Chapter 10

A few words from an old Wiseman inspired from some cosmic space, from which this all seemingly takes place.

We seem to find ourselves falling down into Poverty in this our modern state of grace.

On the other hand, is this just a state of mind, taught to our children throughout all time?

Yet in the end we cannot be broken, it is simply up to Society.

Do you see? It is all up to “you.”

As nature has a way of breaking. That which does not bend to the hands of what we call, “time.” This is the Will possessed by Mother Earth, All giving, All consuming.

Turn to me with open arms. Turn to me, Yes I see the pain; that is in your eyes. Anyone but me, please answer my prayers. We are given to a God and yet we are that to which we pray. I will tell you a story and sing you a song. That will touch your heart in the way you have so longed.

“The lonely calling of a Shamans life”

Upon this Earth, there dwells a man,

That heals the soul as no one can.

His method work, and many find, new strength of heart and peace of mind. When the day is spent and done as bodies soak up the dying sun, he then ponders how his life had begun. This gentle, unassuming man, he has no life apart from this…

He feels great joy, though tastes no kiss, no children to dance around his feet, no tender maid his flesh to meet, Just to heal everything, within his sight, in fair exchange for smiles they give each night.

While sitting in the silence of self one night, his eyes beheld an awesome sight, to fix his gaze within the fire, of Ancient Masters to inquire, his mind remembers words they spoke; they danced with smiling faces within the smoke.

And thus, he knows, with joy divine, that he is of a different kind, A race of beings upon the Earth, A wondrous tribe, of noble birth, who live their lives devoid of self care, extending hands to lift despair, removing the rubble from our lives, transforms our sorrow into Joy, gently wipes away the tears from our eyes.

The folks who wander here and there, feeling lost in great despair; he himself does reach inside, removing splinters and calming our tides,

He wipes clean the stains of life, and cuts our bonds of guilt and strife, then simply turns and walks away from those he helps, without thought about himself.

The lonely Shaman’s calling, living life behind what’s seen, no excuses for who he is, we cannot deny the help he gives. So we must simply be content, to just accept this noble gent and understand that in this world, amongst the stones upon the trail there lives a pearl so radiant, you cannot miss the light he shines, so brightly for us all to find, our way to this lonely path. So let us place our judgments upon the shelf, to freely receive this healing, for ourselves.

Tony Gray’Owl an American Cherokee Shaman

In the eyes of a Stranger

A poetic contemplation of life.

In the words of this Stranger, Is it so strange that I should wish to change the world? Which is moving, ever faster? With deliberate Intent, this is what I meant. Did you not see me in the river? When you were drowning in deep water; attempting to bail yourself out with a straw.

I said pay close attention and do not fall, as you were standing on the edge of your feather expecting to fly. Still I am wondering, wondering . . . Why you do not see?

As you reach out to grasp your last breath. Have I made it, to simple? I ask. Lend me your ear so that you may hear, my voice that forever makes perfectly clear, that Creator has always been here, with loving hand outstretched to catch you when you fall.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . Did you hear that? What? That Quiet soft voice, speaking upon the breeze.

Do you, can you hear it? I am silently listening. I AM awake and remember there is an empty space within Creators heart. HE is watching and waiting for… You to come home.

Where do we go from here? What is it you most desperately want to know? Open your heart and reveal to the Great Spirit that which you truly seek. Open your mind, open your heat; express your deepest desire for the Great Spirit to come in. Then to you, Creator will surely speak and softly whisper His Wisdom to you. His words of knowledge on the breath of life Creator will teach ever so quietly to you. Then in wisdom, you will understand the full meaning of your life, and that is to love all of creation “Unconditionally,” Just as “HE” loves us, His children of the light, created out of His compassion.

Creator will paint the picture of eternity in your mind with the airbrush of “His” voice. Creator will etch the words of eternal truth upon the stone tablet of your heart. Your soul will cry tears of joy; your heart will ache for Him. Your spirit will soar like never before, as you, have returned to Him, the love He gives so freely to us.

To all of humanity I Gray’Owl, will say this to you. For all whom shall listen, their light shall soon glisten.

Like a full moon in a star lit night sky. As if the Moon were to kiss the Sun. With My eyes, I have seen. With My ears, I have heard. These are My, Words. This is what I have seen you teach. You O’ Great Spirit see the wisdom that is in every one. Knowing they hold in their grasp. Gripped so tightly within their small hands and set so firmly in their minds, set deep within our hearts this one intimate knowing.

The simplest of truths, you gave your love to me, and then you took it away. What else will you do today? Have Mercy! Run to me, Come to me, Look what you have done to me. I was lost until you gave your love to me and then you took it away once more.

Take out the power, kick down the door and set yourself free. Held within my open arms is a monumental truth. I believe in love, is why I do these things for you. I believe in Love. I believe in you as well my friends. Give up your needs, your poisonous greed’s. Those evil seeds that have been planted within your hearts. Find yourself a different kind of free.

The one that just lets you “Be” then gather the determination and with great strength lay them all down. The things that make you want to take flight from these evil sights. Whispers silent into the night, let your dreams go by. Let your dreams go by. Let it all go by.

Our Dreams are where our prayers; are answered in wondrous insight. Wipe away your tears and let the salt stains dry. It all goes by it all goes by. For time will catch you in its hands, too be blown away like grains of sands. Here within My hands, how many times do I have to tell you? Creator gave you the power. The ability to set Free, Great Spirits unconditional Love. That is now your Love, freed upon our Mother Earth.

Ashes to Ashes


Dust to Dust,

This is what becomes of us.

Where does that leave the God of all creation?

Do you think that the Great Spirit destined Himself to be alone for eternity? Not for one single day is He alone, not for a single moment are we alone!

This is what the “Great Spirit/Creator” taught me.

Softly upon the breath of life, whispering through the aged Adler’s, Ancient wisdom echoed saying. When you love, you must love freely unrestrained. There are neither bonds nor tethers to tie, nor to break free from their icy grip of fear. Simply open the doorway of your heart and let your love flow, like liquid tears of solace.

When you love, you must allow time to go by. If your love becomes lost to you, do not fear, “I“ your Creator will return it to you my dear. “I” do not mean that there will not be storms and dark nights along the way. You must simply believe what “I” have said. Even if you think that your love is dead, all you must do is remember this you’re Creator said.

If you love, you will also be loved. It is so because “I” your Creator loves you.

What! Do I hear a doubt?

Then let “ME”, ask you this “One” Question.

When has any-thing that “I” created, ceased to exist?

If there seems to be something that you think did, where do you think it went?

Hmmmm… riddle me that.

So shall we look at the foundation of your next doubt? Shall I continue to weed these nasty seeds from within your garden? I have heard your anguish; I have heard your hearts cry out; What if? You only lent your voice to that which your heart wishes to be freed, from?

Where then do you think your strength would lead you?

Come on all you non-believers, move out of the way, there is a new army coming and we are armed only with Love. Live your life based on the Great Spirits love and your bravery. Then you will live a life uncommon. Hey! We cannot lose! Just let Creator, have “HIS” way.

By My example I Tony Gray’Owl am leading you to this pathway. Do not worry it will be all right. Do not worry, say your prayers and sleep tight. It will be fine Lover of mine it will be just fine. Set down your chains until there is only your faith that remains.

Inside My heart, there is this space. It bleeds and yes, it aches. Just let me have my way, you claim innocence, enough to understand, but do you? Do you. Do you… Get down on your knees and pray?

What is it that “you” have to say?

The Great Spirit is waiting, Creator is wanting, Creator needs you, Creator is here… for you. In the absence of all fear, I am hoping you will hear. There is a new day dawning and it will become perfectly clear regardless what you think. The Great Spirit/Creator is always here.

Creator told me that there are angels all around us. For that what you seek “Heaven” is upon this place, called earth. This is who you are! Angels.

Created by Great Spirits own grace. Yet you shake your fists and say, God kills the children with our very own hands. Great Spirit said, “I” gave you free will. What else will you do today?

In all darkness, I am leaving you here, in the absence of all fear, as you now know you are never alone. Inside the absence of fear, there is a place. That I would have you draw near to Creators heart. When I suggest that you to be in the absence of fear, It is to understand that, Great Spirit/Creator is with you, Always Forever What more do I need to say? You seem never to realize or even know. Yet the principles of Creators Love are so easy to understand.

Always, forever, seeking and yet not ever believing. Our Creators principles of Love, They are so simple if you but try to understand them.

Why does it seem . . . At least to me rather obvious?

That you are always seeking and never finding?

Look at our sciences always ever changing. Almost every year all of our books, must be replaced with newer ones. Why? Because everything that our scientists and teachers thought to be the facts of whatever, to be true has been over-turned by another scientist’s/physicist newer more modern findings Concepts, theories, conjecture, speculations, etc. etc. etc. so forth and so on.

As these new thoughts, overturn these older writings of modern day misunderstandings. Why do you believe so completely hardheartedly in your sciences? That is never stead fast, seldom-solid fact, scarcely even close to the Living truth. Now I understand.

Aha… that is it, Ha ha ha ha yes it is sooo . . . funny! That everyone will believe virtually anything. Except the actual absolute truth, the undeniable truth that “We” have been trying to get you to understand, it seems forever. Perhaps now you will listen.

You do not need, to know the vast underlying, unimaginable, workings of the universe, and even more so the fundamentals of life. This is “Great Spirits” science the only science, which is never changing.

This science; was founded in and of Creators loving compassion for you and it can never change or be rewritten, as “His” word is absolute. I am writing it down for you right here once again. The Great Spirit has created everything and it is all running very smoothly as “HE” has planned it all to be just as it is.

You! If I may suggest, Should focus on “your-selves” and the great job you are doing of destroying your planet!!! You are creating disease and famine worldwide when there is far more than a great abundance for all.

In one small exercise of true love, we can effectively change the world over night.

This is the mathematical equation to end all economic strife. Simply take the sum total of all of the earth’s monetary wealth divide it by the sum total of every adult or head of house hold and give each person that amount of money. We in fact would then be multimillionaires. In essence everyone could/would have everything we need and more.

I know that this is not going to happen any time soon.

As the oh so few of you that have an obscene abundance, are definitely “not” going to give to the vast majority of us that do not have hardly anything. This is the seed I call,


All Glory and Praise to the Great Spirit/Creator of all things known and unknown, the One Infinite True God over all others, if there are even any others.

Your dedicated Son, Tony Gray Owl

The following is absolutely the basic cause, to every problem each of you experience in your daily lives. You do not regard your-self-worthy to be spoken to by the Great Spirit, the God of Religion, personally and further it is more likely that you have been ”Taught” that the Great Spirit will not speak individually to you.

Why do you ridicule the thought of your own Father speaking too you? Great Spirit is performing a “miracle” in your life right now, as you read these words.

The Great Spirit is not only speaking to you, but “HE” is speaking directly to every person who “has”/ “are “/ “will”, be led to these written words and are reading them right now.

Creator knows who each and every one of you are. Creator knows who will be led to these words. Great Spirit knows that there are those of you, who will listen and hear almost everything “HE” is saying to you, yet the rest of you may listen but not be able to hear nor understand anything.

Our Creator has established the laws of the universe . . . that makes it possible for you to have /* to create exactly whatever you choose. These laws are absolute. They can be ignored. But, you cannot. Not, follow these universal laws.

For they have been established firmly for all time you cannot really ignore them. As you cannot operate without them. You would not even exist without these laws. This is one of those laws. Creators “Promise” to us, is to give to you whatever you “Ask”, in gratitude for what you are “About“, to receive. Do you see? Do you get this?

The rest of you, who do not ask out of advance gratitude, He will give also as you wish. You how ever will probably not like the way it turns out. As you have exercised the gift of free will and chosen to go it alone. Whatever your “Will”, will be done.

Let me explain you’re “Promise” to, “God”. It is simple, “Ask” in your prayers out of gratitude for everything.

Enjoy your life and all the wonders it has to offer you. Stop worrying, when can you recall a single moment in your entire life? That you have not had some-thing to wear, something to eat, some place to sleep.

These things may not be up to expected or taught standards, yet the most basic of your needs are always provided for you. Put your faith in “the Great Spirit” and your gifts will always surpass your basic needs without you ever having to ask for them.

Your faith from this moment of the true understanding of “God” this crucial turning point in your life understanding your Creator and the power “HE” gives us can and will create the great “Abundance” that you have always desired.

Once again, simply ask in advance with great gratitude for that which you are “about” to receive and then sit back and watch your life become transformed into everything you have ever dreamed of, manifest itself into your life. Your heart is the garden of paradise that the Great Spirit created on earth; cultivate your-self with all the simple things the abundant essence of nature, the world around you. The vast boundless abundance Mother Earth provides so freely.

Understand this one truth, you do not live in a home, that house you think you own is only a place where you keep your other stuff. While you are out getting more stuff.

“You” are your home, wherever you are, you are at home, and as your home is your heart, this is where your soul lives. For our souls are who we are, our body is merely what we appear to be at this moment. As for our spirit, that is “Creator” being with us; always forever and a day.

Wherever you are whomever these people are beside you at that moment are your neighbors, each living soul that surrounds you. Great Spirit is alive in their hearts as well as yours, treat them with the same loving kindness as you would treat your “Creator” and Great Spirit will be well pleased with you.

Here is another horrible false teaching of religion that causes me great pains. Who taught you that our Creator is going to punish you for doing what you do?

You have free will do as you please.

I would however merely suggest that you do it out of love.

Creator has no need to punish you in any way for any conceivable reason. You choose the way of your life with each decision you make at every moment of your life. Your life is yours to do with as you wish. This is the true understanding of what we call Free Will.

Of course, Great Spirit would be exquisitely pleased, if you were to base and live your entire life on the principles of “His” “Love”.

Creator will never force you to do anything, which is the beauty of “HIS” Love; you are free to do as you “Wish.”Just be careful what you wish “for”. Likewise, in your prayers, you must come to the full understanding of how that works as well.

I will attempt to explain in this way. If you pray, asking for something that you “Want” that is exactly what you will receive, the experience of wanting it.

You did not ask to ”receive” something; you are asking to “want” something. So you literally get to “want it” That is after all what you asked for!

Do you get it? Do you see what I mean?

The understanding of the power of thought and the words you chose to use in the way you use them has a dramatic affect on the desired out come. Creator has given you the power, it is up to you as to how you use it or not.

Yes, I said “Not” As most of you are completely blind to the fact that you hold in your own two hands the power to create your life in any fashion in any form in any way you choose.

Most of you think your life is crap so that is what you create, a life of crap. Change your mind and create what you are really seeking. The paradise that is in “you”, Heaven is upon earth, simply look into your heart.

You must find your Heaven within and come to the only possible conclusion that heaven is not somewhere up in the sky; you must find that Heaven can only to be “Discovered” within your own heart, the Garden of Eden.

Creator is the heaven that is alive in your heart. Now that you have found yourself and are standing in paradise, exercise your free will, take the gift of “Creators” love and set it free, break the bonds of self-imposed hard ship. Take the out your power and set yourself free!!! Learn the principles of Creators Love and apply them to your life.

Gray’Owl quietly, patiently says, I am Watching and Waiting, for someone who understands me. Why has it taken so long? Soon you will see the Great Spirit in all things around you.

Creation is all around you, “YOU” are creation. I am Watching and waiting, for someone who understands me. I hope it will not be to long…

This is an undeniable fact says Great Spirit and that is you “are” His son, Her offspring, More than a mere likeness of Creator. You are the very living Image of our Creators vision, the Great Spirit and I/We are “One”. Why do you reject these truths? Is it simply too much for you to accept? Is it too much to comprehend? Is it the infinite vastness of the unknown mind of our Creator? Is it too much for you to fathom, the depths of Great Spirits mind?

Perhaps it is too much responsibility.

Oh my God! Am I in charge?

So when you fully understand, when you have realized what has just been revealed too you, when you can grasp the depth the vast encompassing expanse and the meaning of it all. You will now know that all along, no one was, nor is anyone at all doing anything to any of you.

“You” are creating all things. Your thoughts are what you are, your words the essence of your life. Do you hear that? Yes that quiet little rustle of a sound! Can you hear it? That sound. What joy is that? That my child; is the sound of unconditional Love.

I can tell you this. That understanding “Creators” basic principles of truth are the keys of knowledge. Applying them in your daily life is the key of wisdom.

All that you see in our world is the outcome of our inward projections of our outward perceptions of our inner most central basic thoughts and misconceptions of our life. Do you truly want your life to transform? Change the way you think about it, change the way you perceive, you!

First, think … which is where creation begins. Then speak … which is how you place creation into Power. Then simply become that which “You” have created your “Self” to be. “Creators” heaven is in you . . . I am in you, you are in me. Whatever your “Will” is your reality.

Whatever you decide is your destiny. Whatever thoughts you linger on are the very creative forces you set in motion blindly, when you do not understand these simple basic principles. Learn the principles of “Creators Love” given to you so freely.

It is not your love for your Creator. It is the “unconditional” Love from “Creator”. The love I have for you, the love I give to you, is the Love Creator gives to me. I then unchain my heart burst open its doors and pour it out into our reality, set free here upon our Mother Earth.

The Love I receive so freely from the Great Spirit I pour out of my heart into the hearts of all peoples upon the earth. We are One Nation, One Tribe, One People, Do you see? Can you hear me? I am pleading with you. You have the power to set yourself free, go ahead use these keys.

To Hell with it, kick down the door, step through and “See”!!! Become the light. This is “Me”. I am the light. I am the truth. I am the way. There is no other. I conceived Heaven… Flourishing on Earth, They put “Great Spirits” word to death, for what” He” came to say. From this you have said, that everyone must pay.

What would be the price? If you, had to purchased it.

This insanity, which you have all, fought. On the other hand, is it just this vicious thought? That down through time … you have all been, Taught, Behold Out of the Light … comes the Darkness … this shadowed affect.

In the deepest darkest regions of the mind lies the darkness that makes you feel blind. Its silent fear, grips your heart, from these things you must “Depart” From the darkness of each night, always dawns a new day. Step out from these shadows and just walk away.

From within these darkest moments, comes the most profound of insights. Gather you strength, from within this darkest of nights. To conquer total freedom from fears grip held onto so tight. Shatter its fragile grasp forever with the power of insight, now knowing that darkness wields no power in the brightness of our light. Mere Shadows of one’s self. As the light brightly shows the way and lights this path to the highest realizations of self.

To understand thoroughly; our Creators Unconditional Love and simple guiding principles is to apply them wisely in one’s daily life. Knowing them overcomes this Darkness… it is nothing more than a mere shadow. Which only stems outward from the light, eternal you are now set free from its worthless plight.

What is your deepest, darkest, inner most kept secret? The Great Spirit knows without your knowledge understood without it said. I will again reveal to you within these words already spoken so long ago. The simplest of truths and yet they still remain so completely unknown. Listen closely as I say it again.

Christ, the Living Spoken Word that lived amongst us in days of old, left one lesson He had learned and yet so very few have understood, until now the wisdom the way to escape the feelings of being all alone. Again, this lesson I shall teach. I will unfold if you will simply take the time to Behold.

Here is this truth so simply said

This is how you escape from being the living dead.

The Great Spirits words I have written down the escape route, which is so seldom ever used. This direction you must take, if not followed is your mistake. You have gone to Great Spirit, Asking show us the way.

Listen closely to what I have to say, your life forever altered on this very day. The question you asked.

How do we receive forgiveness from our God?

Great Spirit has told us this long before now. I will tell you again; this is how to be, forgiven of what your

Religions call “SIN.”

It begins with this tiny smallest of acts, but of this I assure you is the truest of facts. Now as you stand praying your prayers to Creator. It all begins with you, why do not you see. First, you must forgive every one; neighbor, father, mother, son, daughter and everyone bar none. For everything must be forgiven no matter how small the offenses that anyone has ever done to you or you to them. If you first do not forgive, everyone and I mean everyone!

This by the way includes you.

Then you have tied the Fathers hands, which are in heaven, thus, there is only one thing that Creator can do and that is likewise not to forgive you. Do you see the meaning of this? Again, it is you wielding the power in your own hands.

Now if you can find it held tight in your heart let it go, forgive all the others and then we may start. Here is the prayer to set yourself free and allows you simply to be. Forgiven of the thing you call sin . . . is that your entire wish? Repeat after me.

Dear Great Grand Father, Great Spirit/Creator/God, I send you this most precious of prayers. I pray that you will hear me, my small voice crying out to you and understand what I am trying to say. I am seeking your forgiveness and I think . . . I have found the right way.

To my brothers and sisters to all who have been, to all that there is And who will ever be, this of course includes “me”.

I forgive myself, which is so very hard to do and I forgive all of you. I wish to share this gift of wisdom that I Tony Gray’Owl has found. I give to you my forgiveness for everything no matter how small. Out of my own free will, this comes to you and its judgment so sound.

With this now done and accomplished Great Spirit I pray, Please forgive me likewise on this holy day. I am so grateful to be your son. To you I give all power glory and praise. Forever in great gratitude, my prayer is sent I am so grateful for what I am about to receive. To our Lord and savior I have heard and I have listened to what you said. This is the way for us to pray that you spoke of, to keep us from becoming, the living dead.

Thank you, Great Spirit. Amen.

Now with sternest of warning, I will add this.

You wield the power . . . Only you can resist.

Tears are streaming down my face as Creator has touched another precious heart and has been heard once more, one soul at a time the world shall awaken to Creators truth, that all there is worth doing in this world is to love each other unconditionally.

Mother Earth provides all we need and all we need do is nourish Her in return so that all future generations may live with the same great abundance, Awaken now, remember we are the children of the light of Creators Love, open your heart gates now and flood the world with your love, give it away and watch it grow.

Blossoming like spring flowers filling the air with its wonderful essence. Here within these words written I give my love away, freely, asking no-thing in return.

I soar now in my joy over the mountains, out to the oceans of life I go, to show you where Hope floats eternal,

Come fly with me.

We shall fly so high we shall crack the sky and let heaven fall in upon our earth.

Blessed be Creators wisdom, divine knowledge beyond knowing, close your eyes and look within see the beauty of creation. Your heart is the garden of Eden Creator planted His seeds of love in.

Tend to it out of your compassion and watch your love grow!!!!


3 responses

  1. Tsimi James

    Whatever your “Will” is your reality.
    WOW Brother….What an eye opener this reading is!!!
    So many answered questions…so much wisdom shown unto me…a humble child of eternity.
    You touched me with beautiful prayer my brother…filling me with inspiring beauty♥♪˙··٠٠••●●♥
    Mitakuye oyasin wado ♥ Tsimi Your Brother in Spirit ^..^

    February 8, 2012 at 12:16 pm

  2. Phil Shearer

    Thank-you Tony and the Creator/Great Spirit for these gems of love and forgiveness yes among Native American Holy men and women they also speak of finding the creator with in.Also Buddhist neither denial or say there is no Creator within because they already know he is within so they meditate,pray,chant so it goes with thanks your brother going into the light you have paved Phil

    May 15, 2012 at 4:23 am

    • Tony Gray'Owl

      You are making great progress my brother. Gods blessings to you.

      May 15, 2012 at 4:22 pm

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