Chapter 01

the LIVING BOOK of LIFE, as seen through the eyes of this stranger . . .


Contains the ,

Theory of “Realativity”

Thus I pen into the worlds History;

The inspired words of the Great Spirit, our Creator.

O’ Great Grand Father, I am but the clay of our Mother Earth.

Fashion me with your own hands into the empty earthen vessel of your making.

Fill me; to over flowing with your eternal unconditional love and I shall spill it out . . .

Upon the world of Humanity, as freely as you have given it to me. One day, one day all shall see.

These Spiritual Teachings the Poetry of Your heart, you have shared freely with me, your son,

Gray’Owl thus,with the people of Mother Earth I also share freely with the world of Humanity.

“Your words of Wisdom”

And thus, begins the Living BOOK of LIFE.

This, Living Book of Life; is based upon the teachings of, The Inner Circle of Life, The American Indian Medicine Wheel. Masterfully blended with the beliefs and truths of the teachings from nearly all walks of life, these truths carefully extracted from throughout the written history of humanities lost wisdom, which the Great Spirit calls . . .

The Secret Wisdom of the Ancient Ancestors the Knowledge of the Red Spirit Elders,

and a multitude of Ascended Master Teachers, revelations to humanity over eons of time. 

Listen closely  . . . To these secrets, being revealed to you now.

” I Dedicate this work of truest love revealed “

To the Great Spirit, our Infinite Wise Creator/Great Grandfather.

The unconditional Love of my Life,

thus, I give you . . .

*\ The LIVING Book of Life, As seen through the eyes of this, stranger /*

This is a close personal look into, Gray’Owl’s life and how these writings all began.

It begins by,

“Remembering who you truly are”

Last night, I dreamed, far beyond the stars, O’ children of the light. I called out to you and you answered softly. It does not seem such a long time ago, that we were born into the dazzling light of life. Why do you hesitate to love freeely? If you but listen to me, we shall be free to live as One. The object of creation . . . to be love, or too hate. This is your free will to be whom ever you wish to be in this life, to have what ever you create your life to be, you are the King of nothing, or of everything, all you must do is decide, whatever is to be. Choose!

What is the vision of your life? With that question asked, I share with you my life . . . openly.

Within this book are the answers I have been inspired to realize to this “Question” . . .

What is the purpose of a human beings life?

This is but the story of one man, out of the trillions of people who have lived upon this planet. It is a true story, and one that I am still living as you read on, an eternal epic adventure into understanding, the meaning of a human beings life.

To, Gray’Owl, he is just a simple man, even though within his mind is like a vast library of knowledge. He is no one special. He is no one of any importance so to say. A man of simple means and needs, living in his heart, however, is the truth of life, living, loving and forgiving. He is filled with it to where it seems to bleed from him, like an eternal fountain over- flowing into life.

Everywhere Gray’Owl goes; people become fascinated in his presence. The warm glow that is in his eyes captures their attention. People ask him wherever he goes, “How did you become to be this way? I want to be just like you.” They open their hearts to him, telling him all their troubles and dreams, asking him if he can explain the answers to their prayers, their dreams and fears. Asking him to share and explain to them the knowledge and incredible wisdom of the Ancients, who were the original Ancestors. The very first human beings to become incarnate souls here on planet earth and long before our currently accepted recorded history. Yet the living memory of them lives within Gray’Owl. The Ancient Ancestors are alive within Gray’Owl’s heart and mind.

To him these are the happiest, most joyful, times of his life, when he gets to share his life experiences and the wisdom of the Ancients. To express his deep understanding and the knowledge that the Great Creator God taught him how to teach. In addition, to the amazing knowledge handed down to him by his Shamans and many Master teachers. He has been divinely inspired to create artwork and the stories, which go along with them, revealing grand morals each of these creations manifest into the light of our reality. As they expose and teach the truths of life. Gray’Owl is truly an exceptionally gifted natural artist inspired of God; all that he creates and accomplishes he understands by listening to an almost UN-hear able whisper that speaks to him in his mind, in his heart, to his very Soul.

Gray’Owl sits respectfully  in the silence of self, listening to God what the Great Spirit has to say, 

Remembering what Great Grandfathers Spirit is telling him to say to you,

Understanding what  the Great Spirit is instructing him to do,

and without question going where the Great Spirit is instructing him to go.

Unlike conventionally trained artists, Gray’Owl remembers the Great Spirit/Gods instructions shown to him from within the fantastic inspirational dreams and visions of great beauty in epic proportions. Every day his Spirit soars with the Eagles. As taught to him by the elders, Eagles, according to the wisdom of the Ancient American Indians, his ancestors are the eyes of (U’nequa) the Great Spirit, the Great Mystery, Wankan Tonka, or the many other beautiful names we each have for GOD. Whenever you see the Eagle soaring overhead, you are within the sight of the Great Spirit, and beheld in His approval. He is watching you with compassion and approval as you do the things that He has instructed you to do, accomplishing your task of spreading the truth of His Love.

Gray Owl has spent his life tracking the pathways of life living life large and small. He has loved and he has lost, as we all have. He has chosen to be alone in life now and has dedicated his life to this work. As he travels this one lone path that he has discovered, which, if followed exactly, will take you to a solitary doorway that opens to the center of the Cosmos itself. A Cosmic portal, which modern science has now proven to be in our galaxy, the Milky Way, which is our Galaxy’s Black Hole, and the very center of the Heart of the constellation of Sagittarius.

Gray’Owl is one of these Sagittarians. This Black Hole, this cosmic portal, when you step through this portal your spiritually transported to the place where the Great Spirit lives in the heights the very center of Heaven itself. Gods heart of hearts.

In Gray’Owl’s own mind he, himself is no one special, 

yet, he knows one thing – his life’s work is the Key to the continued safety the future of the world,

the future of mankind itself.

Gray’Owl; was led to this point in his life for one reason and one reason alone. He must become a great guide, the trailblazer, and must leave his footprints clearly, so all who may see these tracks may follow without the difficulties of all other pathways. He must stand at the doorway of the Cosmos itself, standing proudly as the Light, dedicating his very existence to this one task. He must “become” the living Light; the Light of Purest Love, the Love received from God, for it fills him to overflowing.

He stands at the doorway of this Black Hole leading into the Cosmos the center of all creation. As a guide, Gray’Owl is letting his Light shine upon this path. Not as someone of any self-importance it is his Light so very bright so you do not stumble upon the trail. So you may see clearly the pathway to this portal, the pathway that will walk you right up to the face of God himself where He will look into your heart and touch you ever so gently and like Gray’Owl you shall be reborn as a child, filled with the Light of God’s Love.

Yet he clearly understands that he has another task, of far greater difficulty and importance,

this task he fears is far too great for one simple man. How can he do this? He asks the Great Creator.

I AM whispers to him on a soft wind as if the gentle rustle of the nettles of the pines are his voice. So gently I AM speaks that if you are thinking of a cool drink of water, your thoughts are too loud and overcome the sweet whisper, and you cannot hear it. With great diligent effort and dedication throughout decades of meditation, Gray’Owl enters the silence of self. He has Mastered how to become centered at the very heart of center, fully balanced in equality, living in total peace with the incredible tranquility that now abounds in his life. He has fully remembered his instructions from God and is practicing them daily with earnest.

He knows how to manipulate the power of Light.

To remove the negative dark energies found within a human’s life.

Then to manifest them directly to the Creator, which then re~manifests them, reborn, as it were, and sends back to Gray’Owl.Those old negative energies now renewed as good energy, magnified, glorified and sanctified, that feeds his Soul and empowers Gray’Owl to do what he is instructed to accomplish his great task. Gray’Owl is on a mission, a mission to save humanity from itself, to save the very planet and to change the way we all live.

How to live our lives; under this ONE and only LAW

The LAW of LOVE . . . GOD’S LOVE

As shall be clearly written down within this book,

The LAW of ONE

For many years as Gray’Owl went about his life, he sought out and studied under many great Masters. Gray’Owl delved into deep research gathering the bits and pieces of truth and knowledge scattered all around the world in obscure writings. The Bible, science journals, writings of the great minds and thinkers from throughout history, as well as the ancient scroll manuscripts and texts nearly lost to humanity, and also learning as many of the secret things that are only taught by oral tradition handed down from one generation to the next, from the elder Shaman to the student Shaman.

He also began gathering and collecting certain things from his daily life and kept them packed away in safekeeping, not sure for what purpose he was even doing it. Then one day he looked at these things and something spoke, within him, and yet it seemed as if it was a voice from outside of him. Emanating from everywhere and nowhere in particular, so very soft and gentle it was. He began to have dreams for the first time in his life, visions of change, and visions of wisdom. Knowledge was coming to him now on a regular basis. It took over his life and changed him. Gray Owl slowly began to create. He began with beautiful drawings upon paper with a stick of graphite. Oh, how beautiful people would say, and would want to buy one, but he kept telling them they were not for sale.

Then under Divine inspiration he took a diamond, a tiny, tiny stone and a very small piece of sandpaper and one of the pieces of marble that he had saved from one of the many jobs that he had done throughout his life and began to draw right on the face of the stone. He was drawing pictures of the guides, the great men of wisdom that have lived in this world over the span of time, from creation till the world now, as we know it.

These pictures are the guides that show him the way. The prophets that teach him their great wisdom that they have received from GOD, and have remembered from their own life experiences, the ones that have come to him in his dreams and visions, telling him what he must do and how to go about it, teaching him the wisdom and knowledge of the Ancients.

This is an example of One of these Elder Spirit Guides’  Master Teacher EAGLE

Yet he still did not know exactly what or why he was doing it. Over many years, he kept going back to them, the stone etchings and working on them more and more regularly, almost with a vengeance, as if driven by an unseen force of endless energies. Days would go by without rest or sleep. Gray’Owl also began making all sorts of things, beautiful medicine bags, staff’s, buck-horn knives, all the tools and implements of a true Shamans trade, all sorts of leather, beading and feathers.

Still he was not sure why or for what purpose he was doing it. His etchings were becoming so real that they almost looked like photographs that had been copied onto the stone. Yet the only medium he was using was the face of the stone itself; no other materials were needed.

He found that he could paint on the face of the stone with nothing more than the tip of his finger and the dust of the stone as he drew. Each piece was inspired from a vision. Soon, there were so many of them that they had filled up his small workshop. Still he did not know what he was going to do with them. Many people would come to see them, remarking on their unique style and beauty.

Again, people wanted to buy them and he always said they were not for sale. Now, in his dreams, he began to receive new instructions on what to do. Before, he simply loved walking through the woods and marveling at nature, at the simplicity of its beauty. Then the wonders of Creation began to haunt him.

One day he was out in the woods and it seemed that the trees had begun to speak to him, so he sat down under the biggest tree around, leaned back, closed his eyes and strained to listen. Soon he relaxed, finding his balance and harmony with the Mother Earth, and sure enough, the trees began to speak to him. They were crying . . . the sap seeped out and their tears rolled down their trunks.

They were telling him about all their brothers who had been cut down in their prime. All over the world humanity is cutting down their brothers the trees for what? The making of paper. They said to Gray’Owl, “Look… look all around us. There are so many of our aged brothers at the end of their time, who have fallen to the ground, to give their lives as a service to man, returning to Mother Earth to be recycled and are being reborn by the Mother Earth.

If man were to go about picking up the trunks and pieces of wood, he would have more than he could use and would never have to cut another living tree simply . . . to make paper. If you take some of them and make with them your art in a sculpture with your stone etchings, you can show the beauty of them. How Mother Earth has made the grains and the shapes of the wood so interestingly different from all others.

People will come and look at the beautiful wonder of them you then can tell these people of the world your story, and about their creation, and how broken our hearts become for our fallen brothers. You may then “Teach them that we, the trees, are doing what the Great Creator . . . God, has told us to do, to absorb the bad things and energies in the air, placed there by humans polluting the breath of life.

The one thing you can only do without for mere moments before you expire back into Spirit.

This is the gift of your life from God himself to all humanity to be able to exist and WE the trees make the air new, fresh, and good for all the people and creatures in the world. We are only doing as HE has instructed, Please tell them. They begged Gray Owl.

Gray’Owl became so inspired that he sat there weeping for hours, praying to God for the answer to this terrible thing, to know how to stop the indiscriminate logging from going on any longer. Then as he gathered his composure and his heart quieted down, he began to hear that whisper amongst the rustling of the leaves and heard the Lord speaking to him again. He listened very, very closely to this soft, gentle voice. It was telling him how to do what he had asked. As the days and months passed he went regularly into the woods and gathered wonderfully beautiful pieces of the old trees that had fallen and that the Mother Earth had changed ever so slightly for him to use in his work, and soon he had more than he could use stacked up and curing behind his small workshop.

It took many years for him to clean and cure the trees to the point when they were ready for him to use. During the summers, he loved to go walking through the creek. It is such a pleasant place to be in the heat of the day. He would see the nearly cold water with the slight wind drifting off it like natural air-conditioning. He could walk along in such a pleasant coolness in the heat of the day with the great trees shading him and his feet sunken into the water up to his knees, so he became almost chilly. Wading along he would turn over an occasional rock to see who was living there, a salamander or a small minnow, sometimes a soft-shelled crayfish that would scamper away. The Animals, his relations to Mother Earth knew that he loved them as if they were his own children. They would stop and look at him as if wondering what he was doing.

He would smile and talk to them, sometimes laughing as the fawns played and jumped about. Birds and squirrels came by all the time, chattering at him, and he would talk to them. It was so wonderful. He felt so astoundingly blessed by the things that were happening around him; he felt so grounded. These things happened to him on a daily basis.

Sometimes he would come across the tracks of a bear or a bobcat and follow them as far as they would take him, way up the hillsides and deep into the woods, right up to their dens where they lived. Never did he disturb anything to harm them or make them go away. He simply loved the things that God has created for us to enjoy and to constantly learn from – the fox,, owl, eagle, bear and all the others that were coming to teach him how to live simply, in harmony with life and the world.

You see . . . he had come to know that there is something to learn from all things, some way of looking at life through the most basic of instincts that showed him how to live in harmony, in balance with every other creature in the world, yes, even with all the other peoples of this planet.

We have the responsibility of looking after this world that we live in. We must respect everything. We must take the responsibility that God gave us when he said that we are the caretakers of this world. It is not only our right to enjoy the grandeur of it all, but also to make sure that it is still here for future generations to enjoy. For you see, the truth is that Mother Earth provides us with all things to enable us to live our lives in perfect contentment.

The rocks that had tumbled down the creek for millenniums were of great interest to him. He admired the colors and shapes they had taken on over the years. Such beauty only God could create, and he had a great collection of them that he had gathered from all around the country and displayed in his shop.

One day Gray’Owl was wandering through the creek. A feeling washed over him, like a wave on an ocean beach, nearly knocking him down. He was standing in front of a high wall of rock – rock exposed by the winter’s end and spring thaws that flooded down the creek each year and washed away the soil that had encompassed them, the ancient rocks hidden away in Mother Earth since the beginning of time, and which had now been revealed to him. He knew that if man took the time to “see” them, the rocks, for what they are, they might teach him if he listened to them with his heart.

This is the lesson as he had seen it that day . . . Jesus said that he is the ‘ROCK’, the solid foundation upon which man must build a life. Now Gray’Owl stood there quietly listening to the spirit of the rocks learning from them their wisdom. They spoke to him, saying, “If you dig us out, wash us clean and then take us back with you to your shop, you can build your sculptures upon us, the solid rock foundation, to be built upon for all time. We will become for you what the Lord said we must become the solid foundation, so you are not washed away by the storms of life as you go along. We shall hold up the sculptures that you are creating, with the trees and your art works. So that we may hold them, up steadfast and add to them our knowledge and our beauty as well. People can then see us clearly and see the most incredible wonderment and, the beauty that God himself has hand-painted upon our surfaces. Over the millenniums of time, but has kept us hidden until it was time for you to put us in the light of the LOVE OF GOD. Therefore, you Gray’Owl may show the people of the world the rocks and to come to understand the lessons that we teach.

Gray Owl sat down on the opposite side of the creek and great wisdom washed over him, and again he sat there, filled to overflowing with GOD’S LOVE and WISDOM. He cried and laughed aloud at the same time; it was so simple yet one of the most powerful things that he had experienced in his life. As Gray’Owl sat there, an awe-inspiring feeling towards his sculptures came over him. At last, he had realized how to accomplish this task. He stood up, crossed the creek and, with his bare hands, he dug out the first of hundreds of these wonderful rocks of wisdom and carried them to his shop and began drying and very carefully cleaning them with a very soft brush.

He saw that the beautiful paintings on each of them are so very fragile. These are sandstone rocks, large, hard and heavy, yet the paintings upon them are thinner than the paint on a picture. If they are scratched even slightly, the painting would be lost, and only the brown, yellowish-grey sandstone would show through. Therefore, for many years Gray’Owl collected these wonders of nature and brought them in to his work place to become the solid foundations for the sculptures. How he treasured the pieces of marble and granite, the old trees and the rocks he had collected. In addition, people came to see them and saw the way that Gray Owl was making them.

They would look at them in amazement and ask how much money he wanted for this one or that one. He always said the same thing, “They are not for sale.”People kept insisting that he should sell them, saying he could make a great deal of money, and become a famous artist. He told them all that they were not for sale. They were for looking at and for him to teach the peoples of our world to remember their instructions from GOD. These creations of art are not an item of monetary value, as they are for the sole purpose of teaching people the wonderful lessons of life.

Late one night, he was sitting in his little shop, just sitting there, looking around admiring his Spiritual inspired treasures. Wondering how to do what God had instructed, to teach the Love of God to people. Gray’Owl’s total attention captured by this one particular item a relief carving of a man offering a horse an apple. As he sat there looking at this piece he had created about ten years before, he felt as if someone had come into the room. He looked around but there was no one there but himself. Suddenly an idea formed in his mind and he began to tremble as if suffering from a high fever. Then he shook uncontrollably, feeling as if the life was being ripped out from him. His heart began to ache so hard, it felt like someone was crushing it with a great pair of vise-grips. He fell to his knees and began to pray as if he had never prayed before. Soon it came to him that he had no reason to be praying.

What he needed to do was listen! Gray’Owl sat up on his knees wiping away his tears and again the carving captured his attention. Entering the silence Gray’Owl began quietly listening as the remembrance of a vision came back to his conscious memory. A thought formed and his mind began to race . . . He had suddenly “remembered” his full instructions from an incredible vision that the Great Spirit revealed to him long ago. As with each piece of art, each sculpture … a lesson of life, is revealed. a story to tell and the inspiring moral from within each diamond-etched picture, each rock, and each old tree would reveal.

The first story filled his mind, explaining to him how to accomplish this great task.

He jumped up off the dirt floor of his little shop, ran to his making table, grabbed some paper and a pencil and began to write for the first time, and thus began the BOOK of LIFE. The story of “Friendship” came to life that day. As seen within the marble relief of Friendship one of life’s lessons.

How wonderful it was. It made him laugh. It made him cry. It filled his heart with a great love for all humanity. This is the lesson that he learned that night … he now knew what he was doing and how to go about it. To write down the stories and create an amazing BOOK. Illustrating the stories with beautiful pictures. Using heartfelt poetry, wonderful stories of life and the messages inspired from the Great Spirits revelations. How to touch the very hearts and minds of all who the Great Spirit would lead to read this inspirational work of art in form of written word and pictorial illustration.

With this story now told, we shall step out upon this pathway into life. We begin with a poem that was inspired from a dream vision. Gray’Owl; was swept away into and within this life like adventure one night as he sat in the silence of self at the inner circle quietly listening in front of the fire of continuance that he keeps ever lit.

This is what he heard and saw in this incredible vision.

A powerful work of poetry entitled; “Standing”

As I stood alone in the light of darkness,

Art by Gray’Owl the Great Spirit, Graphite on poster board, inside cover of the BOOK of LIFE.

A shadow passed me by. I turned to see who had touched me so very softly, so tenderly upon my heart. I felt you slip by. WAIT!!! I have a gift for you! The soft gentle words of the emotions from within my heart I will give to you. It took me a lifetime to get here. I suppose it was because you were waiting for me there, on the other side of Eternity. All my Love and a thousand kisses, like butterflies floating all around you, touching, touching your lips, touching you, touching your Soul, touching your heart with mine. For you are the living essences of this joy. That I spill out from my heart into the entirety of the world. I give the essence of my Self to You. If I were the Light, I would surround you in me and make all the dark lonely nights bright. If I were the Sun, I would be envious of the brightness of your smile.

If I were able to touch You, I would never let go. Come with me. Join with me and I shall, with these words spoken ever so softly from within the emotions of my heart, speak the poetry of my Love, whispering sweetly into your heart. I will touch your mind as no one has ever touched you there before. I will touch your heart, plant the seed of my Love, and watch it grow. I will never take my love away from you.

God’s eternal promise to you is that His love will be yours Forever and a day.

Here, take these. I believe that they are yours.

I awaken you now and return to you the wings of the angel that you are

You must have lost them along the journey of your life, having gotten lost in the brilliance of the Light of the world as a human being. I was walking along one day in a field of beautiful wild white lilies and nearly tripped over them. I gently picked them up and carried them to my home, Heaven. I cleansed them with the purity of my Love.

Here, take them – they are yours!

Awaken and remember who you are, My Angel! I love you.

You may wish to ask of me. Who are you, Tony Gray’Owl to be telling us these things?

O’siyo; Once again, come take my hand we shall set out on a wonderful journey together an Epic adventure into the discovery of,Self Many many moons ago upon this very pathway i was seeking the Knowledge and Wisdom in the light/love/truth i was walking along the pathway of my lifeand i discovered this trail nearly hidden yet in plain sight if one but saw the signs there was at the very edge of the trail a single foot print i placed my foot into and upon it and to my surprise it was a perfect match, so i struck out down this small trail to see where my foot prints would take me, when at last, after a very very long journey i reached the end of this trail and found myself standing right here at the pinnacle of my search

the very heights of self realization

as i gazed up into the heavens a voice

from everywhere and nowhere tenderly spoke to me


with great authority

This is what He said

You are Gods infinite spirit

Speak to my children and tell them my truth

i have just written upon your heart

do not worry i will make the way for you

That was a very long time ago and now

here i am speaking to you

everyone all at the same time all around the world my voice is heard

Here is what i was instructed to say to you

i wrote this many years ago and now i share it with you all as one voice

like a child lost crying out from within the vast wilderness of Life

i lay bare my soul for all to come to know these truths

I have a message for you from the

Great Grand Father

The Great Spirit, who is the GOD of all creation


is calling out to you today, to each and every living soul

I AM has sent to you this man, listen to him

listen closely as he reveals my words to you

“I” have chosen Tony Gray’Owl

Many trials and tribulations have been placed upon this man

he has passed the test of time, he did not stumble, he did not fall away

he did not fail

All but his life was taken away from him

and he did not turn away from ME

In ME Tony stood fast

He accepted all things just as they are and blessed them in MY name

He did not become discouraged and continued to pray too ME

he persevered until his prayers were answered

He has given to ME all praise and glory

He expresses his ultimate gratitude to ME daily/continually

before I even answered his prayers

I have found great delight in my son Tony Gray’Owl

I have baptized him in water and of the fire that Christ spoke of

and he was not consumed by it

I AM restoring to him all that has been taken away from him

in great abundance

I have placed into his hands the power

He has been reborn anew and enlightened, he has become illuminated,

I have elevated him to the heights of realization

I have touched his mind and enabled him to understand the wisdom of

MY Words

in order for Tony to speak to you in like manner

These words are not his words, they are MY words written upon his heart

with My own hand

words of spiritually divine inspiration

he is my messenger,

and he is your guide

to these words, that will bring you closer to ME

For I AM with him

I AM in him

I AM he and he is ME

we are ONE and the SAME

Gray’Owl begins to sing his love to his Great Grand Father Hyi-ah ~ Hyi-ah, Hyi-ah,ah, Hyi-ah,ah, saying Glory to the one and only GOD, praise of the highest I Tony Gray’Owl, bestow upon my GOD alone with the greatest of gratitude I thank HIM for my life and all things just as they are and bless them in his name with divine understanding of HIS WISDOM. These are the words that our Father revealed to me the words that HE taught me to speak out to you. I am gathering all of my strength together here right now and am focusing it into one single monumental effort, To reach out and too touch your hearts to awaken you to the highest thoughts of whom you truely are in the reality of a Human mind. I will orchestrate and choreograph the most beautiful of dance, This thing we call a human life. I will teach you the steps that you must take to dance in beauty, balance and harmony along the pathway of your life. I will hold your hand and dance beside you all along the way, I will sing for you the songs of praise which is the rhythm, the beating of Gods heart

You will learn the jump of joy amongst the steps along the way. You will learn the words of a song to sing as we do this dance today. Do not fear if you miss a step or stumble or momentarily slip and fall away, All has been forgiven in the sacrifice of our Lord and savior. It is quite so simple accept and follow Christ’s lead into the beauty of this dance. I am writing down the words, of this song for you to sing the words of praise to GOD grateful for our being

To; MY children’s… children’s… children…

so that you may never forget exactly who you are

Hello my children of this land

Are you trying to understand ?

Hello my children playing in the sand

Do you hear the voice that is at MY command ?

Little children laughing their time away

for they have heard what “I” have to say

Thus they know what I have planned

Lend an ear and you too will understand

I give to you this melody

that I may touch the very soul of every one

Music is the sound you hear, when your heart I draw near

Do you hear The sounds of butterflies’ wings ?

As they float by in such delicate grace

All things I give to you

if you take the time to create the space

To ME you pray, so simple an answer I AM has to say…


Tears of love can heal this day

and so my day is tomorrow

and you to me are the only one

That I love

If the sun refused to shine, I’ll still be loving you.

If the mountains crashed into the sea, Id still be here… for you and ME.

If the oceans swept the landscape clean

I’ll still be right here, where I always am, within you

All these things

I have surely done just before the coming of MY son

I do not care what others say

For they do not know “MY” way

So what is it that you have to say?

I know there is one more thing I’ve got to do

How about you?

The mind is a tale that cannot be told

An evil thought crept up and slipped away, from this you must get away

The thought is you and you are the thought

What is the price if it must be bought?

This is the essence of the war we’ve fought

The remembering of this one thought

Is it what you where taught it would be?

Or is it the difference between you and ME ?

This may be the most difficult of lessons for you to learn

To Accept – All –Things

Just as they are to bless them in the wisdom of MY name

Do not become discouraged, pray and continue to pray

Persevere until your prayer has been answered

Give all praise to ME the Father in great abundance

and in advance be forever grateful that

I have answered your prayer

Receive the gift of the

“Breath of the Almighty”

which is


Life will then open itself up to you

Like tinsel tied presents in the eyes of a child

They shout in glee and dance for joy, as

I am every thing you have ever asked for

So if I may, From Tony this day

A thought crept up and did not slip away

in order that I may say these things to you

A few words from an old Wise-man inspired from some cosmic space

from which this all takes place

We find ourselves it seems

tumbling down into Poverty

Or is this just a state of mind?

That’s been taught and handed down through time?

Yet in the end we cannot be broken

it’s simply up to Society ~ Do you see?

This is the Book of My heart

that’s just been stolen

For nature has a way of recreating that

which does not bend to the hands of time

Which is the Will that is Mine

Turn to me with open arms

Turn to me

Yes I see, the pain that is in your eyes

Anyone but me, please answer my prayers

We are given to a God and yet we are that to which we pray

I will tell you a story and sing you a song

That will touch your heart in the way you have so longed

In the words of a Stranger

Is it so strange?

That I should change the world that’s moving ever so faster?

With deliberate Intent, this is what I meant

Did you not see me in the river?

When you where drowning in deep water and bailing yourself out with a cry

I said pay close attention and do not fall…

as you were standing on the edge of your feather expecting to fly

Still I am wondering why?


Do you not see, as you reach out to grasp

Have I made it, “to” simple I ask?

Lend me your ear, so that you may hear

My voice that forever makes clear

that “I” have always been here

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Do you hear that?

What? That!

That silent sound, Inside your head where it can only be found

I hear it ! I am listening ~ I AM awake and remember

There is a space in my heart

I am watching and waiting for…

You… End Tony.

Where do we go from here?

What is it you most desperately want to know? Open your heart; reveal to Me that which you truly seek. Open your mind; express your deepest desire for Me to come in. Then to you, I will surely speak. My words of knowledge on my breath of life I will whisper ever so quietly to you. Then in wisdom you will understand the full meaning of your life. I will paint the picture of eternity in your mind with the air brush of my voice. I will etch my words of eternal truth upon the stone tablet of your heart. Your soul will cry the tears of joy your heart will ache for me. Your spirit will soar like never before, as you, have returned to Me.

To all of humanity; I will say this to you. For all whom shall listen, their light it shall soon glisten, like a full moon in a star lit night. With My eyes, I have seen. With My ears, I have heard. These are My, Words. I look up at the little bird gliding across the sky. It sings to me a melody that makes me want to sit right down and cry.

I am the sculptor that strikes the stone… To reveal the beauty held within unknown.

I am the painter who caresses the canvas… Thus evokes the emotion of deep thought.

I am the poet which works the words… So that simple things are taught.

I am the potter that works the clay . . . that all things are made of.

To touch the soul of every one that is within our reach. This is what I have seen you teach. You see the wisdom that is in every one. Knowing they hold in their grasp. Held tightly in their hand, set in their minds, deep within their hearts, an intimate knowing, this simplest of truths. You gave your love to me, and then you took it away. What else will you do today? Have Mercy! Run to me, Come to me, Do what you do to me. I was lost till you gave your love to me and then you took it away from Me. Take the power, kick down the door and set your self free. Held within my open arms, a monumental truth. Money cannot buy it baby, Drugs cannot buy it, Sex cannot buy it baby, You cannot buy it, For My Love… is Free!!!

I believe in love, is why I do these things for you. I believe in Love alone. Give up your needs, your poisonous greed’s. Find your self a different kind of free. The one that just lets you “Be”. Gather the Determination and with great strength lay it all down, these things that make you want to take flight. Whispers silent in the night, let your dreams go by. Dreams are where your prayers are answered in wondrous insight. Wipe away your tears and let the salt stains dry. It all goes by, it all goes by. For time will catch you in its hands, to be blown away like grains of sands. Here within My hands, how many times do I have to tell you? I gave you the power, this ability To set Free, MY Love, which is your Love, upon the Earth.

Ashes to Ashes & Dust to Dust, this is what becomes of us. Where does that leave Me? Do you? Think that I destined Myself to be alone for eternity? Never for a day. This is what “I Am” has to say. When you love, you must love freely. There are neither bonds nor tethers to tie. Nor to break free there from. When you love, you must let time go by. If your love becomes lost to you, do not fear, “I” will return it, to you my dear. I do not mean that there will not be storms and dark nights along the way. You must simply believe what I have said. Even if you think that your love is dead, all you must do is remember this I said. If you love, you will be loved, it is so because I love you. What? Do I hear a doubt? Then let Me, ask you, this…

When has any-thing that “I” created, ceased to exist? If there seems to be something that you think did, where do you think it went? Hmmmm… riddle me that.

So shall we look at the root of your next doubt? Shall I continue to weed your garden? I have heard your anguish; I’ve heard your hearts cry out; What if you only lent your voice, to that which your heart wishes to be free from, where then? Do you think, your strength would lead you? Come on you unbelievers, move out of the way, there’s a new army coming and we are armed only with Faith. Live your life based on My love and your bravery, and then you will live a life uncommon. Hey! We cannot lose! Just let Me, have My way. By My example I am leading. Don’t worry, it’ll be alright. Don’t worry, say your prayers and sleep tight. It’ll be fine Lover of mine, it will be just fine. Set down your chains until there is only your faith that remains.

Inside My heart, there is this space. It bleeds and yes it aches. Just let Me have My way, You claim innocence, enough to understand, but do you? Do you? Do you… Get down on your knees and pray? What is it? That you have to say? I am waiting, I am wanting, I am needing, I am here… for you. In the absence of fear, I am hoping you will hear. There is a new day dawning and it will become perfectly clear, that regardless what you think, I am always here. There are angels all around you, For My heaven is upon this place, called earth. This is who you are! Angels. created by My grace. Yet you shake your fist and say, God kills the children with our very own hands. I gave you free will, what else will you do today? In all darkness I am leaving you here, in the absence of fear. In side this absence of fear, there is this place that I would have you draw near. When I suggest that you to be in the absence of fear, it is to understand that, I am with you.

Always. For-ever. What more, do I need to say?

You seem never to even know. Yet I am so easy to understand

Always, ever, seeking. My principles of Love are so easy to understand.

Why does it seem, at least to me rather obvious, that you are always seeking and never finding? Look at your sciences ever changing. Almost every year all of your books have to be replaced with new ones. Why? Because every thing that your scientists thought to be the facts of what-ever, to be true. Has been over-turned by another scientist’s newer finding or concept, theory, conjecture, speculation, etc. etc. etc. Why do you believe so whole heartedly in, your sciences that are never stead fast, seldom solid fact, scarcely even close to the truth. Aha… that’s it, Ha ha ha ha yes it is so funny that every one will believe virtually any-thing. Except the actual absolute truth. The undeniable truth that I have been trying to get you to understand, it seems for-ever. You do not need, to know the vast underlying, unimaginable, workings of the universe, and even more so the fundamentals of life. This is “My” science, the only science that is never changing. This science is founded in and of my love for you and it can never change or be rewritten as “MY” word is absolute.

I created every thing and it is all running very smoothly as I have planned it all to be just as it is. You! If I may suggest, should focus on “your-selves” and the great job you are doing of destroying your planet and creating disease and famine world wide, when there is far more than a great abundance for all. In one small exercise of love you can effectively change the world over night. This is the mathematical equation to end all economic strife. Simply take the sum total of all of the earths wealth divide it by the sum total of every adult or head of house hold and give each person that amount of money. I know that this is not going to happen any time soon as those of you that have are definitely “not” going to give to those of you that do not have.

All Glory and Praise to our Lord Jesus the Savior of human-kind, to the Father creator of all things known and unknown, the True God over all others, if there are even any others. You’re Son Tony.

This I believe is the Root to every problem that you experience in your daily lives. You do not consider your-self worthy to be spoken too by God, further it is more likely that you have been” taught” that God does not speak individually to you. Why do you scoff at the thought of being spoken to, by “Me your God”? I AM performing a “miracle” right now, as you read these words. I am not only speaking to you, but to every person who “has” and “will”, be led to these written words and are reading them right now. I know who every one of you is. I know who will find their way to these words. I know that there are those of you, who will listen and hear every thing I am saying. The rest of you will listen but be unable to hear at all.

I have established laws in the universe that make it possible for you to have – to create – exactly what ever you choose.

These laws cannot be violated.

Nor can they be ignored.

You cannot.


Follow my laws.

For they have been established firmly for all time; You cannot step aside from them. You cannot operate out side of them. You would not even exist with out these laws.

This is one of My laws.

My “Promise” to you, is to give to you what ever you “Ask”, in gratitude for what you are about to receive. The rest of you, who do not ask in gratitude, I give also as you wish, you how ever will probably not like the way it turns out, as you have exercised “My” gift of free will and chosen to go it alone.

You’re “Promise” to, “Me” is simply to, “Ask” in gratitude.

Enjoy your life and all the wonders it has to offer you.

Stop worrying, when can you recall a single moment in your entire life? That you have not had some-thing to wear, something to eat, some place to sleep. It may not have been up to you’re expected or taught standards, but your needs were fulfilled. Put your faith in “Me” I will always surpass your basic needs with out you ever having to ask for them, your faith from this moment of the true understanding of “Me” this crucial turning point in your life can and will create the great “Abundance” that you desire. Simply ask in gratitude for that which you are “about” to receive. You are the garden of paradise that I created on earth; cultivate your-self with all the simple things the abundant essence of nature, the world around you. You do not live in a home that house is only a place where you keep your stuff. You are your home, where ever you are, you are at home, and your home is your heart where your soul lives. For your soul is who you are, your body is merely what you are, and for your spirit, that is “Me” being with you always, forever and a day. Where ever you are who ever is beside you at the moment these are your neighbors, each living soul that surrounds you I am also, do as to them as you would do unto “Me” and I will be well pleased with you.

Here is a subject that brings me no pleasure. Who taught you that I am going to punish you for doing what you do? I gave you free will, do as you please. I have no need to punish you in any way for any conceivable reason. You chose the way of your life with each and every decision you make at every moment of your life. Your life is yours to do with as you wish. That is what you call Free Will. Of course I would be exquisitely pleased if you where to base and live your whole life on the principles of “My” “Love”, I will never force you to do anything, that is the beauty of My Love, you are free to do as you “Wish”, just be careful what you wish “for”. Likewise in your prayers, you must come to the full understandings of how that works as well.

I will explain it this way, if you pray and ask for some thing that you “Want” that is exactly what you will receive, the experience of Wanting it, you did not ask to receive something, you are asking to ( “want” ) something. So you literally get to “want it” that is what you asked for. Do you get it? Do you see what I mean, the understanding of the power of thought and the words you chose to use in the way you used them. I have given you the power, it is up to you as to how you use it or not. Yes I said “Not” as most of you are completely blind to the fact that you hold in your own two hands the power to create your life in any fashion in any form in any way you choose. Most of you think your life is crap so that is what you create a life of crap. Change your mind and create what you are really seeking. The paradise that is in “you”, you must find Heaven and come to the conclusion that heaven is not some where up in the sky, you must find that Heaven is in you as I am also, now that you are standing in paradise exercise your free will, take “My” love and set it free, break the bonds of self imposed hard ship. Take the power and set your self free!!! Learn the principles of Love and apply them to your life.

Watching and Waiting, for some one who understands “Me”.

Why has it taken so long?

Soon you will see me. I will be all around you.

Watching and waiting, for some one who understands me.

I hope it won’t be to long…

This promise of God is that you “are” his son, her offspring, more than the mere likeness, his equal.

Wht do you ridicule me at being called his equal? It’s too much to accept, to much Bigness, to much wonderment, to much responsibility. So when you come to understand, when you realize, what has just been revealed to you, when you can grasp the depth the vast encompassing expanse and the meaning of it all. You will now know that all along, no one was, or nothing is, being done to you. All things are being created by “You”. Your thoughts are what you are, your words the essence of your life.

Do you hear that? That quiet little rustle of a sound.

Can you hear it? That sound. What joy is that?

That my child is the sound of unconditional Love.

I can tell you this. That understanding “My” basic principles of truth is the key of knowledge. Applying them in your daily life is the key of wisdom. All that you see in your world is the outcome of your inward projections of your outward perceptions of your inner most central basic thoughts and misconceptions of your life. Do you really want your life to truly transform? Change the way you think about it, change the way you perceive, you! First, Think… which is where creation begins. Then, Speak… which is how you place creating into power. Then simply become that which “you” have created your “self” to be. “My” heaven is in you, I am in you, whatever you “Will” is your reality. What ever you decide is your destiny. What ever thoughts you linger on are the very creative forces you set in motion blindly. Learn the simple basic principles of “My” love. Not your love for me. It is the” unconditional” Love from “Me”. The love I have for you, the love I give to you. You have the power to set your self free, go ahead use these keys. To Hell with it, kick down the door, step through and “See”!!! Become the light. This is “Me”. I am the light. I am the truth. I am the way. There is no other.

I conceived Heaven… Flourishing on Earth;

They put “My” word to death, for what” He” came to say.

From this you’ve said, that everyone must pay.

What is the price? If it were to be bought.

This insanity, which you’ve all, fought.

Or is it just this vicious thought?

That down through time… you have all been… Taught.


Out of, the Light… comes the Darkness… this, shadowed affect.

In the deepest darkest regions, of the mind, lies this darkness that makes you feel blind.

Its silent fear, grips your heart, from these things you must “Depart”.

From the darkness of each night, always dawns a new day. Step out from these shadows and just walk away.

From within these darkest moments, comes the most profound of insights.

Gather you strength, from within this darkest of nights. To conquer total freedom from fears grip held so tight.

Shatter its fragile grasp forever with the power of insight, now knowing it wields no power in the vastness of our light.

Darkness… a mere shadow, which only stems outward from the light, eternal you are freed from its worthless plight.

What is your deepest, darkest, most inner kept secret? I know with out your knowledge, I understand with out it said. I will again reveal to you within these words already spoken so long ago. So simple a truth and yet still unknown. Christ, your savior. My spoken word, that lived amongst you in days of old left this lesson to be learned and yet so very few have heard, the wisdom the way to escape the feelings of being all alone. Again this lesson I will unfold if you will simply take the time to behold. Here is this truth so simply said this is how you escape from being the living dead.

This is my word that has been written down, the escape route that’s so seldom found.

This direction you must take, if not followed is your mistake.

You’ve come to me and asked Lord show us the way.

Listen closely to what I have to say, your life can be saved on this day.

The question you asked me is this one,

How do we receive forgiveness from our God?

I told you before, now I’ll tell you again, this is how to be forgiven of your sin.

It begins with this tiny smallest of acts, but of this I assure you is the truest of facts.

Now as you stand praying your prayers to me. It all begins with you don’t you see?

First you must forgive every one, neighbor, father, mother and son. Everyone bar none.

Of any and all, yes for everything, anything, which anyone has ever done.

If you first do not forgive them and I mean everyone!

Then you have tied the Fathers hands who is in heaven, thus there is only one thing he can do and that is likewise, not to forgive you. Do you see the meaning of this? Again it is you wielding the power in your own hands. Now if you can find it held tight in your heart let it go, forgive all the others and then we may start. Here is the prayer to set yourself free and allows you simply to be Forgiven, isn’t that your wish?

Dear Father, God of all Gods, to you who are in heaven I send you this prayer. I pray that you will hear me and understand what I am trying to say. I am seeking your forgiveness and I think I have found the right way. To my brothers and sisters to all who have been, to all that there is and who will ever be, this of course includes “me”. I forgive myself which is so very hard to do. I wish to share this gift of wisdom that I have found with you. I give to you my forgiveness for everything no matter how small. Out of my own free will this comes to you and its judgment so sound. With this done and accomplished Father I pray, please forgive me likewise on this holy day. I am so grateful to be your son to you I give all power glory and praise. For ever in great gratitude my prayer comes. To our Lord and savior I have heard and I listened to what he had said, this is the way that I spoke of to keep you from becoming the living dead. Thank you Father, Amen.

Now with sternest of warning, I will add this. You wield the power only you can resist.

My Dearest Brothers and Sisters;  I Tony have been instructed to deliver too exposé to you an unusual word from God. He has touched me in a way never before felt. He opened my eyes and enlightened me from my very own sight. I saw what has never been said. It was just the other night as I finished my prayer by the light of my holy fire pit; He came and sat down beside me. He began teaching to me a most mind-boggling of thing, His founding principles the concept of your life. As I sat listening to what He had to say, I saw without seeing the Mastery of his way. I have been set free from the bonds of rationality the science of man that based solely on reality, changing daily depends only on where you might stand. I can now see as blind as a bat exactly where my life is at.

I will pass this astonishing reevaluation of the revelation of life on to you as best I can after all I too am only a man. It is with the mightiest of focus, the most powerful of intent, with all of my strength that I will lay it all down. So you too may know what He meant. I turn now and offer my self back over to your hands Father, do with me as you wish. I am yours, end Tony.

From within the eyes of my son and his eternal guiding light, this greatest of vision where he requires no sight.

That you may see through his fingers more clearly on the keyboard of your life.

I will now do something that’s been all but unheard of by you.

A request from your God this one that you never knew. Yes to you I can do many things that are new.

Forever I have listened and freely I give the answers to all that you’ve said.

What if I ask something, before you are dead?

I will posse this “My” question into your head, how very deeply from “My” heart can it be said?

. For from here is the place that it all starts.

From you I have never even begun to depart

My prayer if it where, to ever be heard? What is it, which you would put into word?

So here is the prayer that may end your own plight. If from me you accept all of insight. So what is this questioning this prayer you’ll say? I want to hear it on this very day. I haven’t a clue what I am supposed to do, but I have a feeling that I am about to see, that which is me. I have searched, I have battled, and I have fought, with this thought. What is this question, this prayer too me that if it were bought. What is this, “Your” thought? This thing, this prayer, I am about to be taught?

This prayer you ask, my words for some reason, which you’ve never have heard as you so seldom ever listen.

I will say to you in so very few words.

It’s so simple you see, for it is from me.

This one thought.

That has not to be bought.

It is the answer from you, which “is” sought.

This “My” governing word, which has not been heard…, till this day.

This then is what I will say.

The prayer from God then spoken in this way.

Too my sons and my daughters of all walks of life.

I present this to every one of you

This I hope that you will do

Riddle me… at last

The answer to what I am about ask

Do you… Know?

How long I have been waiting?

For you to believe in me

The way I believe in… You?


Ashe to Ashes

Dust to Dust

This is what must become of us?

What is it that you will do today?

What is it that you believe?

With these thoughts to contemplate,

With these words to attempt to understand,

I shall leave my life in your hands.

ALL My Love I give back to you my . . .

Infinite Great Spirit Father, our Creator,

Our; GOD!

I believe in YOU!

A Person of true Spiritual Enlightenment

Has mastered the abilities that enable them to


Humanity to as true of an understanding possible

Of the Great Spirit’s Infinite WISDOM

A message of Love

To all of humility, I offer written upon these pages the very essence of the truth of life, that I have been led by Spiritual inspiration to the discovery of these secrets carefully hidden within the multitude of writings all over the world. Written throughout our history the known and not so known, and kept safe in nearly unknown obscure places.

This is a revelation of our truest life’s purpose the pathway to the highest realization of self.

Within the Living BOOK of LIFE, is the pathway I speak of, to these secret teachings of knowledge, wisdom, love and life.

A Person of total enlightenment has mastered the way to illuminate others too this true understanding of WISDOM, having themselves this clear understanding becomes elevated to near as high an understanding, humanly possible to achieve and with this knowledge chooses their pathway into life. This true pathway begins from within their own heart, they then follow this path to its final destination thus they are leading others to follow this pathway of true knowledge in a shining living example of a human life.

When one has reached the ultimate summit where this trail leads to,” you” may then stop for a moment and look back pondering . . . at the tracks that you have left behind for others to follow and laugh out loud, rejoicing in the memories of whom you have become as the result of following your own heart.

For then you will have seen through your own experience, the very essence of one’s life in motion and must come to this realization . . . That perhaps your life’s efforts gone unseen, in some unknown way has somehow made a small difference, for the betterment of humanity, in this the world we all live in. You now know that your life as well as all others will be over altogether too soon. You must also realize, and know that you, as well as everyone and everything else . . .

Is not going anywhere

You know this, because you have seen it with your own eyes, you have heard with your own ears and fully understand . . . that nothing is more important . . . than anything else is. This conclusion leads you to this one undeniable truth . . . That . . . we are all equal . . . That behind the eyes we are all the same, looking out into life yet lived.

In other words, A person of Wisdom;

has . . . no needs, no honor, no dignity, no ego, no family, no name, no country.

One will then understand fully that there is only life to be lived, peacefully, lovingly, compassionately, amongst all others sharing the Joy of wisdom with everyone. In addition, under these circumstances the only responsibility we have to our fellow human beings . . . ARE . . .

The self inspired dedication . . .

To offer the leading edge this place of entry upon the pathway to understanding by LIVING the EXAMPLE of the highest realization of SELF.Thus, we light the way for everyone that leads to this lonely bittersweet path. That creates inner Peace and a human life lived within the expanse of possibilities far beyond the everyday norm. To live a life filled to over-flowing with Joy, to reveal the way to walk along the pathway of one’s life in shining beautiful glory.

Under the law of ONE, which is the love we all, each and every one of us, receives from GOD freely, un-conditionally, always . . . He is with you. In all you do, everywhere you go; The Great Spirit is in your Heart watching over you. Loving you, in ways you may never truly understand.

Namaste, In Lak’ech Ala K’in, Mitakuye oyasin, Adonai

I say the things to all that find their way here to these words of incredible wisdom.

As surely, the hand of GOD himself also has blessed you.

In addition, the Great Spirit spoke to me, saying,

The pathways of life with all feet I walk,

Through the use of all mouths I speak My truths

All minds are mine to inspire

If one leaf falls, does the whole tree die?

Do you see?

If living in one body gives so much joy

Then living in two would be even better.

Within three, even far better grandeur would be experienced.

Just imagine the splendor of living ALL as ONE.

If I can enjoy the Entirety of the Universal Cosmos

Then you may also

Today, I wish for you to enjoy the whole of

Universal SELF

I wish to introduce you to the concepts and teachings of the Inner Circle of Life, the Medicine Wheel

Everything is a circle or cycle of life. The wind circles the Earth, the Moon is a circle that circles the Earth, and the Stars circle the galaxies. The Earth, which is our circle, circles the Sun, and even our Drum is a sacred circle, creating the beat of Mother Earth’s heart to which we also dance in the sacred circle around the fire. Lessons are hidden everywhere in creation; these are called signs, so look for them and the lessons will guide you. Everything has a living Spirit within it and has a specific purpose. Every being possesses his or her own voice and energy, and anyone can learn to communicate with everything, as everything is alive.

The Medicine Wheel is also known as the Sacred Hoop. It is a powerful and ancient representative symbol of the Mother Earth and Universe. Medicine Wheels are built in places where the Earth remembers ceremonies, you will find them scattered all around the globe, such as at Stonehenge. The Wheel is a physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual tool that enables all participants to attune themselves to our Mother Earth’s Spirit influences and forces, teaching us that we all are related to everything and connected within the same family. The Medicine Wheel is a silent teacher guiding us through a circle of lessons that we all must pass through in order to complete our Path of Life.

It teaches that we have four aspects within us that need to be equally balanced and developed. The Wheel is a sacred place where one can gain knowledge, where addictions, abuse, obsessions and compulsive activities can be studied as life’s lessons and then learned from. It can help us to see things within us that have not yet been discovered or developed, and how we could be if these gifts were developed. It can be used to help us see or understand things, and it can show our strengths and weaknesses. The main factor is the participant’s willingness to reach within and touch the Universal Truths that are printed to them.

Different people will see various aspects within the Wheel that will speak personally to them, and everyone who looks into the Medicine Wheel will see a different personal reflection. There are many ways to look at these personally reflected truths. You may feel drawn towards one direction or another due to the connection of given gifts with/from that direction, etc. However, do not categorize yourself as a person of that direction alone as your birthplace upon the Wheel, because we constantly turn from one direction to another. One must reside in the center and face out to all directions in order to become a whole person. It is accomplished in this way. As you sit or stand in the center of your circle, you turn your back to the direction you wish to understand, and such, you are looking out from there into Life contemplating the lessons this direction offers to be learned.

Some teachings speak of the North-South path being the Red Road of Life, with the East-West direction being the Blue Road of Spirit. Those who have finished their Earth Walk are said to drop their robe and travel along from North to East along the Trail of the Ancestor Spirits to enter the Golden Door (at the East), which is the entry point to all other levels of awareness. I offer you a look at three individual Indian Nations’ examples of the Spirit Totems according to these three tribes they are referred to as:

“The Spirit Keepers”

LAKOTA: East; Eagle, South; Mouse, West; Bear, North; Buffalo

OJIBWA: East; Turtle, South; Eagle, West; Thunder Spirit, North; Bear

PLAINS CREE: East; Eagle, South; Deer, West; Bear North; Buffalo

A simplified version of a Medicine Wheel has the outer rim representing the council fires, the Chiefs, clan mothers and Elders. Inside the circle are the families and clans living in peace. The beads at the cross in the center represent the four directions and the good things that come from them. The three feathers hanging remind us of what is within us all: body, mind and Spirit.

I personally use four feathers as I include my Soul.

My example is Body and Soul/Mind and Spirit – thus four feathers.

A larger version of the Medicine Wheel contains 36 stones, according to the Cherokee teachings. The 36 stones represent different sacred symbols with different meanings. Different nations will obviously use different colors and animals, etc. The center represents The One True Source, the Creator, Great Spirit/God etc., the Center of All Life. A stone can represent it, or it can be left empty as a reminder of the Great Void that is the source of everything. Often a buffalo skull will be used, as it is one of the creatures that gave everything that was needed for survival.

The seven stones around the center represent the Universe — life, matter, time, energy, motion, dimension and Spirit. They also represent the Earth Mother, Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, the Turtle Clan (earth), Frog Clan (water), Thunderbird Clan (fire), and Butterfly Clan (air).

The four paths going to the center are Spirit paths that represent the qualities of daily life that lead us into the sacred space of The One True Source.

The Eastern stones represent, Clarity, Wisdom, and Illumination, and forming the Path of Enlightenment.

The Southern three stones represent, Trust, Growth, and Love, and forming the Path of Life and Growth.

The Western three stones represent Experience, Introspection, and Inner Strength, forming the Path of Introspection and Transformation.

The Northern three stones are Cleansing, Renewal, and Purity, and they form the Path of Wisdom and Know-ledge.

The four directional stones represent the Spirit Keepers who watch over the four seasons, the power of the four directions, the four sacred elements, and the four sacred medicines.

The outer ring of stones that runs between the directional stones represents the different full moons of the year.

Between the North and East, they are January, February, and March.

From East to South they are April, May and June.

From South to West they are July, August, and September.

From West to North they are October, November, and December.

There are many names for these moons. Depending on which nation you refer to, or you come from. The Cree call the moons (beginning with January to December): Frost Exploding Trees Moon, Eagle Moon, Goose Moon, Frog Moon, Egg-Laying Moon, Hatching Moon, Molting Moon, Flying Moon, Mating Moon, Freezing Moon, Foggy Moon, Drifting Moon.

The Ojibwa call the moons: Spirit Moon, Bear Moon, Snow Crust Moon, Broken Snowshoe Moon, Maple Sugar Moon, Sucker Moon, Blooming Moon, Berry Moon, Wild Rice Moon, Leaves Turning Moon, Falling Leaves Moon, Freezing Moon and Little Spirit Moon (the 13th moon).

The Cherokee call the moons: Earth-Renewal Moon, Rest and Cleansing Moon, Big Winds Moon, Budding Trees Moon, Frogs Return Moon, Corn-planting Moon, Strong Sun Moon, Ripe Berries Moon, Harvest Moon, Ducks Fly Moon, Freeze-Up Moon and Long Snows Moon.


The new day starts here the birth of all new beginnings. It is the place of birth and childhood. The place of beginnings where all journeys into life start. It is spring, elements of air and earth, and of male energy (Yang). The animals associated with the East are the eagle, mouse and snake. The color here is Yellow.

The East is where we learn of warmth of Spirit, purity, trust, hope, and acceptance of others for who they are.

It teaches of a love that does not question others and does not know itself. It teaches us to trust in our own vision and the capacity to believe in the unseen. It teaches renewal, innocence, joy, spontaneity, and of a child’s love. The East shares the gift of beautiful and clear speech, of guidance and leadership, courage, truthfulness and patience. It teaches of healing and transmuting poison, energy exchange, healing, and vulnerability. It helps us to understand and gain enlightenment of Spiritual nature, prayer and illumination through birth and rebirth. It teaches creativity, communication, and strength of will. It gives us the understanding needed to see clearly through complex situations.

It gives the capacity to focus our attention on the here and now, to be fully in the moment, and to merge fully with the task that is at hand. Yet it also helps us to look at the overall picture to ensure happiness and well-being. It brings the capacity to watch over and guard the well-being of all others by understanding the situation, with wishing to help, with knowing what to do. It teaches devotion to the service of others and of having hope for the people. It teaches that greatness of Spirit and humility are opposite sides of the same reality. It tells you how to let go of old habits no longer needed.


The South is the place of the heart and generosity. It heralds a time of growth and preparation for fall and winter, the time of aging, and the future in general. It is the place where great tests of the physical body are undertaken. It is the place of summer. The color associated here is Red.

The animals connected with the South are the cougar, mouse, coyote, and porcupine. It relates to the elements of fire or air. The South speaks of fullness, youth, and physical strength and vigor. It teaches about control of appetites, purification and balanced development of the physical body. It teaches of sensitivity to the feelings of others, the love of one person for another, and of having a passionate involvement with the world. It speaks of emotional idealism, compassion and kindness, and having refined, controlled, and developed feelings. It teaches of having an open expression of feelings without hurting others, and of having an emotional attraction to good and repulsion to bad, such as repulsion at senseless violence and anger at injustice.

It teaches of having strong feeling and emotions, and the ability to set aside strong feelings in order to serve others. It speaks of needing a balance of humor and sadness, and of having trust in order to destroy the illusion of which we are to others and to be ourselves. It brings the gifts of music, gracefulness of movement, and an appreciation for the arts. It teaches training the senses of hearing, taste and sight to incorporate the powers of discrimination. It teaches determination, goal setting and of awakening of the inner child energy of playfulness. It helps with overcoming obstacles, self-sufficiency, inter-action, loyalty, and noble passions.


The West is the place of testing through perseverance, and of maturity. It is where the thunder and lightning comes from the Thunder Beings. It is the where darkness comes from, which is the feminine aspect (Yin). The color associated here is Black.

This is where “I” Gray’Owl entered this current incarnation upon the Medicine Wheel centered between the West and the North. I speak to you with both, the powers of introspection and contemplation of the West and with the powers of the knowledge and great wisdom’s of the North, Both equally combined.

The West is the place of the unknown and of going within one’s Spirit to the source of power and strength from deep within. It is a place of sacrifice (something taken for something given) and of harvest time. It carries the female energy of the black bear and turtle, as well as cleansing rain and the refreshing water. The West teaches of awareness of Spirituality, dreams, prayer, ceremonies and meditation, of vision quests and journeys for inner Spiritual renewal. It gives the courage to go within and face what is in the dark cave of the heart through reflection, contemplation, and entering the Silence of Self.

By journeying to the center of your being, it is possible to experience directly the connection between the Human Soul and the Spirit of the Great Spirit Creator. It is best to meet the Creator alone upon rising and before sleeping. It brings gifts of fasting, ceremony, clear self-knowledge and inner vision, with deep inner thoughts. It teaches of consolidating and managing personal power. It speaks of commitment to the path of personal development, to accept ourselves, as we really are (physically and spiritually), Universal life values, highest of moral code, helping others develop spiritually. It speaks of the symbolic power to heal, protect and defend, to see and know fully the meaning of life and to help to elevate others to this level of Wisdom.

It teaches of having respect for elders, the Spiritual struggles of others, and for others’ beliefs. It teaches the total humility of having Unconditional Love for each other and especially the Creator. It teaches the physical aspects of nature as well as the Spiritual and our connectedness to everything. It opens our imagination to the higher goals of Self-Realization and the abilities to teach and impart this knowledge to others.


The North is the place of winter where the knowledge of elders and the Old Ones exists in the place of true Wisdom. Its symbols include the Great Mountain, sacred lake, crystals, moose, snowy owl, and white buffalo. Its color is White.

This is also, where I entered the Medicine Wheel as I am born into this life at the center between the West and the North; this is where I speak to you from my birthplace upon the wheel from within this great Wisdom also. In addition, its elements are earth and fire.

The gifts of the North include the capacity to think, speculate, predict, discriminate, imagine, synthesize, solve problems, analyze, understand, calculate, organize, criticize, remember, listen, and interpret hidden meanings; it is the time of deep contemplation. All may possess them, though through different methods for each person. It brings an integration of intellectual abilities and mental natures, with freedom of thought through Knowledge and Wisdom.

It teaches the lesson of things that end through completion and fulfillment, and speaks of the freedom of new beg-innings to come from hate, jealousy, desire, anger and fear. It teaches of a complete letting go of all things by stepping outside its shadow to see in a different light, enabling one to learn to stand within the center with balance of all the gifts in all directions. It teaches about the justice to see to the very heart of all things, the true nature of the Wisdom and how everything blends and fits together in perfect balance.

The North brings insight and empathic intuition made conscious with prayers and of drawing forth one’s own inner treasures. It speaks of moderation, strength and endurance, gratitude, teaching, guidance, abundance, and gentleness. It is often hard to endure these lessons.

It is like climbing a mountain /*

The higher you go,

The harder it becomes,

Yet we grow and become stronger,

Wiser for the experience it gives.

Once again in our Native language,

Mitakuye oyasin, We are all related to everything that exists.

From within comprehending this knowledge

And fully understanding the Wisdom of the Circle of Life

We can only conclude that we are truly all One.


I asked a Wise Shaman

The difference between love and friendship.

He told me this truth . . .

Love is more sensitive ~ Friendship far safer

Love is the wings of Heaven

Friendship stands upon the ground

In love, there is more affection,

In friendship, deeper understanding

Love is planted, lovingly cultivated, in the exchange of joy and sorrow.

Friendship is kisses upon the cheeks and the exchange of joy and sorrow.

Both combined becomes a great and beloved companion.

When love is complete ~ the friendship is concrete.

It is then full of love and affection

When we have a friend and a passion

both feelings coexist, mingling within our hearts.

I found, held fast within these inspiring truths, Hope.

I thought, I saw in this life, a true friend and a lover.

All words, letters, music and images of life now seen,

Yours and mine ~ made me learn the Meaning of my Life

All forms, simply that the heart can express unbound.

My deepest desires exposed to you ~ as I will always love you.

And recognize your name ~ insignificant or of great fame.

Is it real? On the other hand, is it fantasy? ~ No matter!

What matters here is that

While we are sharing our lives here . . . I feel,


I will always wish . . .

To spend with you ~ just one more day

In Heaven as One with you


Eternity shall be complete.


An Introduction to the Light of Pure Truth

From within the teachings of Tony Gray’Owl comes LIFE ~ ETERNAL

As Life is a most curious of things ~ one must pay very close attention to everything that goes on around them. Life is exposed to all, whom shall listen ~ to all who seek . . . The Eternal Truth,

Inspired from lifetimes of seeking the One Creator’s Infinite Wisdom

Out of my Compassion ~ the Love I have for you and All of Creation, I, Gray’Owl, tell you these things because I believe in the power of creation. This is why I do these things for you.

I believe in LOVE. I believe in Love ~ alone.

Together, united, we can change the way in which everything in this world has always been undone.

One must learn how to become . . . The Master Student

In order to become . . . The Master Teacher

We must begin first by thoroughly understanding these methods.

An ever-present circle of life, which is to . . .

Learn/teach ~ Teach/Learn

The inner meaning of this statement is thus; as you begin your journey, you are the student/seeking/learning. As you learn, you then may share/teach your new wisdom. As you teach you continue to learn/* not only from source, but also from your own life’s experiences as you make this journey of true purest enlightenment and the circle of life; learn/teach begins again.


The first lesson; may then be learned and ends as a new beginning with the next step upon your pathway around the Circle of Life. Each new lesson thus ends/begins with each step you take forward. A never-ending circle/cycle of

Learn/Teaching ~ Teach/Learning.

When the Student is Ready /* The Teacher Appears /* I AM Gray’Owl.

I shall be your Teacher/Learning

I am the Ascended /* Descended Master Teacher/Student.

I teach the power of the Light/Love, Love/Light,

I teach the principles of Learn/Teach Teach/Learn

I teach the LAW of ONE.

Listen to my softly spoken words of Revelation. I shall show you the way of a true Star-seed incarnation. I will walk beside you upon this epic journey into Self-discovery and the clear understanding of your powers as a Star-seed sentient Being. I shall help you to remember the choice you made when you decided to come to planet Earth, to cause you to recall back into your conscious memory in perfect clarity, what you came here to accomplish, and how to accomplish it.

This is . . . A journey of Faith As all one really needs to do, is believe without doubt.

And so it is. Let me explain . . .

How to Become a More Loving Person, through the

Discovery That Everyone Is Your Friend


All Perfectly = EQUAL

Telling another we Love them becomes unnecessary. When we have only purest of intentions,

which is . . .

Unconditional Love in our Hearts and Minds

Then we may teach without words as

Our beautiful presence becomes our message

The beauty of it simply . . . RADIATES . . .

Our love and understanding, our wisdom.

You May Ask How We Achieve This Goal.

In the lessons to come, you shall be exposed to higher learning in how to realize the highest /* grandest thoughts of your Self ever to be thought as an incarnate human being. In doing so, you shall become the, MASTER TEACHER . . . Of the Tomorrow . . . and from here, within these words of Wisdom written down for you to follow, you shall then ~ Teach/learn with great authority and your students then shall become the

Master Teachers

To the children of Mother Earth; our future generations.

After all lessons have been learned, you will have become

ETERNAL ~ HOPE ~ for all of humanity

For humanity’s survival and ascension into the changes that are coming our way into today’s modern global civilization. Remember this truth; I Love you and the Great Spirit Loves you, in ways you are about to comprehend.

Learn to call upon your true connection of Spirit and Soul

I will gently guide you along this journey into our future

As stated in my Cherokee language

Mitakuye oyasin

We are all related to everything that exists

We Are Now One!

One body ~ of Knowledge

One mind ~ of Wisdom

One Soul ~ of Love

One Spirit ~ of Light


Loving each other, forgiving each other, unconditionally, is all there is worth doing in this life . . . that makes any kind of sense to me. Out of my compassion for you, I tell you these things, in the hopes that you will listen and together we can change the way everything has always been undone.




EAST ~ NEW BEGINNINGS from an ending

Just as the sun sets upon the western horizon an ending and rises upon the eastern horizon,

a new day is born, another new beginning.


Paying attention; fully focused upon what we have started. And gently caring for it out of our compassion.


Learning the rich deep lesson of what has transpired.


Contemplation, fully understanding the wisdom of these things written down here that was previously unknown to you.

Beginning ~ growth ~ harvest ~ end result









From our American Indian heritage, from within our ancient Shamanistic teachings, these things are referred to as . . .


The very thing religion is and has always sought for ~ signs!

This is the power of the four Cardinal directions

The four seasons each will teach you a grand lesson of

How to live if you will pay attention to the signs.

The signs of Spring; a new beginning.

The signs of Summer; personal growth.

The signs of Fall; maturity into wisdom.

The signs of Winter; perfection of understanding closure.

The complete Circle of Life

A beginning and ending/ a beginning /* Once again.

These signs are very, very subtle.

If you do not watch and pay close attention to the signs Mother Nature gives you, you will not know what is in store for you just around the corner. The next step to take in your


Do you see; the signs?

I will tell you a Cherokee story to illustrate

The Creator gathered together all of Creation except for the human beings and stated,

“I want to hide something from the humans until they are ready for it.

It is the realization that they create their own reality.

The eagle said, “Give it to me, I will take it to the moon.”

The Creator said, “No. One day they will go there and find it.”

The …salmon said, “I will bury it on the bottom of the ocean.”

“No. They will go there too.”

The buffalo said, “I will bury it on the Great Plains.”

The Creator said, “They will cut into the skin of the Mother Earth and find it even there.”

Grandmother Mole, who lives in the breast of Mother Earth,

and who has no physical eyes but sees with Spiritual eyes, said, “Put it inside of them”.

The Creator said, “It is done.”

I leave you now in the most capable of hands those of the


I say this to each of you out of my compassion.

“In Lak’ech Ala K’in”

I honor you today, my brothers and sisters of Life.

My friends /* My family /* Our Relations /* Our ancestors /*  The Elders

The pages in my book present contemporary sayings of the Representatives of the Creator. They speak through His successful disciples about Themselves, Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, the meaning of human lives and the ways of its realization, relations between people and God, what He wants from us, the history of religions and what the religion must be according to Him. My work stems from a lifetime of study, research and self-dedication at a tremendous personal cost, and the sources of this wisdom are from many, many, many Divine Master Teachers, as well as my visions. At the beginning of my book I tell you it is taken from all written history, religions and all sorts of teachings of spirituality that I Transliterated into modern English so that anyone reading it can fully comprehend and understand it with great clarity.

May the Great Spirit/God Bless you, May He touch your heart as He has touched mine to open your minds, eyes.

Mitakuye oyasin, Tony Gray’Owl.

Click this link to turn the page to chapter 2, Into the Dark.


4 responses

  1. That was great, thank you for sharing your infinite knowledge, it certainly gives me hope that their others on this Blessed Planet that I can relate to.

    December 28, 2011 at 6:03 am

  2. Tsimi James

    Mitakuye oyasin ……You remind me of me ^..^
    Much of what you write, shows much of this single soul ^..^
    Mitakuye oyasin wado ♥ Tony Brother in Spirit ^..^

    January 19, 2012 at 5:16 pm

    • Tony Gray'Owl

      I wish to say WADO = thank you Tsimi and all the others for your kind thoughtful words about me and my work. Peace be with you always, Mitakuye oyasin, we are all One in spirit with the Great Spirit and with all things concerning Mother Earth as well as all things Human. Walk the pathway of your life in beauty, be kind to each other, help one another, love everyone and everything. your brother of life, Tony Gray’Owl

      January 19, 2012 at 9:09 pm

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