devotion I have seldom seen… in all my life.

To have spent the entirety of a lifetime creating the very essence of our basic human needs the oxygen we breathe, the trees gift to us the breath of life itself, and the beautiful fruits and nuts we also need to survive. With their life’s blood, the sap we make sugars and syrups, with their roots, bark and leaves we make medicines far purer and more potent than modern pharmaceutical poisons. They give of themselves totally, unselfishly. Now they fall to the ground in death screaming look! Look, here… here I am my dying body for the life, the soul of my brothers standing firmly rooted in their selfless service to us.

They are simply fulfilling their commandments from the Creator. I am still here the dead ones scream, take me… take me! They cry out in pain, take . . . “ME” to make your paper. Let my brothers live the creators of the essence of the breath of your life, the delicious fruits of your sustenance, the medicines you so desperately need.

What does this mean? Please explain.

If I could tell the world but one thing, it would be that we are ok. Wherever there is a “Tree” without a voice there, my shadow shall fall, to stand beside them, to protect them, as after all in the end only kindheartedness matters. I love the trees, my big beautiful brothers.

I will get down on my knees and I will pray, my hands are small but they are my own with them my work is known. As Great Spirit takes my hands into His great and powerful hands and writes down these words of His knowledge, His wisdom, He causes my fingers to touch the keys upon this keyboard.

Thus, the lock upon the heavenly treasure chest opens and then we may see. As if with, Creators eyes, we are His eyes, I have seen and now I hear His words that make perfectly clear, everything. I love and cherish the trees.

I have no choice not to hear you sad people and I thought about it, you make me feel such sorrow. Yet do not be surprised to find Creators love everywhere, you won me over in spite of yourself. I am already aware now head over heels I am in love with you. Trying to find a way to carry on in the sight of knowing what is going on.

Death and mindless destruction, It is so very easy as we are all so innocent if you would only believe it is so easy to say… does it really matter. Yes, you are precious in Creators sight. You must “Stop” Killing each other!

We are born the picture of innocence, to be so naïve, to blindly cut the living trees, we are still so innocent does it matter our faults so readily seen? We must simply feel like a child where ever we go no matter where or what we do. Too, play freely within the cool shade, underneath leaf of forest evergreen, our “Tree of life.”

I strongly suggest you put away the awful thoughts so unjustly taught to think is the way to live one’s life, in the blind greed for profit. The ladders of success are not the steps one must take to succeed in life. Please take your time where ever you go to feel like that child born of innocence all you have to do is believe that you are this small child created out of Creators love and you will see life in a whole new light of understanding.

I was blind but I have seen the light and the light is you.

“Remember always that you are just a visitor here, a traveler passing through. your stay is but short and the moment of your departure unknown. None can live without toil and a craft that provides your needs is a blessing indeed. But if you toil without rest, fatigue and weariness will overtake you, and you will be denied the joy that comes from labor’s end.
Speak quietly and kindly, be not forward with either opinions or advice. If you talk much, this will make you deaf to what others say, and you should know that there are few so wise that they cannot learn from others.
Be near when help is needed, but far when praise and thanks are being offered.
Take small account of might, wealth and fame, for they soon pass and are forgotten. Instead, nurture love within you and and strive to be a friend to all. Truly, compassion is a balm for many wounds. Treasure silence when you find it, and while being mindful of your duties, set time aside, to be alone with yourself. Cast off pretense and self-deception and see yourself as you really are. Despite all appearances, no one is really evil. They are led astray by ignorance. If you ponder this truth always you will offer more light, rather then blame and condemnation.

You, no less than all beings have Buddha Nature within.

Your essential Mind is pure. Therefore, when defilement’s cause you to stumble and fall, let not remorse nor dark foreboding cast you down. Be of good cheer and with this understanding, summon strength and walk on. Faith is like a lamp and wisdom makes the flame burn bright. Carry this lamp always and in good time the darkness will yield and you will abide in the Light.”

Be Blessed Of Divine Light

by my dear sister of the light; Astro-tarot-reader Arvinderkaur.

I wish to put my arms around you and sooth away your fears to wipe away the tears of a life, for it is not yet over. There is a hole in my heart that only you can fill only you can heal, don’t dream it is over even if it takes my whole lifetime I will not bend nor will I break I am the light, Burning so very, very bright for your sight. That you may see that, I need you just as much as you need me. So says the “Trees”.

Don’t be afraid to cry, Creator will wipe away those tears and let the salt stains dry, these tracks we leave, these webs we weave, as our lives goes by… a momentary pause in time. I will brave my fears / as I wipe away the tears / because I love you, my brothers the “Trees”.

For I have seen the dark side, I have plunged into deepest darkest night and I thus found the light, come on… talk to me. I will be right there standing by your side, I will see you through, I will not let anyone hurt you, I will never desert you, and I will stand there right by your side. I will be there with you in your darkest hours, I will be the answers lost within the dark, I will not need to hold a light so that you may see, I will be the light and darkness will be no more. “Stop” cutting the trees.

I have heard your anguish I have heard your cries. I have looked into your eyes… and lived your pain; my tears have fallen like countless drops of rain, like your leaves that fall in gently to the ground giving back the elements of life to be used repeatedly, endlessly, the circle of life.

I have a plan to get us out of here, to live life the way it was spoken by Creator, for I am someone, in my eyes every life matters…Every life has a quest like a thirst that must be quenched.

I do not know how to let it go please tell me! How do I save the “Trees”?

My mind burning so bright my existence in every thought what is it that I am supposed to do, I do not know how to let you know I do not know how to let it go, I do not want to let you go. To feel the way I feel all the time / to live a life on the verge of tears… crying for the “Trees”.

So much cruelty without thought bombarding my heart each day born of greed no doubt, nearly everywhere I look. These greed’s these evil needs all those poisonous seeds, my heart will cause to spoil, never to grow again.

Life…the living essence of the “Trees” too be continued,

Within my sight, I see no end… to this plight the thing we call our life,

such sorrow I share with my brothers the “Trees”.

I see… a new beginning the circle now complete,

What will you do today?

What is it you will say? What do you see?

How will you wield the power held within your hands?

WHAT will you create?

Will you join the fight and save the “Trees”?

As only “We” can be their kind voice whispered upon the winds of time from within the aged pines,

I hear my voice echoing back to me, saying stop, you must quit killing the “Trees”.

On the other hand . . .

Will you simply sit back and watch the show go by?

Creation, day One,

Late one night while sitting at the Inner Circle fire of continuance,

I envisioned the remembrance this story of life.

Listen closely while I tell you the story of TRUE LOVE,

it begins here in one’s mind and heart, Like with a candle in the dark just lit.

Gods Candle, he placed it into the night’s sky just for us. So that we may know, the darkness that over takes the day is simply Mother Earth’s shadow. So that we may sleep peacefully, knowing that tomorrow will come and we will be refreshed to begin a brand new day. Another new beginning another opportunity to grow in the light and love of our Infinite Creator.

You will soon see what has always been right there, all around you forever held fast in Creators heart. Long before you were livin, this thing you call your life you asked me who you are. Now pay attention, listen closely,

I tell you now, who you truly are.

I will take you to where it all began; I shall paint a motion picture in your mind for you to see the beauty of a life once lived. The way the Great Spirit created it out of purest love. The way He meant for us to live our life. Like soft whispers, my voice gently placed upon, the “Winds of Time.” I shall touch your heart and mind as only Creator can,

Here take my hand we shall make this journey together.

“Side ~ by ~ side”

The Day After ~ the Creation of our Earthly Paradise

The creation of all things known and never known as only Creator truly understands the incredible vastness of His mind.

The Great Spirit out of His Infinite Love and Loneliness created once more and I was born a human being, a living soul within me I touched, I smelled, I tasted I experienced the living emotions within me. I saw the limitless wonders of Father’s creations Fresh, pristine, exquisitely conceived and created by my Father, all for the pure pleasures, the wonders of Mother Earth and Her undeniable Beauty.

I took great delight in my discoveries of His creations; all of the things Father had made what an artist, what a sculptor what an eccentric genius He is the master maker of everything, its vastness beyond the limits or grasp of my young mind.

For you must understand, I was still like a small child almost stumbling and crawling around in the dark alone when He was not there with me teaching me the knowledge and wisdom. I learned His secrets of life. His unconditional Love for all creation.

I would run like the wind until I could go no further. I jumped and spun falling on the ground rolling in the sweetness of the grass I went swimming in the oceans and the rivers. I named… every living creature! As every one of them are my friends! We played together for endless days, laughing until I hurt from it. They were all so innocent, just like me.


You never thought of me as a child. Of course, Father created me as a small child. How else was I to grow into the man I was to become? You never knew that. You are so silly just like the innocent child you are.

After a great span of time had passed, I had grown into a strong young man. No longer did I stumble around in the dark… I had realized that I AM the light into the world. Wherever I went it simply flowed out before me lighting the way.

Everything I touched, grew and blossomed into beautiful flowers beyond the colors of the rainbows their sweet smelling aromas filled the air and my mind then they produced their luscious fruits and nuts for me to enjoy I was never ceased to be utterly amazed at the things I found. To turn over a stone in the creek and there… a new life form was discovered.

I loved the greatness of Father’s mind beyond words

I simply adored my Father

I wanted to be just like Him.

Yet there was something… Something, I just did not quite understand I could not see it clearly in my mind. It seemed to me somehow that everything, well many things were changing.

Everything was growing and transforming, into larger complex states of existence. When I was a boy, my father would come into the garden and we would go for long walks. Alternatively, simply to sit under the shade of a large tree and He would point out things and ask me questions about them.

Father told me wonderful stories of life the adventures He had created. He explained to me in wonderful detail about everything I asked. Mostly I just took His word for it. The beautiful stories He told like dreams yet to unfold in my memory. Great adventures to be dawned and explored, Concepts and realities, beyond my young minds ability to fathom, my imagination stretched to its limits.

These are the things of my memories the days when Father would come into the garden and teach me the lessons of life Just Him and me. Together for eternity, it seemed we laughed and played games. His gentle teachings and my grasping at the meanings of all He taught me.

Mostly I simply got lost in the bigness of Him His kind, gentle, knowing. The way He illustrated His thoughts in such perfection, that smile, His smile and laughter warmed me like the sun.

Every creature flocked to get a moment of His attention. Somehow, it seemed almost all at once, there was always time for every one of them. Each of them given freely to bursting with His love for even the tiniest, the least of his creations.

I always smiled at the way Father treated each of them and how they would all love Him in return of His attention His affections He simply, I think did not know how “Not”… too love them.

This is the one lesson that I cherish of all the others the knowing, of how not, to love completely, totally without abandon unconditionally. This was the first thing Father had taught me how… to LOVE ~ “Unconditionally.”

That without questioning without the slightest of doubts when you give your love it “Must” be freely / completely not an ounce of it can you withheld and you can never, ever take it back. If you were to even think… of taking away your love it would be far simpler far kinder to just end the life of the one you gave your love to instead.

This gift, Father taught me . . .


Above all else must never be taken away,

As Love is the power of creation itself.

Father never created anything that was not, held fast in His love for it, of it and the love He poured out into it. No matter how insignificant it may have seemed, as He is LOVE. Innocent like a child is Father, He does not know how… not to love you.

This… is my father, my teacher, my very best friend.

Your Great Grand Father GOD the Infinite ONE, the Great Spirit/Creator.

The things my memories are made of, my life as I lived it with our Father. I am writing down here for you… for everyone to come to know the Father, the way I know our Father. Your Father the one you thought you had never known.

He will never remove his love from you / you… are… his love, exemplified magnified multiplied… here on earth within each of you, is the example of His unconditional love alive and free to be whatever you choose.

I would simply say… I pray you chose wisely,

Further, I will ask if I may,

What have you done with this power you have been given? This is the question; you will be asked on the day your religions call… JUDGEMENT.

What will be your answer?

Only you can say.

I have drifted from the story let me return I get lost in the love of Him I am so sorry, I cannot help myself I get carried away, for the love of Him. It is so easy to do to get lost in Him, found if you may… from your endless seeking.

The answers to all that you may ask; Are here if you but listen to these words of my memories the teachings of our Father. So simple that they cannot be miss-understood for their lack of complexity that you must try to dissect in order to put a definition in word of them. Listen then if you will, I shall continue with my story.

OK so where was I?

Ah, yes over the millenniums I had grown into a strong young man.

Everything it seemed to me was changing somehow though I was struggling to understand what exactly was going on. I did not yet comprehend the extent of Father’s knowledge, His wisdom so to speak.

I was living the innocence of my youth.

I began to have these thoughts and then these dreams began to come upon me in my sleep. For the best of me, I could not… Figure it out I had begun to have these feeellliiinnngggsss!!!

An urge for something unknown to me I did not understand the powerful needs that I had never felt before. I could not resist the thoughts of them. They filled my mind even when I am wide-awake… when I am in charge of my thoughts and yet still they overcame me. I was consumed by these thoughts.

Every day they filled my mind and stole themselves into my dreams. These thoughts… of what? I was trying to understand to comprehend, the meaning of them I was lost. I had no clue, to what was about to happen.

One day when these thoughts over came me in great abundance!!! I decided to walk over to the mountains and climb to the very top. It was a very long journey to the mountains. To climb to the very top of them was even more arduous.

To stand… within the clouds and seek the answer, as nothing had ever been withheld from me before. I fell upon my knees and cried out to my Father I am lost! I do not know what is happening to me! Never other than the love of you… have I felt this way. It over powers me I cannot get away from the thoughts of it.

What is this? Please tell me.

Out of nowhere from everywhere He appeared in answer to my desperate cry. What is it my son? He asked in reply as concerned to me as I must have seemed to him. What is it that you seek to know so badly, so terribly that you had to come all the way to the mountaintop to ask me in such a desperate cry?

I am here… ask Me and I shall tell you the limits even of your dreams I will show you. Overcome I simply sat right down and began to cry… no… to weep from the very essence of my soul never before had I known such… emptiness an utter loneliness… A feeling, an emotion so completely unknown to me, I have never been alone… before and yet here are these emotions these feelings overwhelming me.

What is this Father? What is happening to me? I do not understand it. He said to me, Stop! Thinking just for a momentary split second of time Look around you Do you not see. What has begun? Look to the seasons of things as I have designed them.

Every one of them including you, my son will seek no… be driven to procreate I have concluded. That in this way my love is to be passed on to them all. Every one of them and every one of you I love ~ Beyond… your true understanding. Again, I began to weep. I said, Father explain to me this dream that I seem to have, night after, night and day, after day I do not understand it, Please tell the meaning of it to me.

The way you have conceived these things and designed them to be. Is it I that you wish to change. Who am I Too ask you? If I were to change everything, what is it that I would do? That would be so very different from you. Again, I was racked with sobs of despair. He smiled that quirky smile of his when you know that He knows exactly what to say. He reached out his hand to me lifting me into one of his tender hugs and said…


Calm down ever so sweet and softly in my ear I relaxed and with a huge sigh of relief. I sat down to listen to the wisdom of my Father again that radiant smile and the soft glowing light from Him encompassed me. As He spoke, I drifted off to sleep and awoke in a dream the world of visions.

The world of my Fathers vision,

As I slowly opened my eyes,

I found myself in a dim, yet crystal clear dark space and I was leaning back on the hearth of a most beautiful luxuriant fireplace. Softly crackling the fire lit like a ghost at first but then as my eyes adjusted to the light I saw a vision… of the most incredible beauty I had never seen.

The look on my face must have been quite the sight to see.

As I gazed at this vision of… of… an angel I thought at first But! He… no… wait it is not a man and there are no wings to be seen… no not an angel either. What is this… this? I could not think straight.

As I struggled with my thoughts my emotions running wild a word formed into my memory she… SHE? Yes… SHE!

I was frozen… as if I had become one of my stone sculptures.

My breath was literally snatched away, I could not speak.

A huge tight lump had formed in my throat my heart began to pound and then ache my stomach tied itself into a knot. I was overwhelmed by the sight of her my mind now racing to grasp to take in the infinite wonderful little details of her this vision!

I felt myself trembling and tingling all over. Smiling she leaned forward towards me placing a hand on either side of me. The brilliant yet so soft of a light or glow yes… she was glowing as my father does when you know He is up to something.

This soft radiant glow slowly encompassed me as well as she drew even closer to me. Then I caught the scent of her… Hmmmmm… a wonder beyond even the sweetest of flowers her essence enthralled me.

I took in a huge breath of her filling my lungs to capacity my mind was whirling from it. Slowly I released my lungs and I had my breath back. The lump in my throat was easing its grip on me. I could not yet speak. Slowly like eternity, I raised my hand to touch her face as my fingertips brushed her cheek,


I… she was incredibly soft, so smooth!

I nearly flinched from the sensations of the mere touch.

She moved closer and I could feel her sweet breath on my skin and trembled again. Looking deep into her dark eyes, I saw the wonder and the excitement a smiling almost. I drank in with my eyes the gentle curves of her face and neck line her hair tickling my chest was maddening

I was pulsing with the vision of her angelic form I took another deep breath and let it out ever so slowly. She then took in a deep breath of my essence tilting her head back just ever so slightly and to one side closing her eyes she only half smiled.

I thought how incredibly beautiful she is I could not take my eyes away from her. She opened her eyes, a full smile filled her face, and I think she nearly giggled.

I wanted to laugh out loud madly I was feeling insane I kept trying to think yet all I could do was see this vision of her in my mind it overwhelmed every thought I had.

Now so close to me was she that we where nearly touching I gazed into her star lit eyes and for a split second I thought I saw myself Like… like a… the word what is the word?

My mind racing again… mirror… yes mirror! She is the mirror of me! It was I think her soul I had caught a glimpse of, my soul our soul, yes our soul! It is as if we are one the same, exact and yet so different at the same time I marveled at this thought!

Again I nearly burst into a mad laughter I felt so alive! I felt so whole! I felt… I did not know what I was feeling this, this… ecstasy was beyond my dreams I felt wild! Still without a word, she lay down beside me, nearly on me!

One leg stretched out along side of mine the other crooked over my lower half one arm reaching over me and stroking with her fingers my face She laid her head upon my chest and shoulder placing her face against the side of my neck Oh, oh, I thought I would explode from it!

I felt as if she had melted right into me! The utter joy washing over me spilling out upon her I closed my eyes only for a moment with the fear that when I again opened them she would be gone. Slowly almost afraid to, I opened my eyes to see if she is still here with me.

The look, the smell, the touch of her against my skin was more than I could stand my senses gone wild I became so filled with this emotion this one emotion grew and grew until my heart began to ache from it. My chest heaved in a great sigh’s my eyes closed tight of their own accord… and a single tear escaped the corner of my eye and began its slow journey down my cheek. She raised ever so slightly with the most enchanting look in her eyes as they closed slowly and she leaned in and kissed away my lost tear with the most gentle tenderness and… and… affection! It seemed to last for eternity!

She leaned back looking into my eyes piercing my heart like an arrow I gazed back into her eyes and saw there that she also could not hide the emotions of it from me. She leaned into me and our lips came together for the first time the very first kiss of time… her lips full still slightly moist from my tear of joy softer than anything I had ever touched.

I simply became lost in her. Stronger than any emotion I had ever felt it came into my mind… Love… yes, I love her… I leaned my head back onto the hearth closing my eyes just for a moment savoring the memory of her our kiss I could still smell her essence the vision of her beauty filling my thoughts…

I thought this… this; this is why Father had taught me how to love I slowly drifted back into my deep sleep

I awoke with a start!

Groggy yet my mind still reeling from the thoughts of my dream a dream… was that a dream? It was so real my eyes burst open and I jumped up so quickly I nearly stumbled and fell over. Gathering my thoughts, I looked around to see if Father was still here with me.

Breathing as if I had just ran up the mountain,

I attempted to get my breath,

I had to lean over with my hands upon my knees gasping for air I heard a near silent laughter and turned my head to look. It was Father standing there all aglow literally He was glowing like the sun yet as soft as the moon one of those smiles spreading across his face.

I turned standing up straight and stepped towards him. He immediately held up one hand and stopped me dead in my tracks. I cannot recall the look perhaps upon my face for every emotion I had ever had came crashing in on me all at once. Fear and a terrible aching in my chest I was nearly crying again. He looked straight into my eyes so very strongly and at the same time so utterly tenderly and caring He asked did you sleep well my son?

I blurted out No!

I did not sleep! I had a dream… a Vision!

It seemed that it was all He could do not to burst out laughing, and I felt my cheeks burn with frustration no, anger… I was angry. That He was all but laughing at me. He quietly said calm down my son relax,, catch your breath. So, you had a Dream. Please tell me about it.

In great detail, I told him my vision, He simply nodding and smiling the whole time. His eyes glistening with the thoughts of it all, when I finally finished my excitement was almost out of control.

He said very interesting what do you make of the vision of yours.

I do not know Father, I am completely confused by it all.

Never have I felt this way never have I had such a vision. Can you explain to me the meaning of this dream? I asked him

He smiled and said… do you really think that it was merely a dream or even a vision? I have waited your lifetime for you to come to the realization of this moment. To Love to know love, like you never knew it could be.

Not merely to love but rather this perfect time you are now “in” love consumed by the power of it, the gravity of love has you in its grip. Your passions, your desires exploding within you, do you think I would tempt you with heaven and not allow you the reality of it?

Again, that smile.

Nearly all but laughing, He was looking right straight into me. He asked me then this one question…

Now, do you understand how much I Love you?

I am in love with you my son you are my most cherished of all creation. You, my son I give to you all of my love… at this he began to bring out his hand that was behind him the whole time, But!

Instead of an empty hand there out from behind him… “You”, There You are! My dream my vision my love I nearly fainted away, the amount of Love that filled me spilling out all around almost like a foggy mist it spread out from me. Those eyes, that smile,

I could see the anxiousness in her eyes as well as mine. She looked up into the eyes of the Father and He merely nodded with that gentle smile and let her go her hand. She nearly ran to me jumping into each other’s arms an embrace beyond Ecstasy we cried the tears of joy.

Together at last as one I am… one I am whole. The mirror of my soul here in my arms Loving me, The way I love her Totally, completely, Eternally.

All but laughing from His joy tiny tears in the corners of His eyes I ran to him and with the greatest of gratitude ever shown. I hugged Him and kissed His cheeks whispering I love you so much, Father I do not know what to say other than thank you, thank you from the very essence of my being from the joy that fills my heart I thank you.

What did I do?

To deserve such loving-kindness such grace in your sight. I hugged Him again and wiped away his tears of joy. We simply stood there looking into each other’s eyes and I realized I knew the answers to everything. They are written upon my heart.

I understood the utter loneliness of not having the affection of your heart alive in your life I understood, the vastness of His love for me, I understood the term desperate yet knew the temper of it with patience. If you allow the Father His way unfettered, He will expose your dreams come true to you.

He will show you love beyond the meaning of the word,

He is the literal the expressive essence of love, He is… Love.

All things were created with this the most powerful will of creation He wielded for me the power of his love. In addition, look the gift I received. The gift of life itself handed over to her and me.

Together she and I will create the world of man. Using the power of creation itself, Our Love, His Love I could no longer hold the tears of joy in any longer I wept of shear happiness my senses, my emotions racked into near sobs I could not believe it, the joy… how else can I say it?

I do not know the words no, there are none, any word that I can think of falls short. Joy… is simply, joy accept His love and live! I turned back to her, and to my surprise, she was right there by my side. The most incredible look of concern on her face her eyes searching mine so I smiled that smile the one Father uses when He is up to something. I looked deep into her eyes and said… I, I Love You.

The, exquisitely beautiful innocent look that came upon her face Bore the tears back to my eyes. I wiped them away on the backs of my hands and reached out to her. Into My hand, she placed her hand with the utmost of grace and it was as if the angels were singing everywhere.

They began to blow their horns such a sound!

I wish you could hear it.

We looked at each other smiling and began to dance, it just happened. The shear sweetness of it expanding my imagination my thoughts, my emotions, running wild, I am wild my heart is pounding my soul coursing through my veins I am so… Alive!

The power of love, like lightning in the air, crackling all around us we danced And We Danced. We had just become one in the breath of life hers and the passion of mine. Her life was given for me! Father created her for me, out of my dreams realized right in front of my eyes manifested right out of nowhere and everywhere, out of my Fathers Heart so filled with His LOVE.

I love you so, so very many ways… look into my heart you will see! I cannot say in word the wonder of this day.

The angels sang and blew the horns we danced until we could dance no more and fell to the ground laughing. The beauty and the innocence of that single moment. Two children bathed in the love from their Father, simply allowed being the object of his affection.


Did you ever think you might be the object of his affection?

Yeah I am talkin to you I am allowed to interrupt if I want to. What, don’t you see me? Aren’t you reading me like an open book right now? I am allowed, to say what I say, so are you. What do you think? Right now, what are you thinking?

Think about it for a few minutes your thoughts think about them! Think your thoughts… Through. Give your love away.

Back to the story, Laughter racking our bodies my sides about to split; I laughed so hard it hurt. We could not take our eyes off each other. Father could not contain Himself any longer hands on His knees, He let out a laugh of all laughs. From the joy of us He received, in return of His Love for us His little children of his light.

You see He simply does not know how not to love us. We are the object of His affection. He lives for us He lets us live, whatever life you choose whoever you want to be at this very moment so who are you going to be? Me? Well I am just me.

When finally we caught our breath we sat, up and looked at each other… still amazed by it all. Kind of all starry eyed just lookin at each other. Two perfect children the beginning of everything that will ever be written down.

Who knows?

Why your heart cries when you give your love away,

Only time can tell ~ the story of your life ~ is that what you wanted to know. Who you are? Now you know. You are the affection of your Father’s eye. Creator/God loves you unconditionally; why not give your love away the same way?

From within the mind of the Great Spirit inspired into the heart of Tony Gray’Owl,

That in my mind unquestionably is what I call ~ Unconditional


The absolute truth of the matter

Are you sure, you want to know that?

Yes, yes I do. OK!

You asked for it, the answer to this question… is.

What were you “thinking” what where you thinkin?

What . . . if. You had not been “taught” all the things you think you know. What then would you know? What then would you believe in? What then would you think? A person equals the sum total… of their, “Thoughts” As a person thinks, so then in their hearts are they. Do you see?

How may I accomplish this that you ask?

To change everything that you think you know.

Quite Simple!

Fill your heart to over flowing with the purest thoughts of unconditional Love and there is no room for evil thoughts to exist or to enter into your heart this is the beginning of your journey into your new Life under Loves rules! The Law of One. The Divine Laws of Creators limitless wisdom.

There is only one law that humanity needs to write down. Then when all living souls have applied this to their daily lives. There are no other laws that need obeyed. This one single law governs all other previously/currently written laws.

This law is the eternal law of… God’s Love! With this one law… all other laws are irrelevant. The Pen; which is mightier than the sword has lost its power.

There are no further needs to write any other laws. One law… governs all… Gods law of… Love! I suppose this is why “all” governments have failed as one law would be just too simple for them. Under this single law of God’s love, these world leaders would all be job hunting.

I have only one prayer… I pray for every living soul and for every soul that will ever live. That . . . they may come to know the Great Grand Father in the way I do. To understand our God and His law of Love.

I call him the Great Grand Father for this reason, for the most part everyone knows his or her father. A large portion of us know our grandfather, but! There are only a few that ever get to know there Great Grand Father. This is why I call him this, I can think of none other than God as being my Great Grand Father creator of all that there is.

Can you?

It does not matter to Him what you call Him so much, as all names are His to claim. What is important to God, what is relevant is “that” you… Call him. ET… phone home. I pray daily for each and every one of you hoping with all of my faith that you will come to read these words and understand the meaning of them. To gently place these wisdoms into your hearts and for you to learn their meanings. I pray that you will come to this point in your life… when each of you is able to… Accept God’s unconditional Love.

Accept, “All” things just as they are and bless them in the Lords name. Do not become discouraged pray and continue to pray persevere until your prayer is realized. Give all praise, glory and honor to God and in great abundant gratitude… be grateful in “advance“ that God has answered your prayers, before it has even been done. Be eternally grateful for what you are “about” to receive, the answers to your prayers. Accept in gratitude every moment of Gods greatest gift His Love.

The second greatest of these, God’s gifts is Life your Life.

Now knowing that your Life is the second most precious of Gods gifts… you may begin to comprehend the vast extent of Gods law of Love. Which is the greatest of all His gifts to you, above all else God loves “you”. In addition, so do I unconditionally.

Accept His love into your heart and become reborn in it.

Become baptized in the fire of Christ, which is all-consuming, let His love consume you and be set ablaze by it.

Become the eternal blazing light of the world. Share his love freely, openly with everyone you touch, in everything you do, everywhere you go. Let your light shine.

Do not follow the ways and laws of man who blindly stumbles around in the darkness, lost in life. Lead with an exemplified life, the extension of the right hand of God’s love. Go ahead, step out into and hold yourself and what you believe up into the light of public scrutiny, as I have right here. You will see that you are held steadfast by the hand of God himself; when you are alive in the eternal presence of His unconditional love for you.

God’s Love is unfailing. Eternal.

Do not stumble, nor even miss a step, put aside your fears, place yourself wholly into his word, have faith in him. The world may take away all that you posses, the material things and yes even your life they can take.

But! They can never touch you; the body is merely what we are. Your Soul is who we are, and never can anyone touch the soul, so says the word of our Lord and God.

The Great Spirit created your soul and only He is in command of it and your life as well.

(I quote) and God said…
Your body I made from the dust of the earth and it will return to the dust of the earth. Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust this is the outcome for your bodies. However, your “soul” which is alive in your blood I will require back from you. I will require back from every living creature its soul, and it shall return to me.
For I created you; your eternal living soul eternally to be with ME!
From the beginning unto the end, for Infinity.
So says the Lord your God. And so it is.
End quote
Turn the page…
Why do you remain caught up in and tossed about by the storms of the oceans of lust? Have you not heard a single word that I have said? Are you still seeking? Have you not, found yourself yet? Why do you keep asking the questions that you already know the answers too? Who knows? If your, Love grows? Who can say what your heart knows? Who knows, when your heart cries, only time. Only time knows as your heart shows…where this day goes…Who knows? Only time.
Have you heard the heart beat of the blues… this musical movement of life, Hark when an angel blows his horn. Dreams and visions are born. These sounds so forlorn. Touch the keys these musical notes. Is where all hope floats, upon the oceans of life, a slow moving melody from somewhere just out of sight. Do you hear the spirit from within the night?
Lay down your prayers, your fears, and your desperate plights. Sing the song and dance the joy of life.
With deliberate intent, this is what I meant… with focused direction, we orchestrate the choreography of the power of light, A subtly hued dance within a rainbow of a chance. Come let me show you the steps to take. When Love is shown for your sake. I write these words for you to read, as from my heart they slowly bleed. My Love, What more can I say?
I wish to touch your heart ever so gently on this joyous day. The words so fleeting and just a glimpse… of the true meaning meant. When I said, I Love you.
Do you.
Can you.
Will you. Try to… Understand.
Here within these pages Wisdom clearly revealed words of truth so hard to be found. My heart aches for you to glow. These things I can hardly wait for you to sow my seeds of Love… plant them watch them grow. There is so much that you need to know. However, how… how can I say… in such a way… for you to see… all I want for you to be… is, in Love with… everything.
The eyes of truth are always watching you. To see with the power what you will do. Who knows what is to be? Only time can tell the story of your life. Nowhere else can truth be found except to follow the steps you take, to have heard the words you spoke.
I hope you remember when you awoke.
That this is just not some forgotten dream………
On the other hand, is it just the way it seems?
I am watching… I am waiting…
I am watching and waiting for… You, My Love.
For you are the only one that I Love. With baited breath, these words I speak the truth of your heart the only thing that I seek. I am filled with hope eternally that there within it to be found. Words of wisdom and judgment sound. With my sweet love our dreams are bound.
Forever and a day
Listen to the breath of my passion, to turn many into one with my breath of life, the breath of compassion is in me, with this Creator gives life. Listen to the breath of my desire to with you, become as one. If you would only hear me, it would all be so simple.
The living breath of your life’s very existence,
God’s love freely given.
Our Great Spirits eternal gift freely sent to you.
Listen to the breath of my compassion, forever I am watching and waiting for you… to be in love with your Creator the way that I love you. Once again, Great Spirit spoke to me saying . . .
Do you know how long I have waited?
For you to believe in Me,
The way I believe in you,
Nearly Eternity and still I am patiently Waiting for you to understand, what I told you as the child when you were barely able to stand.
At that very moment, I pictured your face, high upon a mountain all set ablaze, like the sunset glowing, such a wonderful and warming embrace. What are these words? What is this is?
An anguished ocean of love your most precious desires “ebbing and flowing” into and out of my sight. What is wrong and what is right? Does it really even matter? I feel the sounds like rain, When your words come crashing down on me. Washing over and over me, like the waves of an angry ocean lashing out in blind injustice, washing clean the land of this pestilence. As you let each other’s blood flow like a torrent river saturating, your insatiable thirst for power, and your insatisfiable lust called GREED.
Tell me PLEASE; how much does ONE need?

Destruction, Devastation, Depravation, Starvation, Eradication, Nuclearization.

What has happened to my Civilization?

Tears FLOW. Hearts ACHE. Minds BEND. Souls LOST.

Mother Earth keeps warning you leave nature to Herself.

Do you, or can you not see the signs?

Of course, you cannot see them

Your still living in the dark ages . . . OPEN Your eyes!

So say’s our Creator.

Tears flow as I let my love grow, and look new sprouts appear in the most unlikely of places. And the stars upon earth shine brighter than the son, for after all I am only human, more tears, I am once again here under the darkness of the midnight sky, writing the words of light. How can I not love you? I do not know how not to love you, Please listen to me these silent words unspoken, merely shared in the only way I know how.

Heartache is not what we are destined to live, grow your love and then give it away and watch it grow, once unleashed. You will see that Heaven has no boundaries, it is limitless, infinite.

How long have you been feeling lonely, how long have you been feeling so sad and blue? Let me love you. Let me mend your broken heart. I have learned how to love you, even though no one has ever loved you like I love you, it is so easy to understand. Once upon a time, there was a time that you believed in love. How long will it take me to touch you, in the way you have always dreamed of? Has no one ever really tried to love you as I love you? This time, this time I will touch you. As no other ever has, to melt your hard heart and open your mind’s eye, so that you may see, that you have always been loved so incredibly far beyond your imaginations could ever take you.

I suppose it will take a little more time, a little more time, for me to give too you my gift, as your money cannot buy my gift, it must be seen and accepted for what it is, FREE

Maybe one day we can span the bridge that is between us.

Maybe . . . one day we can turn it all around and there will be laughter, instead of tears. One day I will turn this ole world around. From within my dreams I only seek shelter from this storm.

Maybe one day we can reach out . . . too where Hope is to be discovered. Maybe one day we can turn and face these fears. After all, it really is not that far too where hope floats, upon the Oceans of despair and sorrow. One day we shall turn and face these fears, after everything is said and done there will always be hope. And with such, we can turn this old world around. Do you see?

As this is, life. That which is a most curious of things and you really cannot understand it, if you do not try, and I said life is a most curious of things. You never know what tomorrow seldom brings. So curious of a thing, so what was it that you thought it would be? As I said life, life is a most curious thing, even though I understand it and you try too. Do you know poverty? That is the most curious of things, when there is such abundance, for everyone.

I know that this life can be so demanding, exacting of your time, be there or lose it. Pack your suitcase and grab a beer, tell them you are going out to experience life, as I said life is a curious thing, what are your thoughts of it? As I said that, you never know what tomorrow brings, so what can I tell you? Other than to choose, the road that brings you back to . . .

The foundation God laid for your love to grow upon, freely.

What if, Love.

Was the only road you traveled?

Every road that is traveled teaches something new. Every road that is traveled brings me back to you. And every road that is narrow pushes us to choose. I would be lying if I said there is not a struggle in this life to prove, yet with our voices, there is nothing that we cannot resolve.

Catch me in your arms as you made me think I could fly. As I swam in the pools of your eyes . . . And a single tear drop fell, and I cried. Have mercy . . .

Every day at the end of this dead end road, I say have mercy! Have mercy on me. It has been so long.

Lead do not follow into a life that you are told you are loved somewhere down this road. My arms will reach out to you and hold the answers at the end of this road. That tell you the words I heard, that are falling from your own mouth, these words you said . . . I love you.

Somewhere down this lonely road, you will see your own words will turn you inside out, so tell me why you love me. Do you. Love Me. These are my dreams, the contents of my head; do you know how I feel? Love is, Love. Do you know what I fear? Not being loved by you.

I was lost till you gave me your love and then you took it away, Lost once again was I till . . . I saw the light, and realized that all I wanted to do was be in love with you. Oh my precious little Angel, I was lost until you gave . . . your love to me. I give to you, everything, all of me.

Then you used me as it all went by, my love, used by your own self-centered reasons. All I asked was for you to stand by me and to make this moment last, and then we stumbled and then we faltered as we were standing upon the path, and fell away from each other.

These things that do not have to last forever. Please simply love me, in the way I love you. Now that I have given you the perfect gift, face reality, we have stumbled and fallen, I can almost hear your words, I love, you.Bottom of Form

I saw such sadness. I saw such sorrow. I saw everything destroyed. Yet I am the sole survivor. When I ran away from it all, I was looking, and knew I was alive. I was the survivor; I was amazed by the darkness in it, all as the light of love destroyed humanity. Yet I survived.

I kept on learning to the very end. The Sole survivor of love guaranteed. This is my soul exposed into your reality.

EVERY TIME . . . I am missing you, this seems to be a way of life. Like a candle in the dark, your smile lights up my life and warms me through and through.

Missing you is just a part of living; missing you feels like a way of life, I am still living my life and I still wish that you were mine.
I still hear your breath, when you slept next to me.
I still feel your touch in my dreams.
Forgive me my weakness, but I do not know why
without you it is so hard to survive.
‘Cause every time we touched, I got this feeling.
And every time we kissed I swear I could fly.
Can’t you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last.
Need you there by my side.

‘Cause every time we touch, I feel the static.
And every time we kiss, I reach for the sky.
Can’t you hear my heart beat so… I cannot let you go.
Want you in my life, as I am missing . . .
Your arms are my castle; your heart is my sky.
They wipe away tears that I cry.
The good and the bad times, we have been through all.
You make me rise when I fall.
‘Cause every time we touched, I got this feeling.
And every time we kissed I’d swear I could fly.
Can’t you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last.
Need you by my side.
‘Cause every time we touched, I felt the static.

Like lightning crackling in the sky.
As every time we kissed, I reach for the sky.
Can’t you hear my heart beat so…
I cannot let you go.
Want you in my life.
Cause every time we touched, I got this feeling.

Every time we kissed, my heart knew it could fly.
Can’t you feel my heart beat fast, I wanted this to last.
Need you by my side, can’t you feel my torn heart

A timeless love, of this feeling I had with you.

The road of life is so very rugged, yet I choose, to love you.

I hear the sounds of music, these notes of love played upon my heart for eternity, for every road I travel brings me,

Back too you

Wipe your eyes and let the salt stains dry . . . let them all run dry, all dry. For time will catch you in its hands to be blown away like grains of sand, this is what becomes of us. Let it all go by, it all goes by . . . such is life it just goes by.

One moment at a time . . . till the end, my release, my moment of freedom at last.

I don’t care if there is no tomorrow as I could die right here in your arms, Sweet darling don’t you know we are no different from one another, I stumble and falter yet I am no different standing upon this road, I cry have mercy, have mercy on me. As I face the truth about myself.

I can almost hear . . . I can almost hear the rain falling down. Like these tears that fall from my eyes, as I cry for you living your desperate lives. For you whom seem to be so dear to me, I cry have mercy.

How can I make this moment last? Please take these words into your heart even if I have said them a million times before, I will say them again tomorrow. As I die right here in your arms and even if the stars have made me blind, I still see,

Those words when you said to me, I love you. I love you.

I see it now; I see it in your eyes.

There is no disguising it Lost like the tears I have cried, and yet they tide me over, as only time will tell. What you see and put to rest
. I see it now; I see it in your eyes searching always searching. Is it never to be found?

There is no disguising it; I see it in your eyes.

Once again, I ask you, where do we go from Here?

Follow me . . . it’s just over the rainbow.


2 responses

  1. Lovely, Divine. Be Blessed Of Divine Light.

    December 23, 2011 at 4:41 pm

  2. Tsimi James

    I was blind but I have seen the light and the light is you.
    Your words are beautiful my brother…namaste

    Last evening standing in the shadows of evergreens shimming in the twinkling star-lite…
    I heard You hoot twise,which gave me a tingling fright…rounding the corner and a turn to the right…
    I looked into the star-lite night…
    And heard a hoot x 2 once again…listening to Your call, filled me with Light…shining brightly engulfing the night…
    The words I heard are for me, come through the door and be Free, filled with the Love that I give unto thee…
    Give unto others …the love in your heart…and give each one a brand new start…

    Lord, teach me how to be: “That flexible water,” as our soft-light rapidly and that “a strong hope that.

    Remember to remember! And who have become aware!

    “True love is a sacred flame
    That burns eternally,
    and none can dim its special glow
    Or change its destiny.
    True love speaks in tender tones
    and hears with gentle ear,
    True love gives with open heart
    and true love conquers fear.
    True love makes no harsh demands
    It neither rules nor binds,
    and true love holds with gentle hands
    the hearts that it entwines.”

    Father I thank you for your word, I pray that I may always find in it everything I need to move forward in life, I know there are many things I learn and the instructions for how I will address in all undertake, fill me with your presence and diligence to always keep feeding your word, all I ask in Jesus name, Amen. May God bless you.
    Strive all you who hope in the Lord and he shall strengthen your heart. – Psalm 31:24 thought: …
    Those who hope in the Lord we often feel defeated and this because the world increasingly is against what we believe, but our God says that we try and strengthen your heart, do not let nothing makes us think that we are less or we can not succeed because the Creator of heaven and earth is on our side,

    Mitakuye oyasin wado ♥ Tsimi Your Brother in Spirit ^..^

    February 10, 2012 at 3:51 pm

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