Chapter 03


The JOURNEY of ASCENSION; Begins within One’s own “Mind”

From the mind of Gray’Owl; an Ancient knowing is revealed from within the teachings of the

” LAW of ONE “

This spiritual revelation begins first with the realization that at the very moment of our birth,

into this physical plain of existence as One’s ascension has now begun,

as we take our first look out into the world of humanity with the eyes of innocence.

As the eternal child of God each of us are.

Do you see? Do you understand this most profound telling of who you are?

Do you? Can You? See? Are you listening?

Thus, One may come to understand that behind the eyes of man lies another Unutterably strange mental universe, further; that one must mentally strive to reach out of this darkness from behind One’s eyes and the veil of amnesia that One’s spirit must at first assume in order to be born as an incarnated Human being, a living/breathing/physical “Spiritual/Soul”. To realize that One is merely momentarily inhabiting and animating a physical body here on Mother Earth so as to further One’s state of enlightenment and balance One’s spiritual alchemy through the experience of separation in the three dimensional world of senses and emotions of a physical human body.

In addition, One must with great mental focus strive even more so to break through the veil of amnesia

Stepping out into the light of remembrance of whom One is;

an eternal living soul the spiritual essence of the Great Creators Infinity. This to say the least is an incredible life-long journey; the grandest of all epic adventures as a sentient human beings life experience is to remember who One truly is and to realize why One is here. One’s journey is accelerated as One-steps out upon the pathway of ascension into the light of remembrance with the understanding of this knowledge just shared. Do you see?

To travel this arduous trail to its incredible destination, as this pathway will lead One to the very height of self-enlightenment. One must strive to reach the very summit of this steep and slippery trail, which reveals the way to the conscious discovery of One’s true spiritual realization of self, as a living soul. One has thus, awakened the sub-conscious mind, which is the mind of our living soul releasing it from the state of amnesia and to merge with the conscious mind of the living physical body, Thus, One may realize the higher purpose of Ones being here in the physical plain of existence. What a grand thought to know One is Eternal within the Infinite Magnitude of Creators Heart and Mind. wOw!!!

Thus, One experiences the absolute beauty of the personal development of One’s mental ability to tap into, so to say; One’s own inherent limitless library of knowledge, One’s spiritual wisdom. Standing as One upon the peak of enlightenment, One realizes that the heavenly treasure vault of Creators infinite living consciousness, the Great Spirits wisdom is contained within One’s own living heart the physical home of One’s “Soul”, that which courses through Ones veins giving life to the physical body. As “One’s-self” reaches the summit of enlightenment, standing upon the peak of knowledge, One sees the first part of One’s journey accomplished having stepped out of the darkness of life and are now standing in the light of Creators Truth.

One see’s the end of this endeavor and “Yet” a new beginning is born into the light of one’s ascension. As One may now look back upon the trail One has taken and realizes through deep meditation, contemplation and introspection into the events of One’s journey. Having now reached the summit of enlightenment upon the pathway of spiritual ascension, One realizes that the next step out upon the path is to master the next ability, which is to “Illuminate” others to these spiritually enlightening realizations of self, now personally achieved and understood.

Thus, an ever-striving upward spiraling search into the highest realizations of self takes another step up-ward into understanding the light of Creators Love and Truth. One may now posses the necessary knowledge, this knowledge applied to One’s life creates the wisdom and personal mental abilities to accomplish this next step a most difficult of tasks, which is the enlightening of others to these higher realizations into the higher understandings of a human beings life and true purpose for Living.

“Moreover” . . . It is now Ones duty to dedicate One’s own life to do so.

With this, the understanding of enlightenment perhaps more clearly understood, One would wish to share One’s higher thoughts, and understandings into the ever higher individual levels of Creators Wisdom and the steps One must take upon this journey into the highest understanding of the pathway of Ascension thus, our adventure continues.

To clearly allow One to visualize and further understand how to accomplish and achieve each step upon this trail. To understand that each level of the total endeavor does not always take One upwards into the light.

This is to understand that One must now “Descend” from the peak of enlightenment and follow the trail onward going down into the next wondrous valley in the darkness of humanity and to then begin Ones endeavor to illuminate others with the wisdom of Ones higher state of enlightened being.

One will attempt to reveal and explain with clarity each step and what the journey entails in its entirety. This more perfected “Knowledge” can be clearly seen, and explained with the following illustration out of the higher thoughts of unity and balance.

One now perceives the action of the laws of man in the weakness of the oppressed and the misapplied power of the oppressor.
Within the higher understanding of a perfect “Love”, One shall, see the suffering, which both states of existence entail, thereby condemns neither.
From within One’s perfecting of One’s own “Compassion” thus, embraces both oppressor and oppressed, equally.

Knowing that One who has conquered weakness, (The oppressed),

and has put away all selfish thoughts, (The oppressor),

One now belongs neither to the oppressor nor within the oppressed.

Thus, they are FREE to live a life filled with Joy.

Furthermore, One says to you, One needs to,

“Break these Chains of Bondage”

To the dark ages of humanity’s history, and step into One’s new reality of enlightened souls, into the highest levels of understanding our Infinite Creators limitless unconditional Love and forgiveness.

It is time for the masses of humanity to unite as One to stand together as One in the light of this truth, and to lead our blind “Leaders” out of the corruption and greed that drives our current way of global society and everyone’s life into the new light of truth.

As “One-All- Equally” deserving the personal reward of Mother Earths great abundance for all to live a life of global peace living as One experiencing the grandeur of “Joy” in our hearts and not filled with fear and hate. The time has come for humanity to awaken from the dark nightmare of past ages and fully awaken into the beautiful dream offered by the light and Love of this new age dawning upon our horizon and to become One, united in all things and endeavors as a humanity based solely upon One’s “Compassion.

Look to the light and embrace our Creators love, creating these most incredible wonderful changes and smile, laugh, dance and sing One’s praises to Creator from within the realization that One “IS” the child of the light you were born to be.

One has now descended from the summit of enlightenment into the valley of humanity and thus, illuminates the pathway that leads to the heights One must achieve in order to stand upon the summit of enlightenment. This personal endeavor can take a life time, there are pit falls and traps every where along this wide and curvy pathway. One must guard against these entrapment’s and disillusions, always striving to illuminate others and not become snarled in the web the world of darkness weaves. This can be a long and at times very lonely dark journey of self dedication in the service to enlighten humanity to Creators Truth and Love.

Now having fulfilled One’s obligation of enlightened humble service to all of humanity, having Illuminated the pathway to enlightenment, One has now taken the first step out upon the pathway that leads One’-self to the next peak of ascension. This is the summit of “Illumination. One’s next endeavor the steps taken along the trail of ascension.

As One’s-self now reaches the summit of “Illumination” and stands upon the next precipice of ascension. One once again looks back upon the trail One has taken and with deeper contemplation and even greater of introspection, One begins to understand the heights of “Illumination”

One thus, realizes. One is no longer seeking the light. One is no longer standing in the light. As One has achieved, the summit of “Illumination”. Realizing further that One is standing at the edge of “Wisdom”. Having now become the “Light” that “Illuminates” the world of humanity, from out of the darkness, One’s light now shines as a beacon of, “HOPE” for all humanity to see with great clarity their way to the pathway of ascension.

Thus, One has reached the halfway point in One’s journey along the Pathway of Ascension.

the Journey of Ascension ~ To be continued . . .

The only” Real “enemy is not “Death”, it is life.

As One’s spirit lives and experiences the Sorrows and heights of Joy as a living human being.

For the Death of the human physical body is but a means of spiritual release from this physical reality, which no longer has anything of value to give or teach for use in the Spiritual Perfection in a Human, “Existence”.

Thus, the physical body becomes overwhelmed by the effects of living an “Unenlightened” life; therefore the individual soul occupying the body can no longer make “Self Conscious” personal effort to express this Perfection, then Nature herself takes a hand in things and releases the physical limitation. DEATH thus occurs and your living soul becomes freed from your journey here upon Mother Earth. The circle of life completed a new beginning born from the experience of an ending.

Death is not an ending it is a new beginning, and grieving for the death of a loved one is rather selfish as it only inhibits the greater spiritual experience the lost loved one is enjoying. Grief from a sense of loss is detrimental to the Law of One. Death gives to the living soul a higher realization an undeniable understanding into the spiritual aspects of life as a human being as having lived here in the world of Conditional Love, this material world where people may give you their Love yet, they may and do also take it away. This causes much mental stress and a great grieving in the heart of People. Yet now as One’s Spirit ascends back into the light of Creators unconditional Love, One may now balance the two

(Conditional Love) ~ (UN~Conditional Love)

and thus, understand fully, the incredible beauty of Creators Love and Wisdom.

Thus, another circle has been completed with an ending yet from it springs a new life.

You are the KEY . . .

Through many full moons we have walked together like one, Holding hands, side by side. I loved you dearly and I still love you, you will always be in my heart. I have given you my wisdom, my teachings, the I am that I am.
Everyday I plant a new seed of Creators LOVE, here and there you will see me flying like as the owl or a butterfly always around you, always by your side. I can hear your sorrow, I feel your pain, I know the joy of your laughter and listen to your dark whispers, I see you in my dreams, in my yesterdays and my tomorrows, I can feel your soul no matter where you are…

All I ask is from you, is to see the I am that I am, now and forever.

I too have my pains and my sorrows, my laughter’s, my yesterdays and my tomorrows I too have my silence, my rain, my wind… I too have a heart, a soul, a body… I belong to the Earth now, into the Heavens I have ascended, But more important of all, I belong to our Creator… All I ask from you is to set me free… Let me walk my path as I need to now…simply understand and let me be what I have become.

I have not abandoned you, I have not forgotten you… I know what you are going through… and I hold you tightly for eternity in my heart, just go within your own heart and there you will find me… Just watch the stars, as in one of them I will always be watching you from afar.

Just say a little prayer, as the angel in me, You can always reach, as my light will always shine for you. Me and my wolf are keeping an eye on you… The Spirits of the Earth are beside you so do not despair, I just ask from you to set me free so, You too can be free as well… So you also can roam the skies, So you can feel the grass under your feet, So you can too hear me within you… Don’t hold on to me let me go as this is how you also can’t be free.
We are forever one, always together… Do not miss me as I’m there with you… I just ask from you to let me be… I just ask from you to set me free… One day you will see me in front of you… And we can share all those words that You dearly hold in your heart and that I hold in mine.

All those thoughts that you send to me upon the winds of time they whisper in my ears at night we can share each others dreams. When I finally rest at your side. I just ask from you to set me free… So I may spread my wings as far as they can reach, So I can go within and discover what’s in me… and know what is in you.

I just ask from you to set me free… To keep that love you have for me tight in your heart To continue walking with me side by side. As I’m there with you, as I will always be… I just ask from you to set me free So I can fly without guilt, without tears…knowing that no matter what, you will always be OK, As you have me within you.

Love has no frontiers, Love has no limits…Love has no end… Love when it comes to you in life, my Love will stay there within you forever…’til the end of time… I just ask from you to set me free… I will ask my Great Grandfather to keep you warm on cold nights, To keep you cool when the heat is too much for you to bear, To hold you tight in his loving arms when you feel alone, To heal your wounds and to carry all the way to the end of your trail, when you cannot take another step on your own.

I will ask Great Grandfather to always keep an eye on you and to give you what your heart most desires, May peace, abundance, forgiveness, compassion, Happiness, health, wisdom, lack of fear, protection and love always be in your heart.
Today my love, I just ask from you to set me free, so I can be all I can be.

I leave this message for you and all that may find it . . . to know and understand the wisdom I have just shared with you.

An Eternity, an Infinity of new life’s begins and ends.

We hold our lives within the palm of our hands,

What Shall you create with yours ?

Peace be with you, Eternally seek the light.

A most beautiful piece of poetry for your enjoyment.

This is the book of my heart that has just been stolen…

these Thieves slipped in from the sea in the dark but did not realize…

That I had left it here for them to find . . . my treasure . . .
things of value far beyond purest Gold . . .

my Book . . . when they opened it . . .

This is what they let loose upon the world!

My “LOVE”. . .

has now been set free to flow out like a raging river to the sea of life

where “HOPE” floats

Today, As I set sail out upon the oceans of my heart . . .

a vast sea of tranquility.

I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye… A glimmer of light…

Glittering, glowing like a fallen star,

it seemed just beyond the horizon…

So I turn my sail to see what this thing may be…

and this is what I found.

a tiny little bottle…

In it, was a message.

Written in a foreign language called… ” LOVE ”

I wish to share with you this tiny insignificant piece of my heart…

Just as a rose touches everyone…

your beauty make’s my heart smile,
Your love so full bursting forth…

Like the essence of the flower spilling out into life…
Completely overwhelms the sense’s and fills the mind…

with your beauty.

We must be kind and gentle, in the way we touch each other,

for like the roses thorn,

we too can pierce and cause to bleed, not just the skin so easily cut,

but to the core…

This thing we call our HEART.

Yet unlike the petal.. That fall’s and fade’s into the past… A broken “heart” remembers the deed that was “last”

Just as the rose can pierce, to cause some pain and bleed…Yet…

We go back time and again for the beauty that make’s us smile…
It’s essence that fill’s our sense’s and overwhelms our mind…

Teaches but one lesson.

We must always forgive unconditionally

and let the essence of our “love”
work it’s wonderful magic that mend’s a broken heart…

It’s not an easy task, too make two become one…

Not unlike the rose and the thorn, they two are simply one.

It is accomplished with the gentlest of touch to make the two of us… One.

Come raid my living tomb, steal my treasures, sail the seas of love,

carry them around the world with you where ever you go.

Look ! There in the bottom of that small bottle a tiny seed,

take it quickly and Plant the seed of my love in the garden of your heart and watch your Love grow.

Even in the most desolate desert it will flourish as an oasis, a place of safe haven.

A place where the Breath of Life begins. A new adventure, an epic journey upon the sea of tranquility.

What more may I say . . . to convince you that God truly Loves you?

From my heart to your heart all my love always.

Tony Gray’Owl

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2 responses

  1. Tsimi James

    my mind floods with thoughts of past memory…only to see & glean from mistakes made & stride forward with a song in my heart & a smile on my face;”
    Thank You….Thank You…Thank You…Beloved Brother of Light…wado ^..^

    January 20, 2012 at 4:15 pm

  2. Phil Shearer

    This leaves me almost in tears I feel the flood of these emotions well up inside of me,with thanks for the Creators words written through your hand to reach deep inside of me.Aho.wado.for a name came to me today.Mato-Wanbli Eagle bear may be this is a name the creator has given me.

    May 9, 2012 at 1:39 am

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